Take a step into the Balearics by visiting the gorgeous city of Palma, Mallorca. This is the largest city in the archipelago; and while the Balearic Islands are more commonly known for their beautiful beaches and nightlife, Palma de Mallorca is a gorgeous city with so much to offer.

Palma Cathedral is otherworldly, and tapas bars and boutique stores line the streets. It’s the perfect historic city for sitting outside and enjoying an ice-cold drink in the afternoon.

But if you’re based in Mallorca’s capital for a trip, you might be interested in some of the best day trips from Palma de Mallorca. While it’s situated in the south of the island, excellent transport links mean that it’s great for day trips to see some of the best of the Mallorcan countryside and engage in authentic Balearic culture.

If you’re interested in the best day trips from Palma de Mallorca, read on!

Soller and Port de Soller

Port De Soller - A perfect day trip from Palma de Mallorca

Port De Soller – A perfect day trip from Palma de Mallorca

This day trip from Palma de Mallorca is extra special because you’re going to use an incredible method of transport to get there!

A historic train from the 1920s links Palma with Soller. This train winds through the Tramuntana Mountains, stopping off on the way to enjoy one of the best vistas on the island.

The journey to Soller aboard the historic train

The journey to Soller aboard the historic train

Eventually, it reaches Soller. This is a small town most famous for its imposing cathedral, which stands out amongst the rows of terraced shops.

From Soller, you can hop in a tram and head to Port de Soller. This is a gorgeous beach destination, which only opened up to tourists in around the 1980s when a tunnel gave it road access. This means that it avoided the mass tourism of the 1960s/ 1970s that you’ll see throughout the rest of Mallorca, and today it has more of a local feel!

Take a walk up to a viewpoint to look out over the scenery, wander the backstreets and enjoy a fresh baguette, or simply sit by the beach and watch the world go by. Port de Soller is quite a sleepy town, but it’s lovely.

Once you’ve finished in Port de Soller, you can take a tram back to Soller and then transfer to a train. The trains operate all throughout the year, so it’s a great day trip even if you’re visiting Mallorca in winter!


Pollenca is a beautiful town situated in the north of the island. Basking in centuries of history, Pollenca is an ancient town with a history of being conquered frequently throughout its past.

You can take in all of the city’s best sights by walking around, enjoying places like the “Pont Roma”, which is a Roman Bridge on the outskirts of town.

Don’t miss the Placa Mayor and the 18th-century church too!

There’s also an immense viewpoint over the island at El Calvari, which is set up 365 steps and is lined by cypresses on either side. As you go up, you can take in impressive views of the island, each a little better than the last – which will give you the motivation to hike the whole way to the top! From the summit, enjoy views spanning to Port de Pollenca.

Port de Pollenca is also worth visiting as a day trip from Palma de Mallorca. Ideal in the summer months, it’s a blue flag beach with looming views of the Mallorcan mountains in the background. The white sand beaches are incredibly inviting on a hot summer’s day when you’ve been road-tripping all over the island!


A view of Valldemossa from the Miranda dels Lledoners

A view of Valldemossa from the Miranda dels Lledoners

Serene Valdemossa is so close to Palma, it’s hard to call it a day trip – but you’ll feel world’s away as you drive to this village in the Traumatana Mountains!

The highest town in Mallorca, Valdemossa is located on a hilltop, with surrounding views of vineyards.

Attractions include the Real Cartuja, otherwise known as the Royal Carthusian Monastery, where you can find cloisters, a beautiful church, and King Sancho’s Palace which was gifted to Carthusian Monks.

The Chopin Museum is a great spot to visit to discover the village’s history, plus there are wonderful walks in the surrounding countryside.

Valdemossa also has great importance amongst Mallorcans. It’s the birthplace of the only Mallorcan saint, Santa Catalina Thomas!

Sa Dragonera Island

The distinctive shape of Dragonera off the coast of Mallorca

The distinctive shape of Sa Dragonera off the coast of Mallorca

Sa Dragonera Island is a tiny island just off the coast of Mallorca.

It’s easy to visit on a boat day trip from Palma; here, you’ll learn about the fascinating history of the island including its history of being a pirate’s residence, see wildlife like the native lizards and take in glorious walks such as the local lighthouse.

It’s the perfect day trip from Palma de Mallorca for the summer months!

Cabrera National Park

Explore Cabrera National Park by boat or by hike, or both!

Explore Cabrera National Park by boat or by hike, or both!

The Cabrera Islands are a small archipelago just off the coast of Mallorca. You can enjoy them by taking a boat trip to the Cabrera National Park; hike around the island and take in the immense Mediterranean views and white-sand beaches.

It’s the largest national park reserve in Spain, so there’s so much to see here, including the Blue Cave which is renowned for its incredible colour effects, and the Castle of Cabrera.

