Monument Valley along the Route 89 - one of the great American road trips

Traveling is all about exploring your favorite spots and embracing the solitude that nature offers. It allows you to experience life at its best and appreciate the small things in life. Cross-country American road trips are an enchanting option for a low-budget and enjoyable travel experience. Whether you live in the US or are just visiting the country, you might as well embark upon a journey on one of the classic American road trip holidays.

Here are the best cross country road trip routes in the US to satiate your wanderlust and keep the work-related stress at bay.

1.   Route 66: Chicago to Los Angeles

Backpacking on historic Route 66

Backpacking on historic Route 66

One of the best American road trip holidays is Historic Route 66, starting from Chicago and leading straight to California. You might consider the road trip if you have at least one week to explore and rejuvenate in the great natural beauty of the USA. The route features classic motels, stunning landscapes, and national parks to gratify the nature-lover within. Before planning a road trip holiday across America, don’t forget to get a Nissan X-Trail roof rack. That way, you can comfortably enjoy the beautiful trip. You must not miss out on other spots during the exploration like the Petrified Forest, Grand Canyon, and Cadillac Ranch.

2.   Overseas Highway: Florida Keys

Another one of our favorite American road trip holidays is the trail that spans across the Atlantic Ocean toward the Gulf of Mexico. You’ll drive over the Florida Keys archipelago, taking in the enchanting cerulean panoramas coupled with the local tropical flora. Along with this, the trail offers the chance to explore bungalow-style and luxury hotels, national parks, and kitschy souvenir shops. Make sure you stop by the spots like Everglades National Park and Knaus Berry Farm to enjoy a tropical holiday experience. After indulging in the cinnamon rolls and smoothies at this beautiful place, head straight to the coral archipelago. Don’t forget to explore the attractions on your way and make the most of the vacation.

3.   Pacific Coast Highway: West Coast California

Backpacking on the Pacific Coast Highway in California

Backpacking on the Pacific Coast Highway in California

If you’re a dendrophile (tree lover!) who likes to dwell deeper in the heart of nature, you must traverse through the Pacific Coast Highway at least once. From lush green forests to the high-rise cliffs, this classic American road trip is more about the journey than the destination. The trail begins in Northern California’s Mendocino County and ends right in Orange County, south of Los Angeles. Along the way, try out the local cuisine to gratify your taste buds and you’ll fall in love with California in no time.

4.   The Loneliest Road: Maryland to California

For all the travelers who wish to remain in solitude during a cross-country American road trip holiday, The Loneliest Road can be a great option. It starts on the East Coast in Maryland and ends on the West Coast in California. On your way, you get to unveil the secrets of multiple mountain ranges and traverse through the dusty highways of middle America. However, you must pay the utmost attention to Nevada Beach and Great Basin National Park’s views. We recommend you keep your camera handy and capture the bewildering scenic views on the way.

5.   Blue Ridge Parkway: Virginia & North Carolina

For nature lovers, one of the best American road trip holidays is the Blue Ridge Parkway. It starts from the Virginian roads and ends at the North Carolina beaches. Also, the parkway features some attractive national parks for sightseeing and related excursions. Once you explore the natural spots on the way, you can stop by the popular and stunning Smoky Mountains in North Carolina. We recommend you embark on the journey during the autumn month to experience versatile shades of the foliage. Along with this, spend some time in the Asheville area to explore the breath-taking peaks of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

6.   Route 89: Arizona, Utah, Wyoming & Montana

Monument Valley along Route 89 - one of the best American road trips

Monument Valley along Route 89 – one of the best American road trips

Another path to explore during your vacation is the Route 89 road trip that crosses Arizona, Utah, and Wyoming. You are likely to travel through more than 150 towns and several natural spots during the journey. Along with this, visit bucket-list places like Monument Valley, The Grand Canyon, Glacier National Park, and Yellowstone to gratify the wanderlust within. In case you’re fond of the geographic spots, you must unveil the secrets of Great Basin National Park, the Colorado Plateau, and the Rockies.

7.   Hill Country Road Trip: Texas

American road trip enthusiasts must explore the hill country trails that gratify the travel cravings in no time. It begins with the trails of San Antonio and ends at the capital of cowboy culture, Bandera. While in San Antonio, visit some aesthetic spots with the Guadalupe River in the background. Once you reach the destination, you must try out the delicious onion rings at Silver Dollar Saloon. Along the way, make the most of the lakes and natural vibes at Enchanted Rock State Natural Area.

Final Verdict

American road trip holidays can be quite rejuvenating due to the solitude and gorgeous never-ending landscapes. Whether you’re taking one of the historical American road trips like Route 89 and Route 66, or want to gratify your senses with natural spots and diverse flora, the USA is the perfect place to do a road trip.

The Best Way to Travel on American Road Trips

It’s becoming increasingly popular to hit the road in an RV for maximum flexibility and mobility. We always use RV Share because they offer a huge variety, often with cheaper options than renting directly from a large company. Or, you can even travel these road trips by bus or train. If you just want to sit back and gaze out the window, you can learn more about how to travel the USA by bus, or take one of the classic train adventures across the American countryside.

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