There is a reason New Zealand is a popular shooting location for fantasy movies and TV shows. The stunning and other-worldly landscapes make New Zealand one of the most beautiful countries in the world. There is no better way to take in this beauty than by hiking one of the best day hikes in New Zealand. That said, we have listed ten must-visit hiking trails in the Land of the Long White Cloud.

To ensure you have a great hiking experience in New Zealand, be sure to get the AllTrails app before you go. The app has an extensive list of the best trails for hiking in New Zealand, with reviews from other hikers to keep you up to date on the latest trail conditions. You can filter by trail difficulty, length, and suitability and download trail maps to help keep you on track even when you’re offline.

The Best Day Hikes on New Zealand’s North Island

The North Island is home to a diverse set of stunning landscapes. When comparing hiking conditions between the North and South Island of New Zealand, the North Island offers warmer temperatures on average.

From the alpine peaks in Tongariro National Park to coastal paths in Northland, there is something here for everyone, regardless of your hiking style.

Tongariro Alpine Crossing

Tongariro Alpine Crossing - one of New Zealand's best day hikes

One of the best day hikes you in New Zealand would be the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. This hike is so memorable, that many people have heralded it as New Zealand’s Greatest Day Hike. When you try it for yourself, you’ll see that this is no flattery or exaggeration on anybody’s part.

Aside from the stunning mountainous terrain, you’ll be able to see emerald lakes and volcanic views. Since this is rocky and steep terrain, it would be a good idea to bring your hiking poles with you to be safe, even if you’re a veteran hiker. 


Tama Lakes Track

Another one of the best day hikes in New Zealand that you should try if you’re hoping to visit beautiful lakes in New Zealand is the Tama Lakes track. This particular hiking trail passes the Taranaki Falls trail, which you’ll pass by in order to get to the Lower Tama Lake lookout.

The Tama Lakes Track is a great trail for taking in the view of the Tongariro volcanic area. The whole track takes about 5-6 hours round trip.

Cape Brett Track

Te Toroa Bay from the Cape Brett Trail - one of New Zealand's best day hikes

Te Toroa Bay from the Cape Brett Trail.

If you want to go hiking along the New Zealand coasts, you should head to the North Island and try the Cape Brett Track. It’s a gorgeous coastal hiking trail that is at the far north of North Island. It’s considered one of the more challenging day hikes in New Zealand, because of the elevation changes and length of the trail. 

If you want to cap your hike off with a refreshing swim at the end of the track, you can head to the Deep Water Cove. It’s possible to do the hike in one day, but that would require you to skip part of the trail. If you have the time, you could consider staying in a hut along the way to turn your hike into an overnight adventure.

Pinnacles Track

Nowadays, most people are aware that New Zealand is the setting of many fantastical movies and shows. The most famous film set in New Zealand within the fantasy realm is the Lord of the Rings. If you want to see one of its filming locations in New Zealand, you should try the Pinnacles Track.

The Pinnacles Track is named so due to the pinnacles towering above you. These are pillars that the winds and water have shaped into what they are now. It takes just under 4 hours to reach the summit from the trail head, which makes the Pinnacles Track one of the best day hikes in New Zealand to enjoy the country’s beauty.

The Best Day Hikes on New Zealand’s South Island

New Zealand’s South Island is home to some of the most stunning landscapes in the country. The Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park has plenty of options for breathtaking day hikes, so any trip to New Zealand should include plenty of time exploring the area.

But don’t forget to pay a visit to Wanaka, known for its incredible scenery, snow-capped mountains, and turquoise lakes.

Sealy Tarns Track

Near Sealy Tarns in Aoraki Mount Cook National Park. One of the best day hike in New Zealand

Near Sealy Tarns in Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park

The Sealy Tarns Track is one of the more challenging day hikes for New Zealand hikers who want a bit more of an adventure. If you’re hoping to get a gorgeous view of Mount Cook and even Hooker Valley, the Sealy Tarns Track is where you should head to. The entire track takes 3-4 hours, and there are multiple viewpoints along the way for an excellent picnic spot.