Nowadays, the islands are uninhabited, but they have a fascinating history spanning centuries, and you’ll learn all about them on the guided tour of Cabrera National Park!

Hike Puig de Massanella

The rolling peaks of Puig de Massanella

The rolling peaks of Puig de Massanella

Puig de Massanella is the highest hikeable peak in Mallorca (Puig Major is the highest, but it’s a military area that tourists can’t access). From the summit, you’ll see a surreal view of the island!

The total hiking distance (there and back) is about 12km, and you’ll gain 700 metres. You’ll feel on top of the world – or at least on top of the island – when you summit it, and as long as you go on a clear day, you should be able to enjoy some of the best views in the Balearics!

This hike is doable in a day, but it’s not easy – you’ll need a good level of fitness and some orienteering experience. You can start the hike from a trailhead by Restaurant Ca’n Gallet which is an hour’s drive from Palma, making it a perfect day trip. Public transport can be a bit tricky in this area, but you could take the T1/ T2/ T3 bus to Inca and transfer to the 312, which takes about an hour and 20 minutes.


If you’re visiting Mallorca with children, Aqualand is a must! Located in S’Arenal, this water park boasts something for all ages, with high-adrenaline rides like the whirlpool ride “tornado”, rapids and the flume “the devil’s tail” for adults and teens and more relaxed, smaller slides for children! There are also plenty of pools to splash about and relax in.

This is one of the best day trips from Palma de Mallorca because it’s so easy to access! Reach it on the number 23 bus which connects with the capital. Adult tickets are only 30,00€ if you buy them in advance!

Visit the wineries

Sample delicious local wines during a day trip from Palma de Mallorca

Sample delicious local wines during a day trip from Palma de Mallorca

Have you ever had Mallorcan wine? While varieties from mainland Spain are more famous, there are lots of wineries throughout the Balearic island as well. One of the best day trips that you can do in Mallorca is to see as many as possible!

  • One of the best is Vins Nadal Winery in Binissalem. It’s an indoor winery with the option to go out and explore the vineyards, and you can sample some reds, whites and rose wines, try some Mallorcan snacks and see the wine cellars.
  • Alternatively, visit Can Ribas. This winery has a long history spanning all the way back to 1776. You’ll be able to enjoy a historic courtyard as you sample some of their delectable wines, with packages available for all budgets.
  • Or, head to Bodegas Angel. This winery is close to Palma, but you’ll feel as if you’re in the heart of nature as you sip on red, white and rose wines while looking at the Tramuntana Mountain view!

You can make your own wine tour by choosing a few of the best Mallorca wineries and organizing transport in between them.

However, you can also do a wine tour from Palma and take in some of the best vineyards on the island!


Visit vibrant Ibiza as a day trip from Palma de Mallorca

Visit vibrant Ibiza as a day trip from Palma de Mallorca

With useful boat and flight links, you can actually take a day trip from Mallorca all the way to Ibiza!

Ibiza is known for its nightlife and superclubs, but it’s actually a gorgeous island with lots of hidden coves and spectacular viewpoints.

Visit Ibiza town and smaller villages like San Juan, or simply road trip around all of the best beaches, like Cala Carbó or local favourite Pou des Lleó.

To make the most of a day trip to Ibiza, I’d recommend either taking your car on the boat, or flying over and renting a car when you’re there. Boats take about two hours and leave from Palma.


Visit Menorca - the smallest of the Ballearics, yet full of coves and beaches

Visit Menorca – the smallest of the Balearics, yet full of coves and beaches

The smallest of all the Balearic Islands, Menorca is a great day trip from Palma de Mallorca.

You’ll need to either fly or drive to Alcúdia (around 45 minutes from Palma) and take the ferry (which is 2.5 hours). While Menorca is the smallest main Balearic Island, it actually has the same number of beaches as Ibiza and Mallorca combined!

Dive in the perfectly blue waters of Cala Macarelleta or go snorkelling off Cala Pregonda. Road tripping around Menorca is an absolute dream, but thanks to its small size, it’s very feasible to do in a day.

Again, it’s best to have a car here – you can either take yours with you (if you take the boat) or hire a car from the airport.

How to take these day trips from Palma de Mallorca

Most people fly into Mallorca. If you do, you can rent a car from the airport. It’s probably the easiest way to see these incredible day trip locations, and the roads around Mallorca are fairly easy to drive on.

If you can’t drive or don’t want to rent a car, many of these Palma de Mallorca day trips are connected by bus or rail (in the case of Soller and Port de Soller!). There are also plenty of organized tours leaving from the capital, most of which are bookable on Get Your Guide.

These day trips from Palma de Mallorca are incredible ways to see more of the island – and all of the Balearics! By basing yourself in Palma, you’ll be able to access plenty of amenities, but you’re also in an excellent position to see the rest of the island. Mallorca is a dream destination for many, and this guide will help you make the most of your trip there!


