In order to get the most out of a backpacking or budget holiday, it is worth moving around to see as much of your destination country as possible. Within this section, we give advice on various methods of travel in various destinations. This will let you select the most convenient form of transport for you. It will also help you get the best value for money out of your chose transport method.

How to find cheap flights

In general, inter-continental or very long distances should be covered with flights. With the current rise of low-cost airlines there is now a great deal of choice when it comes to reaching a destination and prices are cheaper than ever. We recommend using a few different flight comparison search engines. Kiwi is a new favourite among travellers. On average, we have found the cheapest flights with them compared to the other websites out there.

Of course, it is always worth checking Skyscanner to guarantee you’re getting the best deal. Both websites offer great flexible search options, allowing flexible search options to find the cheapest airport to fly into, and also see prices for a full month if you’re flexible on travel dates.

Overland Travel via Bus and Train

Overland travel is a cheap way to cover moderate distances, and it also lets you stop off at interesting places on the way. A leisurely pace might involve spending 4 hours on a bus or train each day allowing you to take in the local sights. If you are trying to reach a particular destination there is usually sleeper trains and overnight buses that cater well for tourist needs.

Renting a Car

If you are travelling with a group and your budget can stretch to it hiring a car gives you the most freedom with regard to travel. Although an expensive option, it really lets you get off the beaten path to remote areas which can have some wonderful local culture.


Ferries are generally best used on short hops out to Islands, for example a hop out to Arran Island when visiting Ireland. Ferries over long distances are slow and expensive and generally not very flexible and are best avoided. Even for travel across the channel the Eurostar is a more convenient option and is arguably cheaper than ferries.

More Transport advice

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