Mueller Hut Route

Red Mueller Hut in Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand

The Red Mueller Hut in Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park

If you’re looking for unique and popular places to go to when hiking New Zealand, you should embark on the Mueller Hut Route. This route is trendy for its red Mueller Hut, hence the name.

Although you can finish this trail within one day, you also have the option of turning it into a 2-day trek and spending the night in the famous red Mueller Hut.

Hooker Valley Track

The Hooker Valley Track is one of the most popular day hikes in New Zealand. It is located within the Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park, South Island.

The Hooker Valley Track in Aoraki/Mount Cood National Park, South Island

Hiking in New Zealand will lead you to all sorts of places that you’ve never seen, let alone heard of before. Therefore, if you come across unique names for hiking trails, don’t be dissuaded.

Such is the case for when you make your way over to conquer the Hooker Valley Track that would lead you right to Hooker Lake. The trail crosses 3 suspension bridges and finishes at a lookout above Hooker Lake with an excellent view of Mount Cook.

This 10 km/6 mile hiking trail is one of the easier day hikes in New Zealand since it’s a flat trail. However, it can get quite crowded, so you should take this track early so that you don’t have to drown in the hiking crowds. You’ll be able to enjoy the Hooker Valley better that way.

Roys Peak Track, Wanaka

Roys Peak Track in Wanaka

Roys Peak Track in Wanaka

Roys Peak Track in the Wanaka region is one of the more challenging day hikes in New Zealand that gets you up to Mount Roy’s summit. It takes about 3 and a half hours to reach the top, where you’ll be rewarded with sweeping views. You should take this track sometime around January to October for the best experience.

Rob Roy Glacier Trail, Wanaka

Day Hikes in New Zealand - Rob Roy Track in Mount Aspiring National Park

Rob Roy Track in Mount Aspiring National Park

Beneath Mount Rob Roy, you can try the Rob Roy Glacier Trail, which follows the Rob Roy Stream after crossing the West Matukituki River. The gorgeous stream across the deep grey valley of rocks is a sight to behold. The track typically takes 3-4 hours and is considered an easy track, making it suitable for beginners.

Along the way, you’re going to encounter a beech forest and waterfalls, which adds to its value as a hiking trail.

Avalanche Peak, Arthur’s Pass National Park

View north from track to Avalanche Peak, Arthur's Pass National Park, New Zealand. One of the best day hikes in New Zealand

View north from the track to Avalanche Peak, Arthur’s Pass National Park

Another peak that you should consider climbing if you’re looking for a challenging hiking trail is the hike up to Avalanche Peak. This one-day hike in New Zealand can take five to eight hours, depending on your condition and hiking skills.

This is a challenging track to traverse, so make sure that you prepare and research beforehand. If there’s poor visibility or the peak is very snowy, it will be dangerous. However, if you go there on a good day, you’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment after reaching the peak and taking in the view of the valleys below.

Hiking in New Zealand is an excellent way to explore the country. That’s because there are plenty of hiking trails that will allow you to explore the beauty of the stunning landscape. If you ever manage to go to this lovely country, be sure to take to the trails and enjoy the best day hikes in New Zealand.

Gone are the days of travel jail due to closed borders from the COVID pandemic. As the world opens up to welcome tourists across the globe, the number of options for vacation also increases. Forecasted to rise over 30% in 2023, traveling has taken the world by storm. No longer a luxury, the way people take vacations is changing society.

In this article, discover the best destinations painstakingly chosen to help you create memories that last a lifetime. Inclusive of hiking, oceanic views, and incredible food, you are spoiled for choices.

Here are the eight off-the-beaten-track venues to add to your travel bucket list.