The Best Day Trips from Palma de Mallorca

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From glamorous night bars and cafes to wide sandy beaches Miami has an eclectic amalgamation of all. This jewel has become a phenomenon because of its outstanding beauty. Miami is not only a popular tourist destination, but also one of the best places to live in Florida for its amazing infrastructure, growing economy, modern education system, and world-class transportation. But if you’re looking for a bit more adventure off the beaten path, you might be looking for some of the best day trips from Miami.

Miami is an excellent starting point if you want to explore the other less crowded places near Miami. For those who love sunny beaches, arts, culture, and hiking trips, a Miami day trip is an ideal plan for them. Today we will share the best information about Miami day drips and activities you can do in this area. So without further ado, here are the best day trips from Miami.

Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park, a great day trip from Miami

Everglades National Park, one of the best day trips from Miami

Everglades National Park is one of the largest National Parks in the United States, followed by Death Valley and Yellowstone. If you’re looking for one of the best day trips from Miami, then Everglades National Park would be a great place to spend your time.

This national park is a haven for thousands of animals and birds. Almost 20 percent of this area is covered by lush green plants and trees. This area is also a great home for endangered animals like manatees, leatherback turtles, and the Florida Panther.

Here in this 1.5 million acre of wetland, you can glide through mangroves on a boat and see the scenic beauty and rare species of animals with the help of a guide.

So if you are looking for a place for a family vacation near Miami then we would suggest you start your day trip in Miami by visiting Everglades National Park.

Key West

Travel to the southernmost point in the Continental US, Key West

Travel to the southernmost point in the Continental US, Key West

A day trip from Miami to Key West is one of the best trips you may have during the weekends. Key West is just two and a half hours by car from Miami. To reach Key West from Miami you have to cross 43 bridges spanning turquoise-blue waters. The views from the drive alone make this trip worthwhile!

Key West is popular for its unique architecture, history, nightclubs, and beautiful resorts. In Key West, you will see many artists and their eclectic houses among the community. For example, you will get to see the house of great American author Ernest Hemingway in Key West. With special permission, you can visit this house.

After walking and hopping around the city and its glamorous shopping malls, Key West then offers a wide range of culinary treats that will make your mouth water.


Take a day trip from Miami to the Bahamian island of Bimini

Take a day trip from Miami to the Bahamian island of Bimini

Bimini is an island in the Bahamian island chain. This place is famous for its fishing opportunities. The nightlife in Bimini islands brings real color and joy to your life. From paddle boating to walking on a white sand beach, there is a lot to enjoy on this island. You can experience the underwater ecosystem by snorkeling too. Special courses are available too if you want to do scuba diving on these beaches in Bahama.

Day trips to the Bahamas from Miami turned out a great choice for us. We had only a day on our hands but we wanted to enjoy the day to its fullest. So we went to Bimini. And we were amazed after strolling in the main city.

From the shopping mall to resorts everything in the Bahamas will make your jaw drop with its scenic views and hospitality. This is also one of the best places to buy souvenirs for your loved ones. You can buy beach-themed t-shirts, local honey, locally baked items, and key chains for your loved ones as a souvenir. We particularly loved the designer t-shirts that we bought from the Bahamas for our friends.

Kennedy Space Center

Get up close and personal with historical items from NASA's space exploration

Get up close and personal with historical items from NASA’s space exploration

If you’re a fan of aerospace technologies, Kennedy space center is an ideal place to spend one of the best day trips from Miami. This is a family-friendly place that is great for kids.

This aerospace center is full of air crafts dozens of rockets and spacecraft that undoubtedly get your children more interested in the wonder space exploration.

Palm Beach

Aerial view over Palm Beach, Florida

Aerial view over Palm Beach, Florida

Palm Beach is another famous place that makes for one of the best day trips from Miami. If you’re looking for souvenirs, Palm Beach is an affordable place to browse outlet malls and gift stores.

Not only is Palm Beach famous for its fashion stores, but you can also find amazing seafood at a fair price.

Dog owners will find Palm Beach a great place. It is one of the best dog-friendly beaches in Miami that allows your dog on a leash. In Miami, very few beaches are dog friendly and one of them is Palm Beach. So don’t leave your dog behind at the hotel, take him/her with you and roam around Palm Beach.

Universal Studios

Discover the Wizarding World of Harry Potter during a day trip from Miami

Discover the Wizarding World of Harry Potter during a day trip from Miami

Are you looking for a family-friendly day trip from Miami? Consider spending the day at Universal Studios!

Who doesn’t like Hary Potter? Everybody loves J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter series, and in Universal Studio there is a park dedicated to the Harry Potter series.

