How to travel with your senior parents

Post-pandemic, families are giving priority to travel. So, if you have decided to travel with your older parents for a change, certain traveling tips can make it a pleasant experience for you. All you need is to plan your trip carefully if you are traveling with older parents who may not be as energetic and healthy as you. 

So, if you are thinking about traveling to the beach, hill station, another city abroad, etc., proper planning and research on the destination can make your trip enjoyable and safe. The most important factors are choosing the location, considering its weather conditions and kind of crowd. Also, check if a good medical facility is available and readily accessible in that location.

With this in mind, here are some tips to help your elderly parents travel comfortably and make the most of your trip.

Choose Travel Time Thoughtfully

If you haven’t already chosen a location and a schedule for your trip with your elderly parents, consider it. It should be as simple as possible to achieve your goal irrespective of the place and align with your budget, time, activity limits, and trip preferences.

Don’t ideally travel to a place where you have a large list of things you want to check off your bucket list. Some will be difficult to see and fulfill, especially when traveling with older parents. Your experience won’t ultimately live up to your initial motivation for taking your parents on a trip.

Instead, choose a location that will improve the activities you already like doing together with your older parents. For instance, if you enjoy taking walks and sipping tea together, consider renting a homestay resort with scenic views and access to neighboring walking paths.

Plan a Pre-Trip Doctor Visit

Ensure a smooth trip with your senior parents

Ensure a smooth trip with your older parents

A check-up with your older parent’s doctor is necessary to ensure they are physically capable of handling the rigors of a long vehicle journey or flight and all your planned location has to offer. Confirm the medications they need to bring, any food restrictions they need to follow, and any other issues or suggestions you want them to be aware of. Planning a pre-trip doctor visit is especially important if your elderly parents already suffer from any major health issues. 

Consider the Safety and Comfort of your Older Parents

Nowadays, flying is very different from what it formerly was. Longer airport queues result from increased security procedures intended to keep passengers safe. Make sure everyone gets there at least two hours before the departure. Always reserve a nonstop, direct flight to your destination if possible.

Ask your parents to carry their documents and money belt to keep essential papers or money hidden. These are excellent security precautions to keep cash and identity safe and away from thieves. When traveling, don’t compromise on comfort. Consider investing in a travel cushion, a c-shaped inflatable pillow that supports the neck and head when traveling.

Taking Medication

An adult’s daily routine frequently includes taking medication. When traveling, it’s critical to keep emergency medication at hand. Pack any prescription drugs and beverages you need for their health before proceeding through the security checkpoint. Remind your parents to take their medication during the flight. Senior citizens with major illnesses must carry their medicines as they may not be readily available at their destination.

Be Mindful of Mobility

Be mindful of mobility when traveling with senior parents

Be mindful of mobility when traveling with older parents

You should be cautious about their mobility throughout the vacation if your elderly loved one utilizes a wheelchair or walker to go around. Do they have trouble navigating small spaces and stairwells, for instance? Make plans to relocate the assistive equipment while boarding a connecting flight if you plan to travel by air.

Talk to Travel Representatives About Your Safety

It’s crucial to talk with the management once you’ve selected a reliable airline and reserved a hotel or resort for your getaway. You might need to seek specific services and accommodations to guarantee your older parent’s safety and well-being throughout the family trip. Speak with staff in advance if you want to book appointments and purchase tickets for certain tourist sites and excursions in the city you’ll be visiting.

With your elderly parent present, you may review the attractions and choose which ones to reserve for the trip. By checking in advance, you can be sure that your elderly parent will be secure and at ease, throughout any outings your family plans to take. Using the internet as a research and shopping resource is a wonderful idea for all tourists, particularly older travelers.

Conduct Periodic Health Checks During the Trip

If they are taking medicine for high blood pressure, be mindful of any physical issues and watch for any elevated blood pressure symptoms. Be sure to include time for mom or dad to continue their workouts and therapy while traveling if they have recently recovered from a physical injury or surgery.

For Elderly Parents, Take Proper Measures for Incontinence Issues

If your elderly parents have incontinence issues, their clothes may get soiled if proper measures are not taken. So, to handle such problems efficiently, it is important to carry good-quality and high-absorbency adult diapers for men and women. These products can be a savior for your parents during traveling. Moreover, it can also save them from embarrassment in public places. It will also prevent incontinence accidents, and they no longer have to worry about getting their clothes soiled. Quality diapers are discreet and provide safety and comfort without hampering the fun of your trip. Also, carry comfortable clothing so that wearing diapers does not cause discomfort.

Plan For the Unexpected

Maintain a list of emergency phone numbers on your phone, and always have a paper copy with you. Verifying the location of other facilities that may be required, such as bathrooms and places to stop for food, drinks, or other necessities, such as the nearest hospital to where you will be staying, is also helpful. If your family member gets lost and needs to contact you, ensure they have an identity card with your name and mobile number.

Traveling with Older Parents – Final Thoughts

For many, organizing and participating in a fun-filled family trip might be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You want your parents to be secure and at ease during the journey. Hence, consider these helpful suggestions to ensure your older parent is ready and cared for throughout the family trip.

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