El Nido, Philippines

Entalula Island, El Nido, Philippines

Entalula Island, El Nido, Philippines

An ocean haven tucked away in the Asiatic Mediterranean, the Philippines is hailed as a gem in South East Asia. Renowned for its Bacuit archipelago of 45 islands, El Nido sets itself apart as a simple yet stunning tiny beach town in Palawan. The best part? Each boat tour group is kept small to cater to your needs on board fully. Even though the traveling journey is taxing, the views rewarded make it all worthwhile. Start by flying into Puerto Princesa Airport to begin. With buses that run every two hours till 10 pm, your arrival time would fit in snugly with this schedule. Book accommodations beforehand, as they tend to run out faster than expected.

Koh Tao, Thailand

A tiny island off the Western coast of the Chumphon Archipelago, it is a dreamboat for divers. Koh Tao is a backpacker’s dream filled with incredible food, people, and the ocean. Despite being small, it makes up for being big on activities. As a hotspot for incoming tourists to take diving courses, Koh Tao remains affordable compared to its neighboring islands: Koh Phangan and Koh Samui. With easily accessible motorbike rentals, transport on the island can be simple yet inexpensive. A pro safety tip is to prevent accidents by driving slowly and keeping your eyes on the road. Non-experienced drivers should never rent a bike. Instead, opt for cheap taxis to get to the next destination.

Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia

Sunrise at Angkor Wat in Siem Reap

Sunrise at Angkor Wat in Siem Reap

The hidden gem of Cambodia is Angkor Wat. Culturally rich with a plethora of space of over 150 hectares, this Buddhist temple is often a country highlight. In addition, Cambodia is close to Vietnam. If you prefer covering more bases, consider combining Vietnam and Cambodia in a single trip. This ensures that your itinerary is fully packed as you get more done within the same time. One of the best ways to do that is by booking trips with a professional such as Exotic Voyages’ tour packages in Cambodia that you can customize to fit your needs.

Zadar, Croatia

Sun Monument in Zadar, Croatia

Sun Monument in Zadar, Croatia

Zadar is a quaint little city with much to offer; it is also known as one of the oldest towns along the Adriatic Sea. With a historical setting of stone-set beach houses, Zadar is a sight to behold. As part of the newest member of the European Union, its main source of revenue is tourism. In addition, it also uses the EUR (€) currency. Not just a little countryside venue, Zadar is famous for its sea organ. A self-made musical, the sea organ captures incoming waves from the ocean and plays a harmonic tune as nature directs. Located in the city center, the city also has dozens of delectable Mediterranean dishes guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds.

Saranda, Albania

Get the best of both worlds with Saranda – a little town in the Mediterranean Sea across Greece and Italy. Relatively unknown due to its obscure position, Albania is fast becoming one of the top destinations for Europeans. Highly affordable yet breathtaking, it is a traveling haven due to its azure blue waters and close proximity to a UNESCO World Heritage: the Butrint National Park. 

Due to its archaeological background and significance, it is one of the highlights of Albania. In addition, Saranda is also close to Ksamil, a Bora-Bora lookalike at a fraction of the price. Simply fly into Corfu in Greece to take a ferry or fly into Tirana, then take a bus straight to Saranda.

Machu Picchu, Peru

For your next adventure, consider Peru for its rich heritage, culture, and forests. Begin by setting foot in a 15th-century citadel on a high mountain range, 7000 feet above sea level. Once home to the Incan Empire, it is one of the world’s seven wonders. As a famed UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1983, Machu Picchu is always open. From rainy seasons to the middle of the night, it never closes. In addition, hiking with a guide or other tourists helps to keep you safe. Unlike the rest of the country, Machu Picchu is often free from petty theft and pickpockets. This keeps your mind at ease and your valuables intact as you explore the country.