In this theme park, you’ll encounter familiar characters from the Harry Potter series, as well as rides themed to the books. This theme park is just 3 hours away from Miami. So by the next time you’re planning to visit a nearby place with your children in Miami make sure to go to this place.

Little Havana

Spend time in the eclectic Little Havana Neighborhood in Miami

Spend time in the eclectic Little Havana Neighborhood in Miami

Little Havana is a must-go place to spend a whole day near Miami. Located just 25 kiEverybody loves this place because of its eclectic neighborhoods. Around every corner, you can feel the Cuban culture and the mix with old American culture.

There is a large community of Cuban people in Little Havana. When you walk through the city you will feel like you are walking down the streets of Havana. The vivid lifestyle and the vibrant atmosphere of this place is like traveling to a different era altogether. In Little Havana, locals treat tourists as their guests. You can chat with the locals and can spend your whole day learning about Cuba’s culture and many more.

After enjoying your holiday trip if you’re looking for shops to buy Miami souvenirs for your beloved ones then you have a plethora of stores in Little Havana to buy beautiful art pieces, cultural art, and many local trinkets. Among these stores, our favorite store to buy souvenirs is Little Havana Visitors Center. You’ll be amazed to see its showpiece collections and local handicrafts.


Pops of color around every corner in the Wynwood neighborhood

Pops of color around every corner in the Wynwood neighborhood

Wynwood is our all-time favorite place to spend a day in Miami full of art and culture. The neighborhood is full of murals, paintings, and graffiti. On each wall in Wynwood, you can see different kinds of murals that represent the local culture of Miami.

From different art forms to dance, luxurious shopping malls to theaters each and everything that belongs to art can be found in Wynwood. This is considered one of the best neighborhoods in Miami.

In Wynwood, you will get to experience different types of art exhibitions throughout the year. When we visited this place, there was an event going on named Art Wynwood. We were suggested to visit this event by many locals and believe us you won’t get disappointed if you visit this extremely beautiful art exhibition in Wynwood.

The best time to visit Wynwood is in winter. Although throughout the year you will see some events going on in this place. So if you have 2 days of the week off then we would suggest you visit Wynwood to have one of the best day trips in Miami for art lovers.

South Beach

The shops and art deco facades in South Beach

The shops and art deco facades in South Beach

While technically located in the city of Miami, there is enough to do in South Beach to fill an entire day. People come to South Beach because of its joyful nature and white sand beaches. This place is popular for its history and culture. In South Beach, you will meet a lot of Cuban people who migrated here permanently for livelihood.

This place is full of decorated sea beach resorts. For couples in Miami, South Beach has become a go-to place.

The seafood restaurants and stalls are amazing in South Beach. Once you start to eat, it will become a never-ending loop. We started with a roasted lobster and fish sandwich and couldn’t stop us from ordering more and more. The best part about South Beach is here you will get Caribbean seafood which you can’t get anywhere in Miami.

Jonathan Dickinson State Park

Get off the beaten path at Jonathan Dickinson State Park near Miami

Get off the beaten path at Jonathan Dickinson State Park near Miami

Are you looking for a hiking day trip near Miami? Here is some good news for you. Jonathan Dickinson State Park is a famous place for its hiking trails.

If you’re looking for a getaway where you can release anxiety of the day to day, Jonathan Dickinson State Park is a place where you can go to connect with nature and rejuvenate the energy in life.

It is an easy-to-reach place and one of the cheapest day trips from Miami.  Jonathan Dickinson park is mostly famous for its scenic hiking trails. Whether you’re a pro or an amateur it doesn’t matter; everybody can go on this hiking trip. But don’t forget to bring your hiking shoes as this area is stony with rough surfaces.

Apart from hiking, you can do kayaking, and swimming in Blowing Rocks Preserve. You can also enjoy camping if you want to stay overnight.

The Best Day Trips from Miami – Final Thoughts

Miami is a dreamy place for each traveler. People have been flocking to Miami throughout the ages resulting in the unique flair you see today. From culture to art, day life to nightlife, from seafood to local cuisines every single bit of Miami is spectacular. We hope you will enjoy the city as well as the above mentioned best day trips from Miami when you’re looking for something fun to do.

The number of free things to do in Wales is incredible. In fact, there are many scenic hikes, beautiful Welsh coast, and charming villages. Furthermore, your holiday in this amazing country can be really cheap if you love spending time with nature.

If you want to explore North Wales, the best airport to fly to is Liverpool. It is only 30 minutes drive from the Welsh border. However, Manchester airport is also a great choice with a 1-hour drive to Wales.

1. Climb the highest mountain in Wales

Climb Mount Snowdown - the highest mountain in Wales

Climb Mount Snowdown – the highest mountain in Wales

Snowdonia National Park is home to various landscapes and offers amazing outdoor activities. The highest mountain in Wales and its beautiful lakes make it one of the top destinations to visit in the UK. Each year more than 500,000 people reach the summit of Snowdon.

