Top destinations for island hopping in Croatia

Every country has unique gateways and interesting holiday activities to add to your bucket list. While some destinations have exciting safaris, snowcapped mountains, and more, Croatia excels in coast life. With about 1244 natural formations, sailing and Yacht charter remain the most fantastic way to get the most out of your holiday in this beautiful country. Skradin, the top Yacht chartering town of Croatian Šibenik-Knin County, has one of the best holiday offers to sparkle your holiday.

With so many inviting destinations, many travelers may wonder which islands to visit. You cannot visit all of them unless you have all the time in the world. However, it’s a good idea to start with a well-curated list of top destinations to explore for your holiday.

Here are the best islands to include in your Skradin yacht charter itinerary:

1.   Skradin

Skradin, Croatia

Skradin, Croatia

How can you hire Skradin Yacht charter services and miss this lovely island’s beauty? You start your skradin yacht charter itinerary exploring beautiful Skradin. Its surroundings appear like the deliberate work of a master designer. If you are a geographical features enthusiast, you should not miss spending time at Skradin’s estuary, where the Krka River meets the sea. It is one of the most serene sites in Skradin.

Accessing it from the open sea as you sail through the canyon of Krka River gives you a perfect view of Krka River’s waterfalls, which are protected as part of Krka National Park. All these will give you a lasting memory of Skradin, and that is not all. You can always top it off with a sumptuous serving of well-dressed dishes from Skradin’s five-star restaurants. You can then begin your exploration of other beautiful islands.

2.   National Park Mljet

National Park Mljet is an enchanting green oasis speckled with lakes stretching over one-third of National Park Mljet island.  It ranks high as one of the topmost Adriatic gems, a great place to meditate and revamp your energy.

National Park Mljet allows you to escape more crowded islands and achieve a top rejuvenating serenity. Early morning when nature rises, or cool evenings when the sun is slowly making its homestretch into the western horizon, affords the best of National Park Mljet island. What about a getaway with your partner on this lovely island after your vows? National Park Mljet Island is a place of everlasting memories.

3.   Šibenik Archipelago

Like most people, you may have learned about archipelagos in books and media. How exciting to have a first-hand experience seeing and enjoying one during your Croatia holiday? You can’t experience the archipelagos better than what you will find in Šibenik Archipelago. Extending towards the northern region of Dalmatia, close to Šibenik town, the Šibenik Archipelago remains one of the Adriatic’s most glamorous sailing destinations.

What stands out the most about Šibenik Archipelago is its fantastic amalgam of beautiful nature, an enduring tradition, and plenty of historical and cultural heritage. Those who sail the vast Šibenik Archipelago preserve long-lasting memories of multiple secluded coves, lovely beaches, and picturesque villages, where the easygoing Mediterranean mannerisms set the social tone. The Islands of Zlarin and Žirje are some of the most outstanding places in the Šibenik Archipelago.

4.   Split

Split, Croatia

Split, Croatia

The United Nations Agency for Education, Science, and Culture, UNESCO considers Split one of the world’s most beautiful cities. Growing from a quiet, provincial place only attracting a short stopover while en route to the neighboring islands, Split has metamorphosed into a busy destination pulling tourists who arrive by land and Yachts.

The most interesting aspect of Split is its historical significance and beauty.  The past and the present meet together to form a sempiternal charm. Just imagine going on a holiday to relax and reenergize yourself, and then you come face to face with Emperor Diocletian’s (Roman emperor) fortress and palace built in the 4th century. Split affords you a step into antiquity, backdating your experience with more than 1700 years as expert tour guides guide you through the emperor’s fortress.

5.   Hvar And Pakleni Islands

Hvar Island, Croatia

Hvar Island, Croatia

A Skradin Yacht charter cannot be complete without tasting a five-star yachting affair, and this is where Hvar And Pakleni Islands come in. Apart from their rich taste in parties and evening serenity, the Islands of Hvar and Pakleni have much more to offer. Hvar offers a unique view of the islands from its topmost point—the Fortica fortress—enabling you to survey far and near from high elevation, especially enchanting in the evening.  Hvar And Pakleni Islands are the place for night and daylong parties with super yachting experience from the extensive coastline and shores.

Island hopping in Croatia – Final Thoughts

A Skradin Yacht charter gives you a top-class, rejuvenating, memorable holiday experience while traveling in Croatia. With multiple islands at your disposal, you must have a well-curated list of first-priority destinations to make your stay smooth and eventful. With an abundance of choices, you’re sure to have a memorable experience.

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