Florida Keys, USA

Key West, Florida Keys

Key West, Florida Keys

Consider heading to the Florida Keys the next time you plan your holiday. With ocean-blue waters and a myriad of tropical islands, it is the perfect family destination. One of the best ways to enjoy it is by ensuring you spend a few days in the Florida Keys. Discover history in The Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum as you top it off with the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory to get a dose of something different. In addition, you can charter a boat to snorkel, like Key West Snorkeling, to explore the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. With history, nature, and the ocean on a trip, it can be a fulfilling experience for the entire family.

Your Next Adventure – Final Thoughts

Planning for your trip can be fun yet tedious. The key is to select a location that resonates and move forward. Focus on keeping your itinerary sparsely spread so you have time to enjoy it fully. One main tip is to check visa entry requirements and travel advisories to prevent being turned away at the border when you fly in. Your next adventure can be incredible from Asia to the Balkans, provided you plan it intentionally and carefully.

As a person who loves the great outdoors and going on hikes, there is nothing I love more than the fresh air and a great view, something you can get plenty of in Alberta. 

During my last 8 months in Canada, I’ve spent a lot of time in Alberta and have been trying to find the best day hikes that don’t have heaps of tourists. Who doesn’t prefer quiet, peaceful walks through nature? During the winter, that’s an easy task, as many of the more difficult trails are closed due to the weather. Plus, who wants to go hiking in -40c?! Not me.  

However, during summer, also known as the peak season, it was a challenge to find off-the-beaten trails in Alberta that were short enough to complete in 1 day and didn’t have hundreds of tourists.

Below, I have listed some of my favourite day hikes off the beaten path in Alberta. Some are easy for beginners, and some are more tricky, but all feature a great view without too much effort.

To ensure you have a great hiking experience in Alberta, be sure to get the AllTrails app before you go. The app has an extensive list of the best trails for hiking in Alberta, with reviews from other hikers to keep you up to date on the latest trail conditions. You can filter by trail difficulty, length, and suitability and download trail maps to help keep you on track even when you’re offline.

East End of Rundle

Stunning views over Whitemans pond and Ha Ling peak from the East End of Rundle Trail

Stunning views over Whitemans pond and Ha Ling peak from the East End of Rundle Trail

At 4.8 km long and taking between 6-7 hours to complete, the East End of Rundle hike is one of the slightly longer day hikes in Alberta and one that’s a real leg burner. Starting on the edge of a forest on the side of Rundle mountain, this trail is steep pretty much the entire way. It can be difficult to tell what direction the trail leads as there are not too many signs anymore – keep an eye out for the orange ribbons! They’ll help guide you. 

I highly recommend bringing some gloves, as it can become a difficult scramble around the halfway point. You may need to use your hands to keep yourself stable. After around 2 hours you’ll be rewarded with stunning views over the Whitemans pond and its neighbouring mountain Ha Ling peak – this makes a fantastic spot to watch the sunrise (or sunset). The summit can get extremely windy in this part of Alberta, so be careful!

Valley of the Five Lakes

The Valley of the Five Lake hike is one of the shortest day hikes on our list in Alberta. At an average of 1.5 hours to complete, it’s a simple trail that doesn’t take much effort, which means anyone can enjoy it. With a very low elevation, this is the perfect short walk without breaking a sweat. There are two steep sections, but for no more than a few steps. Some parts of the trail get very narrow, you may have to walk single file if travelling in a group. Along the way, you’ll have multiple opportunities to stop and enjoy the lake views at the many openings by the water’s edge.

Ha Ling Peak

Take in the view from HaLing peak on one of Alberta's best day hikes

Take in the view from HaLing peak

If you did the East End of Rundle trail, you’d be able to see Ha Ling Peak in your view, but what about climbing Ha Ling for yourself? One of the more moderate day hikes in Alberta, this trail has chains to use as handrails to help you when you’re climbing up due to the uneven terrain. In typical Alberta fashion, it can be extremely windy when you get to the peak, so be mindful that it can throw you off balance if you’re not careful. 