There are 7 different routes to the top of the mountain and all of them are free to explore. All you need is a bit of time (at least 6 hours) to climb Snowdon and go back. It is a perfect place for a day out with incredible views.

2. Visit amazing waterfalls

Aber Falls in Northern Wales

Aber Falls in Northern Wales

If you are looking for some of the best waterfalls in Wales, make sure to visit the northern part of the country. In North Wales, you will find incredible scenery and a lot of hidden gems. Aber Falls which is just off the A55 (North Wales Expressway) is an amazing place to explore.

There is a parking charge on most of the places in the UK, however, if you want to save some money park near Aber Falls Cafe & Butterfly Room. It takes only a 1-hour hike to get to the waterfall.

3. Relax at one of the Welsh beaches

Exploring the lighthouse near Talacre

Exploring the lighthouse near Talacre

Wales is a perfect summer destination due to the abundance of sandy beaches. Some of the best beaches in Wales include Colwyn Bay Beach or Talacre Beach. If you want to combine your visit with also exploring the lighthouse, make sure to visit Talacre.

The miles of sandy beach make it a perfect place for a picnic with the family. Your kids will love shallow waters and dog the space to run around the beach. If you stay there for a sunset, you can take some incredible photos of the lighthouse.

4. Explore Holy Island and the Isle of Anglesey

Visit historic South Stack perched atop dramatic cliffs

Visit historic South Stack perched atop dramatic cliffs

There is no better place to visit for those who want to see even more lighthouses in Wales. One of the best is located on beautiful Holy Island. South Stack is a historic building set on dramatic cliffs with views of the sea.

On the Welsh coast, you will also find a few other interesting lighthouses. Goleudy Twr Mawr and Goleudy Twr Mawr are set on a small tidal island – Ynys Llanddwyn. You can get there from Traeth Llanddwyn beach, which is also a great place to relax during summer.

5. Visit Conwy

Walk the Town Walls of Conwy

Walk the Town Walls of Conwy

One of the most charming villages in Wales is Conwy with an incredible medieval castle. You need to pay to enter the castle, however, exploring Conwy Town Walls is free. This walk around the town is one of the best free things to do in Wales.

You can also take incredible pictures of Conwy Castle from the street. The beautiful towers of the fortress from the XIII century cannot be missed when visiting Wales. There are plenty of amazing things to do in Conwy that also include relaxing at Conwy Morfa Beach.

6. Walk over the aqueduct

The Pontcysyllte Aqueduct in Wales, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Pontcysyllte Aqueduct in Wales, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Pontcysyllte Aqueduct in Wales is an engineering masterpiece. A height of 38m and a total length of 307m offers incredible views of the country. This structure is the highest canal aqueduct in the world and is perfect to visit in the early morning when there are not many visitors. Who wouldn’t want to watch the sunrise with the views of the River view and the beautiful Welsh landscape?

Exploring this UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the best free things to do in Wales. You can walk there from Ty Mawr Country Park which takes approximately 30 minutes. In this area, you will also find another amazing tourist attraction which is Traphont Cefn Mawr Viaduct.

7. Visit one of the seven wonders of Wales

St Giles' Church in Wrexham

St Giles’ Church in Wrexham

St Giles’ Church in Wrexham is a beautiful 16th-century structure that can be seen from miles. This Grade I listed building is free to visit and its interior is very impressive. The medieval buildings in Wales are one of the greatest in Europe, so make sure to tick this off from your list.

Other seven wonders of Wales include Pistyll Rhaedr waterfall, Overton yew trees, St Winefride’s Well, Llangollen Bridge, Bells of All Saint’s Church, and Snowdon. Most of them are free to visit or with a small entry fee and parking.

8. Hike Little Orme

Little Orme with amazing views over the bays

Little Orme with amazing views over the bays

If you are looking for a place where you can spot seals, visit Little Orme. It offers amazing views of Penrhyn Bay, Porth Dyniewaid Angel Bay, and Llandudno Bay. The hike is very easy and very popular among the people that take their dogs for a walk there.

It is still an unknown tourist destination which is perfect to visit if you want to save some money on parking. You can leave your car on the street without paying any fees. After the hike, you can visit Llandudno Beach or Penhryn Bay Beach. 

Free things to do in North Wales – Insider Tips

When planning your trip to Wales, make sure to also check out some events that offer free entries to many amazing attractions. Sometimes you can visit castles for free, which usually cost at least £10.

Also, try to avoid popular destinations as there is more likely to be a fee for parking. However, you can always find a place to park a bit further and walk to the attractions. Make sure to bring with you good hiking shoes, waterproof clothes, and a good camera to take incredible photos of your journey.

