Stay Close to the Kanha National Park for Utmost Adventure and Natural Comfort

Whether you are looking for a place offering natural comfort from bustling city life, or a wildlife holiday in Madhya Pradesh, consider staying at an eco-luxe lodge. Offering the right mix of luxury, adventure, and wildlife experiences, Kanha Earth Lodge, Kanha National Park, located in a village in a 16-acre natural forest on the fringe of Kanha Tiger Reserve, consists of twelve cottages.

The eco-lodge, close to the Kanha National Park buffer zone, is built following the Gond architecture featuring large open verandas for unobstructed and clear views of the forests.

These eco-friendly, low-impact rooms are constructed using discarded wood and local stone. A lot of recycled and waste wood available locally is used to design several parts of the cottages and their furnishings, which is a perfect model of green construction. With no other accommodation facilities and thoroughfares nearby, the Kanha Earth Lodge provides a perfect setting for a thoughtful time of feeling rejuvenated.

Get to Know More about Kanha Earth Lodge

The cottages in the Kanha Earth Lodge are shaded by the foliage of Sal, Bija, Mahua, and Lendia trees. The homes are carefully built using local materials, like stone, unsmoothed timber beams, mud plaster, and terracotta tiles, encouraged by traditional Gond architecture.

Guests can enjoy the views of the greenery outside sitting in the reclining lounge near the window. The other amenities offered are en-suite bathrooms, air conditioning, and essential furniture, which are exquisitely designed using recycled wood and waste. All of these mix in perfectly with the surrounding woodland environment.

You can find several local artefacts displayed in the roomy lounge, which offers spectacular views of the forests. If you are exhausted after taking part in activities, you can find comfort in this attractively decorated area with furniture made from discarded wood and influenced by the Gond culture.

Guests can relax in the reading room reading books regarding the biodiversity of Kanha and regions in central India. They can also watch documentaries on wildlife in Kanha or presentations by conservationists.

Further, there is also an infinity pool with Mahua trees surrounding it. You can relax under the blue skies, studded with white clouds that form a canopy over the lush forest cover and relieve stress.

As for dining, there is a multi-cuisine dining hall where you can have a variety of regional, continental, and Indian dishes prepared by skilled chefs. All the dishes are prepared using fresh ingredients sourced locally. Some of the special dishes you can miss to taste are chakri, lamb booti curry, tikkar roti, basil ice cream, and several other delectable foods.

Things to Do in Kanha

You can engage in various activities that offer great adventures. Most of the activities are planned based on your preference. A few of them to explain are:

Nature Trails

You can enjoy seeing the unusual flora and fauna in action by going on secluded nature trials, cycling excursions, and birding trips. Walking in the natural world can be relaxing and help you rediscover your natural affinity for plants and animals. A guided tour through the dense vegetation may reveal unexpected bird sounds of birds that you have never heard before.

Uphill Trekking

You can visit a picturesque hilltop with a vast plateau by trekking through the lush green forests, mud settlements, and villages. Reaching the hilltop, you can have spectacular views of the forest bordering Pench and the vast Kanha National Park.

Jeep Safari

Jeep safari offers a unique opportunity to view Kanha’s abundant wildlife and thriving natural environment. You get an opportunity to explore a few places like Kanha Meadows, Shravan Tal, and Interpretation Centre in an open-top jeep safari.

It is time that you should experience the excitement and natural comforts of staying at the Kanha Earth Lodge and involving in activities.

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