Along the route, you’ll have the chance to stop for photos on a few flat viewpoints before you reach the summit of Ha Ling Peak. From the top, you’ll see the town of Canmore as well as much of the Bow Valley down below. It’ll take you an average of 4-5 hours to reach the summit and make it back down the trail.

The Big Beehive

This hike puts a new spin on a world-famous lake in Banff National Park. The Big Beehive trail is only really accessible during the summer months and can get quite busy during this peak season. As it is a loop trail, you can continue through the entire trail without backtracking, meaning you get fresh views for the entire route. 

Most average hikers with a good level of fitness can finish this trail in under 6 hours, making it suited for a day hike. This trail has a few different highlights including Lake Louise, Mirror Lake, and the tea house before heading to the summit, this just gives you plenty of photo opportunities to enjoy! 

Grassi Lakes

The Grassi Lakes hike offers options for both beginner and advanced hikers

The Grassi Lakes hike offers options for both beginner and advanced hikers

Also in Canmore, The Grassi Lakes hike is probably one of the most easy-to-do short day hikes in Alberta. Although this hike is rated as number 1 in the region on Alltrails, every time I have been I’ve seen no more than 3 others on the trail. This is a walking route the whole family can enjoy! It’s a trail with two options, the easy way and the more difficult way, and even as a loop they only take between 1 and 2 hours to complete. 

The easy way takes you up a gradual hill through the forest until you reach the 2 small lakes and beautiful viewpoint. Whereas the more difficult way keeps you on lower elevation until the last portion of the trail. This is where you come across a large waterfall and steep staircase built into the cliff. This can become slippery due to water spray, so hold onto the rails, but make sure you enjoy the view! 

Lake Louise Lakefront Trail

The Lake Louise Lakefront Trail is another one of Alberta’s short day hikes at only 1.5 hours to complete. This one takes you along the edge of the turquoise Lake Louise – a nice change compared to the Big Beehive trail that takes you up and over the lake for a birds-eye view. 

With barely any elevation, you won’t end up with muscle aches, which I’m sure you’ll be thankful for. In the summer you can walk around the lake, and during the winter you can even walk on it when it freezes over. This is a year-round accessible trail for people with all fitness levels. 

Prairie Mountain

Summiting Prairie Mountain

Summiting Prairie Mountain

Average hikers finish the Prairie Mountain hike in 2 hours (1 hour up and just over an hour down) but many can finish quicker in clear weather. The trailhead starts southwest of Bragg Creek near the Elbow River. Although steep, (the trail reaches an elevation of 666 m), it’s a pretty easy walk for most of the way up and accessible for most fitness levels. 

There are endless mountain views from the viewpoint across the valley, so Prairie Mountain is one of the best day hikes in Alberta to avoid the crowds. Although this is a hike that can be accessed all year round, the driving access road usually closes for the winter due to weather conditions. If you do decide to hike Prairie Mountain during the colder months, crampons and spikes are recommended, as the scramble can get a bit slippery. When you make it to the top, you’ll have a nice surprise, seeing the flag waving at the summit!

Boom Lake Trail

The Boom Lake Trail is another trail with minimal incline and is more of a stroll than a hike. It takes roughly 3.5 hours to complete, so it’s perfect if you’re looking for a day hike in Alberta. As an out and back trail, you’ll need to backtrack once you get to the lake to reach the Boom Lake Trail finish line. As you walk along the track, you will see a few small streams as you head towards Boom Lake. In summer, they are crystal clear and flowing and add to the beauty of the region.

In the winter months, these streams can become dangerously icy along the trail, so use caution. When hiking during summer and spring, you can expect to see a stunning bright blue lake that Canada is known for. Take it in and enjoy your reward for walking the trail!


There you have it, 8 fun day hikes in Alberta that offer great views of the province! Of course, if I listed every single one we would be here for days, so I have handpicked some of the most enjoyable – but also less busy – trails for hikers to enjoy without being stuck in a crowd. Because let’s face it, nobody likes having to line up for a photo op at a viewpoint!