If you live near Wales, you can also go on a road trip, which will offer you a scenic drive. The Welsh coast is incredible and there are many great places to stop. One of the best routes is A55 (North Wales Expressway) which will offer you an unforgettable day out in Wales.

15 years ago, if you mentioned the name “Merida” to travelers, most wouldn’t know where you were talking.

Fast forward to today, and it’s a rising travel destination. Everybody’s heard of Cancún, Tulum, and Cozumel. Merida is the new kid on the block in Mexico.

“Why is Merida quickly becoming a tourist hotspot?”

Well, how much time do you have?

The Maya influenced the cuisine in Yucatán today, which results in a spicy, but delectable set of dishes. There is also an abundance of Mayan ruins near Merida that you can easily visit on a day trip. And, it’s easy to access nearby areas to immerse yourself in the city and its surroundings.

This leads us to the best day trips from Merida Mexico. To be honest, this list could be much longer. But, for brevity, I kept it to 10.

So, without further ado.

Visit the Uxmal Ruins near Merida

Chichen Itza is the first image that comes to most people’s minds when you mention Mayan ruins near Merida. But, only an hour from Merida is another remarkable set of ruins (and a UNESCO World Heritage Site) named Uxmal (pronounced oosh-mawl). 

And, best of all, no crowds or pesky vendors! As you hike your way around the area (which is larger than expected), the only other visitors will be the plethora of iguanas.

Visit Uxmal - one of the few Mayan ruins that you can still climb!

Visit Uxmal – one of the few Mayan ruins that you can still climb!

Even better, you can climb the ruins at Uxmal! No other day trip from Merida offers this one! 

Try doing that at Chichen Itza, and the police will haul you away. So, if you’ve ever had a dream of being a Mayan King, Uxmal is your best chance to play out your vision.

Explore Dzibilchaltún Ruins, then Swim in a Cenote

Is one set of Mayan ruins not enough for you? That’s alright; there are plenty of ruins near Merida throughout the Yucatán Peninsula. Dzibilchaltún may not look like a lot on its face, but there’s a lot more than meets the eye.

If you’re visiting for the Spring or Fall Equinox, you can witness a rare spectacle when the sun rises perfectly between the Temple of the Seven Dolls. It’s a testament to the mathematical and building skills of the Maya.

After you check out the ruins, head to Cenote Xlacah — located right next to the ruins — for a refreshing dip in a natural pool.

You’ll see many Mexican families gather here on the weekend to spend time with their families, so it’s an excellent local experience as well.

For a short trip, Dzibilchaltún is one of the best day trips from Merida.

Sunbathe at Progreso Beach

Progreso Beach is an ideal day trip from Merida for those who want sun and sand on their trip. Under an hour to the north of Merida is this gorgeous white-sanded beach.

Park yourself under an umbrella, order some ceviche and micheladas and stay put. Unless it’s to take a dip in the turquoise waters that fill the Gulf of Mexico.

Visit Progreso Beach on a short day trip from Merida

Visit Progreso Beach on a short day trip from Merida

If you get tired of sunbathing, check out some surrounding activities, including:

  • Check out Progreso Pier (The world’s longest pier)
  • Visit El Corchito Ecological Reserve
  • Go fishing near Scorpion Reef

Get a Dose of Culture in Valladolid

Buses of tourists fly past this overlooked town every day, missing out on all Valladolid offers and one of the best day trips from Merida. If you want a real piece of genuine Mexican culture? This is the place for you.

Colonial architecture in Valladolid at the Iglesia de San Servacio

Colonial architecture in Valladolid at the Iglesia de San Servacio

You can spend hours roaming the unique museums and colorful markets and streets. You’ll catch one of Valladolid’s traditional dances if you’re lucky. There isn’t a lack of options here.

If you visit, be sure to check out:

  • Casa de los Venados
  • Mercado Municipal
  • Convent of San Bernardo
  • Cenote Zaci

See the Rainbows in Campeche

Tucked on the inner coast of the Yucatán Peninsula, this undersized UNESCO World Heritage is about two hours from Merida by car.

But, if culture and history are your passions, that’s two and a half hours of worth it.

Campeche was used as a Caribbean port from the 1600-to-1700s. But, it was a port often under siege from pirate raids. In response, the citizens constructed large walls and fortifications around the city as a shield to keep themselves safe.

Inside this strong exterior is an Instagram hashtag in city form. Colorful buildings line every street. Yellows, greens, blues, oranges — every hue imaginable surrounds you.

Looking to fit a lot of Mexico into a short period? Campeche is one of the best day trips from Merida you can choose.

Play in the Water at Hacienda Muycuche

There are tons of cenotes near Merida. But, if you’re looking to get away from the masses of tourists, Hacienda Mucuyche is a fantastic option. You’ll have to earn it, though. And that’s by locating it.

You can message the place yourself to book a reservation if you want to make it easy for yourself. But, if you’re driving, know that this place can be tough to find for locals, too.

