EU nationals wishing to stay in Greece for longer than three months must apply for a residence permit within their three months of arrival. This can be obtained from a local police station, and you will need to show your passport and proof of having found employment. You must also register with the National Health Insurance Scheme (IKA). Greece has a great tourist industry, not only on the mainland but on its islands too. Greeks usually work a 5 day, 40 hour week.

Seasonal Work

Casual work in bars, clubs, and restaurants are best found by enquiring in person and most vacancies are likely in the busier tourist areas. Wages will depend on where you can find work, and what type of work it is, but remember that a lot of casual work in tourist areas can be busy and demanding. As unfair as it seems, women are generally more likely to find work in clubs and bars for the customers they attract.

Mark Warner is a recruitment organisation with links to resorts in Greece. Each year applicants are sent to various resorts in both summer and winter as sports coaches, pool attendants, aerobics instructors etc. See below for website details, where you can see jobs available and make an application.


As well as providing work in their kitchens, bars, and as cleaners, many Greek hostels and hotels employ people to publicise their establishment to passing tourists. Touting is a general term for handing out leaflets, putting up posters, and talking to passers-by. Given its high tourist occupation, Athens is a good starting place for this type of work. Working hours will usually be late since most jobs will be found at night entertainment spots, and wages will vary but do not expect pay to be flourishing.

Agricultural Work

Harvests throughout the year yield oranges, bananas, potatoes, olives, and grapes, in a number of places including Tol�, Argos, and Crete. Most agricultural work can be found by enquiring in person to various farmers. The majority of jobs on farms will not pay particularly well and can be hard-work requiring long hours to earn anything decent. If you are predominantly interested in the type of work available on farms and have at least two years’ experience in the industry, the Young Farmer’s Clubs runs international schemes, including in Greece, that last between three and twelve months. Work is paid and although you are expected to pay your fares, the amount you earn will usually compensate for this.

Au Pairing

Athens is one of the surest places to find vacancies for au pair work in Greece. Agencies such as the Lady and Overseas Jobs Express and the Athenian Nanny Agency can arrange placements for 12 to 18 month placements with a Greek family. As an au pair you will be expected to look after the children, and perform general domestic duties such as cleaning. In some cases the family may pay your health insurance but it is important to check this and if they do not, arrange your own. Payment for Greek au pairs very much depends on how much responsibility you are given and on the family that you are placed with. Au pair jobs are also best found by word of mouth, and in the Athens News newspaper.


EIL is an organisation that places volunteers in projects, including environmental management and conservation, and working with people with disabilities. They offer a range of opportunities for volunteer work in other countries, including Greece. Projects usually last for six or twelve months and volunteers are provided with pocket money, language training, accommodation, food, flights, and insurance. For shorter-term projects, Concordia arranges international volunteer work including social and childcare. As with EIL, volunteers are provided with food and accommodation, but are expected to pay their own travel fees and insurance. Concordia also asks for a �75 registration fee.

Useful Addresses

  • National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs
  • The International Farm Experience Programme
  • YFC Centre
  • National Agricultural Centre
  • Stoneleigh Park
  • Kenilworth
  • Warwickshire CV8 2LG
  • Athenian Nanny Agency
  • PO Box 51181
  • Dodonis 1
  • Kifissia 145.10
  • Athens, Greece

Useful Links

Mark Warner is a good seasonal employer

EIL is a voluntary organisation working in Greece

Concordia is one of the voluntary organisations in Europe.