Get free accommodation while traveling by working on an organic farm

Have you always wanted to travel the world but don’t have the budget for accommodation costs? Not to worry, you may want to consider applying for jobs that offer free accommodation in exchange for work while traveling

There are plenty of options to find a steady job along with safe and clean digs in various parts of the world. 

Become a Petsitter

Combine your love of animals with your love of travel and become a Trusted Housesitter.

Combine your love of animals with your love of travel and become a Trusted Housesitter

In exchange for staying at their homes for free, many people around the world are looking for trustworthy housesitters to watch their pets. Trusted Housesitters is the global pet-sitting network dedicated to animal lovers who are responsible, reliable, and are interested in staying in free accommodation while traveling the world.

You can find a huge diversity of housesits all over the world, from a chic apartment in Paris to a seaside villa in Thailand, to a mountain cabin in the Rocky Mountains. A basic petsitter account costs just $129 for unlimited housesits anywhere in the world, and considering how expensive accommodation can be while traveling, it’s well worth it.

Work on an Organic Farm

Get free accommodation while traveling by working on an organic farm

Get free accommodation while traveling by working on an organic farm. This is the perfect opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts. The World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) helps find opportunities to exchange agricultural work for free lodging.

Volunteer roles are available worldwide on the organization’s website. You could spend a season working the wine harvest in France, or work on a banana farm in beautiful Vietnam, all while getting room and board for free.

Work in Hospitality

Short-term positions in the hospitality industry is another great way to earn money while traveling the world. With a huge variety of jobs in the hospitality sector, you’re bound to find a role that suits you. Popular tourist hospitality jobs include bar staff, waitresses/waiters, tour guides, and more. You could even work the front desk of a hostel as a live-in staff member as you travel the world.

Seasonal workers are often needed at seaside, lake, and holiday camps during the spring and summer months. Typically, these jobs offer fair pay and free accommodation in cosy cabins or even quirky tepees.

Become a Nanny or Au Pair

The other popular way to travel around the world without worrying about accommodation is to become a nanny or au pair. The majority of nanny jobs are well-paid live-in positions, which means you may end up living in a luxurious penthouse in Paris or even a villa in Argentina.

In addition to providing free accommodation, working as a nanny or au pair will also provide you income that you can use to fund the rest of your travels. Your main responsibilities will typically take place during the week, leaving your weekends free for exploration.

Try Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing is the backpacker’s favorite way to get free accommodation while traveling. There are generous people all over the world who are willing to provide a place to sleep for free for other travelers. The benefit of couch surfing, is that most hosts will gladly show you around town and introduce you to their local culture while you’re staying with them. That makes it the perfect option for solo world travelers.

Couchsurfing ensures safety by verifying the hosts, and you can always check previous traveler reviews to make sure you find a couch-surfing host that you’re comfortable with.

Other ways to get free accommodation in exchange for work while traveling

As you can see, there are several ways people can work while traveling and get free accommodation. Look through the job listings on Worldpackers if you’re still looking for that great opportunity. 

From childcare jobs to personal assistant jobs to charitable volunteer opportunities around the world, you’ll find them all on Worldpackers. Memberships cost $49 and give you access to tons of work opportunities in exchange for free accommodation. Due to its host verification process, insurance policy, and large community network, Worldpackers is a great choice for solo world travelers. Get 10% off your membership fee by using my promo code BACKPACKING10.

Getting a visa to get free accommodation while traveling

Be sure to consider your visa eligibility when applying for any of these positions. Whether you are paid or not, a B-1 or J-1 Visa may be required before entering Europe for an extended period. Ideally, you should speak to a visa specialist or a program leader before applying.

So, are you ready to get down in the dirt at a Colombian coffee farm? Or help a generous Parisian family by becoming a nanny? Whatever venture you choose, you can have the time of your life without breaking the bank. Without budget holding you back, get started preparing for your world travel adventure!

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