The Best Day Hikes in Alberta Canada to Avoid the Crowds

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Houston is a vibrant city in Texas, known for its bustling downtown, world-class museums, and famous landmarks. However, beyond the well-known attractions, Houston is home to many hidden gems that are off the beaten path. 

These hidden gems offer visitors a chance to explore unique and lesser-known spots that capture the essence of Houston’s diverse culture and history. From quirky cafes to historic landmarks, Houston’s hidden gems are waiting to be discovered. 

Whether you’re a local or a first-time visitor, exploring these off-the-beaten-path spots can be a refreshing change from the usual tourist destinations. So, if you’re looking for a unique and authentic Houston before you land at those places, make sure you check out Houstoning to up your recreational experience.  

Historic Hidden Gems in Houston

For those interested in history, Houston has a variety of hidden gems to explore. Here are two sites that are worth a visit:

The Menil Collection

The Menil Collection is a museum that houses the private art collection of John and Dominique de Menil. The museum is known for its collection of Surrealist and contemporary art, but also features works from ancient cultures and Byzantine and medieval art. 

The museum is free to the public and is located in a quiet residential neighborhood, making it a peaceful spot to explore.

Visitors can expect to see works by artists such as Max Ernst, René Magritte, and Jackson Pollock. The museum also has a Rothko Chapel, which is a non-denominational chapel that features fourteen large-scale paintings by Mark Rothko. The chapel is a serene space for reflection and contemplation.

The Orange Show Monument

The Orange Show Monument is a folk art environment that was created by Jeff McKissack, a Houston postal worker. The monument is made up of several structures that are covered in mosaic tiles, metal, and other found objects. 

The monument is dedicated to the orange, which McKissack believed to be the perfect food, and features a variety of orange-themed structures.

Visitors can explore the monument and its various structures, including a wishing well, a stage, and a museum. The monument is a quirky and unique spot that is sure to delight visitors of all ages.

Nature and Outdoors Hidden Gems in Houston

Houston may be known for its urban sprawl, but there are plenty of natural areas to explore. Here are a few off-the-beaten-path spots to visit:

Buffalo Bayou Park

Buffalo Bayou Park is a 160-acre park that runs along the Buffalo Bayou. It’s a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy some nature making it a great hidden gem in Houston. Visitors can walk, bike, or jog along the trails, take a kayak or paddleboard out on the water, or have a picnic in one of the park’s many green spaces.

The park is also home to several art installations, including the colorful “Houston” sign and the “Tolerance” sculpture. Visitors can also catch a show at the outdoor theater, or attend one of the many events held in the park throughout the year.

Houston Arboretum and Nature Center

Off the beaten path at the Houston Arboretum

Houston Arboretum

The Houston Arboretum and Nature Center is a 155-acre nature preserve located in Memorial Park. It features several walking trails, a butterfly garden, and a pond. Visitors can also take a guided nature walk or attend one of the many educational programs offered by the center.

The arboretum is home to a variety of native plants and animals, including owls, hawks, and snakes. Visitors can also spot migratory birds during the spring and fall.

The nature center also has a gift shop and a nature-themed playground for children.

Off the Beaten Path Food and Drink in Houston

One of the best ways to experience a city is through its food and drink. Houston is no exception, and there are plenty of hidden gems that offer a unique taste of the city. Here are two must-visit spots for foodies:

Ninfa’s on Navigation

Ninfa’s on Navigation is a Houston institution that has been serving up some of the best Mexican food in the city for over 40 years. The restaurant is named after “Mama” Ninfa Laurenzo, who started the business in 1973. 

Today, the menu features a variety of classic Mexican dishes, including fajitas, enchiladas, and tacos al carbon. The restaurant also has a full bar, with a great selection of margaritas and other cocktails.

