4 Cities To Visit To Reset and Recharge

Traveling can be one of the best ways to recharge and refresh yourself, but just any trip won’t fit the bill. If you’re looking to get away from it all, take some time off from your responsibilities, and return with renewed energy and focus, consider visiting any of these four cities. You may even decide to choose one of the following destinations as your new home.

1. San Francisco: Rest and Reset With Yoga

If you’re seeking a soulful vacation in a place that knows how to take care of its own, San Francisco is just what you’re looking for. San Francisco has been delighting visitors with its self-love ethos and positive energy for decades. Today, you can find peaceful respite at many yoga studios and meditation centers. San Francisco is a little pricier than other cities in the United States. If you’re thinking about purchasing a home here, it may be beneficial to take advantage of the high rental values and rent out a room in your home.

2. Berlin: Reset Your Mind With Art and Culture

Berlin is known for its unconventional art scene, and its numerous galleries are filled with contemporary and classical pieces. You can also see many of these pieces while taking a tour through Berlin’s historic East Side Gallery. On top of its wide variety of art, Berlin offers incredible food, beautiful architecture, and fantastic nightlife. The cost of living in Berlin is inexpensive when compared to other Western European capitals. If you buy a home here, you can live in a community that’s rich with diversity.

3. Mexico City: Reboot Without Breaking the Bank

Mexico City is one of those rare vacation destinations that’s cheap, exciting, and a world away from home. Visit Mayan pyramids and Aztec ruins and drink tequila in a city that boasts culture and excitement. Property in Mexico is less expensive than property in the US, and its warm climate makes Mexico City an ideal location for a vacation home.

Keep in mind that purchasing a vacation home usually requires at least a 20% down payment, but if you’re strapped for cash, you have other options. Consider getting a second mortgage on your current house or taking out a home equity loan.

4. Tokyo: Reset by Recharging Your Body at Lightning Speed

Tokyo is an energetic city that never sleeps and welcomes tourists with open arms. There are infinite ways to explore, such as taking a boat ride along Tokyo’s historic Sumida River and shopping at Tsukiji Market, a food mecca for Japanese chefs and seafood enthusiasts. You can also visit Sensoji Temple, which was built in 645 A.D. and is one of Japan’s most important Buddhist temples. Getting around town is simple — just purchase a Suica card at any ticket machine and travel by train. If you’re tempted to move to Tokyo, be aware that buying a home in Tokyo can be a major investment, and you need a visa. You can only apply for permanent residency after 10 years.

The Perfect Trip

Even if you decide not to move long-term, planning a trip for self-care can be perfect for your needs. If you want to recharge by backpacking, check out our backpacking guides for over 100 countries.

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