But the rewards are fantastic.

Crystal clear waters, Batman-like caves, and…a guided tour? That’s right. You have to book a guided tour for access. Still, it’s a pleasant tour, and the guides offer some intriguing information about the formation of the cenotes.

Don’t miss out on Hacienda Mucuyche if you’re inclined to get outside the typical tourist path.

See a World Wonder at Chichen Itza

It’s unthinkable to leave Chichen Itza off the list of the best day trips from Merida Mexico. Despite its popularity, the classic Mayan ruins are always a must-see if you’re visiting Merida. It’s not every day you get to see a world wonder.

The imposing Chichen Itza - a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the New 7 Wonders of the World

The imposing Chichen Itza – a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the New 7 Wonders of the World

The site is only an hour and a half from Merida, so it’s an easy drive for a self-guided day trip. Or, you can book one of the many tour options that leave from Merida.

Either way, you should visit Chichen Itza if you haven’t yet. Otherwise, you should be looking up ticket prices now (around $27).

Take in the Pink Waters of Las Coloradas

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you when you see the bubble gum pink waters of Las Coloradas. These waters are abnormal, and they’ll have your friends thinking you photoshopped them.

But there’s no editing involved here. 

Algae and sea life thrive in the area due to the water’s high salt content. And, when sunlight hits the water, you get something akin to a giant Kool-Aid spill.

The location is private property, so you can only get so close to the waters for pictures.

Luckily, that’s not the only thing to see here, as Las Coloradas lies in the Río Lagartos Biosphere Reserve. This reserve is home to various wildlife, including flamingos, crocodiles, and jaguars.

Watch the World Go By in Celestún

Want more flamingos? Then Celestún is one of the best day trips from Merida you can take.

Watch the playful flamingos at Celestún, an easy day trip from Merida

Watch the playful flamingos at Celestún, an easy day trip from Merida

The city itself is charming enough — containing a small square and a few beautiful beaches.

But, most visit the Ría Celestún Biosphere Reserve to see the high concentration of flamingoes. There’s much more birdlife to witness throughout the reserve to make this a birdwatcher’s paradise.

Celestún is the perfect place for a day trip where you want to take it slow. The easy vibes of Celestún will help you settle right in.

Ride a Horse-Drawn Mining Cart to the Cuzamá Cenotes

Want a unique experience you won’t find anywhere else? How about a horse pulling you to three different cenotes?

If that sounds like your idea for a good day trip, then the hour drive to the Cuzamá Cenotes is well worth it.

Each cenote is fantastic, but the last one — Chelentun — is the best of them all. Steps lead down to a stone platform where you can ease yourself into the deep blue waters or jump straight in to get a head-start over your friends.

Enjoy your time in the cool waters here before heading back on the cart and into the Yucatán heat.

Day Trips from Merida – Final Thoughts

If Merida isn’t on your list of places to visit yet, you should add it immediately. The mixture of culture, history, and food is perfect for travelers looking to dive into a country.

Hopefully, these best day trips from Merida will help you experience every last bit of the area.

Pin 10 Best Day Trips from Merida Mexico

Pin 10 Best Day Trips from Merida Mexico

Between travel bans, lockdown restrictions, and fears about the coronavirus, more and more travel enthusiasts have been embracing the classic staycation to soothe their wanderlust. Luckily for those living in the UK, there is so much natural beauty and historical locations for plenty of options for weekend trips from London.

Once the weather starts to warm up, avid travellers will be looking for city trips and weekend breaks around the English countryside. Recharge your batteries by visiting the old city centres, Roman-time ruins, or walking along extensive walking trails through the countryside and coastline.

1. Historical Bath – a Day Trip from London

As its name implies, a visit to Bath can be one of the most relaxing weekend trips from London – it’s only a 90-minute drive from Paddington Station. In fact, public transportation is even faster than driving, making Bath one of the best weekend trips from London by train.

Weekend Trips from London - Historic Bath

90 minutes from London, discover Historic Bath

The local hot springs that give Bath its name have fascinated the city’s people for centuries. From Roman times to the modern-day, people visit Bath for its healing powers and focus on relaxation.

There is still much evidence of Roman baths and great examples of ancient architecture. Don’t miss the Roman bath, Bath Abbey and Thermae Bath Spa.

Whether you want to spend a day in the thermal spa, or would rather explore the historic centre, Although its proximity to London makes it well-suited for a day trip, we can assure you that there is plenty to do in Bath to warrant a weekend-long city break.

2. The Lovely Lake District

The Lake District can be reached by train in just 3 hours from Euston Station in central London, making it a great choice for nature lovers who need a weekend break. You can search the Trainline to find tickets to any of the stations in the Lake District region such as Oxenholme, Windermere, or Grasmere.