Address Phone Number Hours
2704 Navigation Blvd, Houston, TX 77003 (713) 228-1175 Mon-Sat: 11am-10pm, Sun: 10am-9pm

The Breakfast Klub

The Breakfast Klub is a popular spot for brunch in Houston, and for good reason. The menu features classic breakfast dishes like pancakes, waffles, and eggs benedict, as well as southern staples like grits and fried catfish. 

The restaurant also has a great selection of coffee and fresh-squeezed juices. Be prepared to wait in line, as the restaurant is usually packed on weekends.

Address Phone Number Hours
3711 Travis St, Houston, TX 77002 (713) 528-8561 Mon-Fri: 7am-2pm, Sat-Sun: 8am-2pm

Hidden Gems in Arts and Culture

Houston is a vibrant city with a rich arts and culture scene. While many visitors flock to the well-known museums and galleries, there are a few artistic hidden gems in Houston that are worth exploring.

Project Row Houses

Project Row Houses in Houston

Project Row Houses in Houston

Project Row Houses is a community-based arts organization located in Houston’s historic Third Ward. Founded in 1993, the organization has transformed a group of shotgun-style houses into an art space that serves as a hub for community engagement and cultural exchange. The houses are home to a variety of programs, including artist residencies, exhibitions, and public art projects.

One of the most unique aspects of Project Row Houses is the Young Mothers Residential Program. This program provides housing and support for young mothers and their children, while also offering opportunities for personal and professional development. Visitors can take a tour of the houses and learn more about the organization’s mission and programs.

Lawndale Art Center

The Lawndale Art Center is a contemporary art space located in the heart of Houston’s Museum District. Founded in 1979, the center is dedicated to promoting contemporary art and artists from the Gulf Coast region. The center hosts a variety of exhibitions, artist talks, and educational programs throughout the year.

One of the highlights of the Lawndale Art Center is the annual Big Show. This juried exhibition features work by artists from all over Texas and is one of the largest and most anticipated events in the Houston art community. Visitors can also explore the center’s galleries and shop for unique gifts and artwork in the center’s store.

Abu Dhabi, after Dubai, has emerged as one of the top destinations to visit in the UAE and has captured worldwide attention with its incredible attractions. The world’s first Ferrari Theme Park and the only Louvre Museum outside France are among the popular spots that are sure to entice you to visit Abu Dhabi.

These popular attractions in Abu Dhabi , however, can be very crowded. If you are looking for lesser-known yet amazing attractions, this list is for you. Check out these hidden gems in Abu Dhabi that offers a unique experience during your Abu Dhabi holiday.

Wadi Adventure

Jebel Hafeet in Abu Dhabi

Jebel Hafeet in Abu Dhabi

Check out the Middle East’s first white water rafting experience in Abu Dhabi! Nestled between Green Mubazzarah and Jebel Hafeet in Al Ain, this refreshing attraction features a sprawling man-made water channel that is perfect for activities like white water rafting, kayaking, surfing, and boating.

If you are up for a challenge, test your skills on Adventure Island, a floating obstacle course, or catch some waves in the fantastic wave pool. And if you just want to cool off, take a refreshing dip or swim. Wadi Adventure is still catching up with tourists and remains one of the hidden gems of Abu Dhabi offering a thrilling, refreshing day away from tourist crowds.

Reem Central Park

Reem Central Park, a Hidden Gem in Abu Dhabi

Reem Central Park

Looking for a spot to relax and unwind in Abu Dhabi? Reem Central Park is one of the hidden gems in Abu Dhabi that offers a unique oasis with a sweeping beachfront and a network of walkways and bridges that lead to it. Located near Saadiyat Islands on Al Reem Island, this park is perfect for a bike ride, or a simple evening stroll along the shores.

The manicured green lawns and contemporary art installations provide a great atmosphere for picnics or simply enjoying the scenic views. Reem Central Park also boasts an impressive collection of water features, including the Wadi Water Feature and Wow Factor Fountain, that is sure to mesmerize you. There is also a serene boating experience waiting for you at Reem Park Abu Dhabi.

Jubail Mangrove Park

al Jubail Mangrove from above

al Jubail Mangrove from above

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse yourself in the serene natural environment of Jubail Mangrove Park, located on Jubail Island in Abu Dhabi. Stroll through lush mangrove forests on sprawling boardwalks and spot birds and marine species, such as turtles, herons, and gazelles. The park acts as a protective barrier for the Abu Dhabi coastline, preserving a pristine environment for marine and wild animals.

However,  the park has a maximum capacity, and visitors may have to wait to gain entry into the park. Birdwatchers, nature enthusiasts, photographers, and couples seeking a romantic retreat will love the park’s ambience. Moreover, you can try mangrove kayaking Abu Dhabi experiences to explore the mangrove forest in a unique way. Jubail Mangrove Park offers a tranquil escape from the city, allowing you to connect with nature and discover a new realm that is just a 30-minute drive away from the busy streets of Abu Dhabi.

Al Ain Zoo

Al Ain Zoo

Al Ain Zoo

For those planning Abu Dhabi tours during their trip, don’t miss to include Al Ain Zoo. Located in the vast Shiab Al Ashkhar area of Al Ain, this wildlife attraction is home to over 4000 animals and serves as a sanctuary for endangered Middle Eastern species such as the Arabian Sand Cat and Dama Gazelle. The zoo offers plenty of exciting activities that visitors of all ages.

From the Lemur walks and Penguin parade to watching animal feeding sessions, animal rides, falcon and eagle shows, and even feeding the giraffes, there’s no shortage of fun things to do.Also, not only is a visit to Al Ain Zoo entertaining, but it is also educational.

You will learn about the different animals and the conservation efforts being made to protect them. So, make sure to add Al Ain Zoo to your list of must-visit destinations in Abu Dhabi!

Mamsha Al Saadiyat

Take advantage of this attraction which is one of the secret places in Abu Dhabi yet to catch the eye of tourists on a larger scale. Tucked away in the Cultural District near Saadiyat Island, this attraction offers stunning views of clear waters and sandy beaches at Soul Beach.

Plus, it is a great alternative to the often crowded Corniche in Abu Dhabi. Not only can you soak up the scenery, but you can also satisfy your hunger with a range of delicious food options. Whether you are in the mood for pizza, burgers, or international cuisine, there’s something for everyone. And if shopping is your thing, then this spot is also a hub for retail therapy.

Overall, Mamsha Al Saadiyat is the perfect spot to relax and escape the hustle and bustle of Abu Dhabi. Whether you are looking to shop, dine, or just unwind, this attraction is definitely worth a visit.

Heritage Village

Abu Dhabi Heritage Village

Abu Dhabi Heritage Village

Another gorgeous spot to visit in Abu Dhabi is the Heritage Village. Located on Corniche Breakwater Road near New Marina Mall, this spot is a beautiful recreation of traditional villages from Abu Dhabi’s past. The atmosphere is rustic and relaxed, providing a sharp contrast to the sleek modern architecture found elsewhere in the city.

Here, you can gain an understanding of the traditional desert way of life through the fully constructed houses, alleyways, and marketplaces made from simple materials and hues. Don’t forget to browse the souvenir and spice shops before you leave this one-of-a-kind attraction. Come visit and take a step back in time while in Abu Dhabi- it would be one of the most memorable moments of your Abu Dhabi trip.

Hidden Gems in Abu Dhabi – Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, Abu Dhabi is a historically rich emirate with a vibrant culture and diverse attractions waiting to be explored. While many tourists visit popular landmarks and tourist hotspots, there are plenty of hidden gems in Abu Dhabi waiting to be discovered by those who are willing to venture off the beaten path.

From serene mangrove forests to stunning off-beat adventures, Abu Dhabi offers visitors unique and authentic experiences. So, next time you find yourself in Abu Dhabi, be sure to take the time to explore some of these places and discover the hidden beauty of this remarkable city.