UK Weekend Getaways - Lake District

Take a weekend trip in the Lake District in Northwest England

The Lake District National Park spans an area of 2,362 square kilometres and was even announced as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2017. It includes the tallest mountain in England, and the largest and deepest natural lakes in the whole country.

Outdoors and active enthusiasts will find a large network of beautiful trails and mountains. Anyone seeking to gain some elevation and stretch their hiking legs will find everything they need right here in the UK. A nice weekend break from London in the Lake District is sure to quench your thirst for more far-flung destinations like Iceland or Switzerland.

For something special, get a bird’s eye view over the region by taking a hot air balloon flight. Or, take a boat cruise on Lake Windermere. Some of the most famous British literary talents also lived in the Lakeland region, and to this day, you can still visit the homes of William Wordsworth or Beatrix Potter.

Because of its proximity to the sea, the weather in the Lake District is generally rainy. So, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the weather forecast while planning your weekend break.

3. Cotswolds: A Charming Weekend Trip from London

The Cotswolds is a large area known for its hills, medieval villages, and thatched-roof houses. The buildings in the Cotswolds are all made from local limestone, which gives them a warm honey colour.

Charming cottages in the Cotswolds

Take a relaxing weekend trip from London in the charming Cotswolds cottages

People love the Cotswolds for the abundance of walking and biking trails that pass through the quaint English villages. The best time to visit the Cotswolds is between June and August, when the lavender is in full bloom. Some say that the lavender fields in the Cotswolds can compete with the famous fields in Provence, France.

Antique shoppers love the Cotswolds for the famous Cirencester Antique and Collector’s market. Every Friday you can browse the markets and discover a large selection of antique treasures and street market stalls.

Regardless of how you spend your weekend, don’t leave Cotswold without trying the famous Cotswold cheese. It is a regional cow’s milk cheese that is flavoured with chives and onions and is made from cow’s milk.

To start your weekend trip, a take train from London’s Paddington Station. There are direct trains to various locations within the Cotswolds, such as Moretown-in-Marsh, Kemble, Stroud, or Stonehouse.


4. Pembrokeshire – The Quintessential Seaside Weekend Break

A bit further afield, Pembrokeshire is popular among tourists from England and Wales since it has one of the most beautiful coastlines in the UK.  This region is best suited for a long weekend break from central London, as a train will take about 5 hours 30 minutes.

With historic architecture and spectacular coastline, Pembrokeshire really has something to offer everyone. This region offers excellent food and drink, beautiful beaches, and historic Victorian-era villages. One of the most popular activities in Pembrokeshire is to hike the National Park along the coast. The Pembrokeshire Coast Path makes it accessible for casual pedestrians and serious hikers alike. 

UK Weekend Trips from London - Pembrokeshire

Take in the sunset on The Pembrokeshire Coast Path

Pembrokeshire is also home to several historical architectural sites. Pembroke Castle, Carew Castle, and St. Cathedral David are the main highlights. In Pembrokeshire, there’s even “Stonehenge of Wales”, one of the best Neolithic dolmens that still exists today.

The best way to spend your weekend break in Pembrokeshire is to rent one of the available UK Holiday cottages on the weekends. These days, most cottage owners list their places on booking.com, so you can browse around to find a place that suits your needs.

5. Cornwall – Beautiful and Unique

This county in southwestern England is surrounded by water to the north, south, and east. Cornwall features a proud Celtic culture which makes it one of the best weekend trips from London. Since there is so much to do, we would recommend taking at least a whole weekend to explore all that Cornwall has to offer.

Take a stroll on Land’s End Trail, the most south-west point of England. Cornwall has more than 300 miles of walking trails along the coastline with spectacular cliffs, dunes, and medieval villages.

Cornwall England’s Land’s End Trail 

Cornwall England’s Land’s End Trail

Cornwall cannot be mentioned without thinking of specific food traditions. Maybe you just want to spend your weekend break as more of a culinary vacation, indulging in Cornwall’s gastronomic pleasures — we’re not judging! From Cornish meat pasties, Cornish Heavy Cake, saffron buns, Cornish ice cream, Cornish fudge, there is more than enough regional specialities to keep you busy! During your weekend break, you might even want to take a cooking class to learn all about how to make traditional Cornish Pasties.

One of the unique places in Cornwall is the Eden Project. This ecological park and educational project site holds the distinction of being the world’s largest indoor rainforest. The section is full of biomes that showcase a number of the most important plants in the world. At night, the biomes are illuminated with colourful light displays and the atmosphere is simply magical.

Cornwall England’s Eden Project

Cornwall England’s Eden Project


As you can see, there is no shortage of nice weekend trips from London to make you feel a world away. If you’re looking for more things to do in the UK check out our UK Travel and Backpacking guide, where you’ll also find budgeting tips and advice for how to travel around for cheap.