Investing in property abroad can be an excellent way to diversify your portfolio, generate more income and grow your savings. Whether you’re looking to buy a holiday home or invest purely for financial gains, there are many advantages of investing in property abroad.

Keep in mind that there are many different variables to keep in mind when looking into investing in property abroad. Depending on your personal circumstances and the type of property that you’re interested in buying, your choices will vary slightly.

However, there is some universal advice that you should keep in mind before investing in property abroad as an ex-pat.

Research The Location Carefully

For many, the first place to begin when looking into investing in property abroad will be to research the location of the property that you’re interested in. One of the first things to note when researching the location is the current and future availability of amenities.

From ranch houses to villas, there are endless opportunities to invest in real estate abroad

From ranch houses to villas, there are endless opportunities to invest in real estate abroad

For example, if you’re interested in buying a property in a rural area, you might be limited in terms of the availability of nearby schools, hospitals, and other communal amenities. You should also be aware of things such as the crime rate in the location where you’re interested in investing.

This will allow you to make an educated decision on whether the location is likely to be favorable for investing in property. Additionally, it’s a good idea to research the local economy and the purchasing power of the local people. This will allow you to get a better idea of how your potential property purchase will be affected by the economic climate.

Determine What Type Of Property You Want

The next thing to do is to determine what type of property you’re interested in. There are many types of property that can be purchased abroad as an ex-pat. However, depending on where you’re looking to purchase the property, you may have limited options.

Is it your dream to own an apartment in Paris

Is it your dream to own an apartment in Paris?

Furthermore, you will want to keep in mind any special features or characteristics of the property. This will allow you to make an informed decision and choose a property that is right for your needs.

Consider Home Loan Options

Depending on the country, you may want to look into local home loan options. This will help you to determine the best way to finance your property. You’ll want to do your research and determine which home loan options are available in the country that you’re looking to invest in.

This will help you to determine which home loan would be the best fit for you and your situation. For example, if you’re looking for the best home loan in Singapore, you can compare plenty of options by looking at this local guide from PropertyGuru.

Hire A Local Lawyer

When you’re ready to invest in property abroad, you should hire a lawyer to help you navigate the legalities associated with purchasing a property. The local lawyer will be able to give you advice on the current laws and help you to navigate the process.

They can also help you to identify any potential issues in advance. Furthermore, a good lawyer will be able to help you to negotiate a better deal when you’re ready to purchase your property.

Check Rental Rules

If you’re purchasing property to rent it out, before you make any real estate investments abroad, you’ll want to make sure that you understand the rental rules. This will help you to make sure that you’re abiding by all local laws and that your investment is safe.

It’s also important to understand any rental restrictions. Some countries may have strict rules when it comes to noise restrictions, the number of people allowed at the property, or the number of days that the property can be rented out per year.

Be Aware Of Exchange Rates

When you’re investing in property abroad, you should be aware of the current exchange rates. Ideally, you will want to purchase your property when the exchange rate is in your favor. This will allow you to minimize the amount of money that you will ultimately spend.

Understand The Taxes And Fees Involved

When you’re purchasing a property abroad, you should be aware of the taxes and fees that will be due. For example, if you’re purchasing a residential property, you may be required to pay a property tax.

Invest in a villa off the beaten path

Invest in a villa off the beaten path

The amount that you will be required to pay will depend on the country where you’re purchasing the property, so it’s important to research property taxes before you begin the purchasing process. This will allow you to plan accordingly.

Bottom Line

Investing in property abroad can be an excellent way to diversify your portfolio, generate more income and grow your savings. Before committing to an investment in property abroad, you need to consider your long-term goals, the type of property that you want to purchase, and your financial situation.

Dubai is the land of numerous adventures. It is thrilling to be at a place with so many fun things to do. This is the reason why Dubai is visited by several tourists all year. It is a destination where everyone has their purpose for the visit. There are various options to enjoy your vacation with a family, group of friends or solo. You are bound to take back superb memories from this trip.

The city is renowned for its tall, towering skyscrapers that have broken many records. This affluent emirate of the UAE has many more thrilling and adventurous places other than the well-known magnificent structures. They are in form of the theme parks that attract visitors on their trips to Dubai.

Find all you need to know about great, exciting theme park visits in Dubai as you read along.

Meet the Superheroes of Entertainment at IMG Worlds of Adventure

IMG Worlds of Adventure-  One of its kind, the IMG Worlds of Adventure is an indoor theme park in Dubai. It is unique in many ways. It is an amazing experience here that offers a blend of imagination and adventure. Spread over an area of 1.5 million square feet, it is a sprawling arena with full action-packed rides with popular superheroes.

The IMG Worlds of Adventure is divided into 5 Epic Zones. They are namely, the IMG Boulevard, Marvel, Cartoon Network, Novo Cinemas and the Lost Valley. The excitement builds up as you venture into each of these zones and take up the fast-paced rides and roller coasters. The other themed attractions here are the Cartoon Network heroes, Marvel characters and animatronic dinosaurs of the Lost Valley.

All the rides are named after the heroes theme. Some of them are Spider-Man’s Dr Oks’s revenge at Marvel zone that spins you around, Thor’s Thunder Spin, Cartoon Network’s Power Puf Girl’s Mojo Jojo ride, and the Gumball ride among others. There is more to discover in the Lost Valley with the ancient dinosaurs and close your eyes tight when you confront the spookiness of the Haunted Hotel.

At IMG Boulevard, the retail experience here is an out-of-the-world scenario. There is exciting merchandise related to these Epic zone themes. Spend a whole exciting day at the IMG Worlds of Adventure which is a complete family entertainer.

Garden Glow Dubai: A park with a difference

Just a portion of the many displays at Garden Glow in Dubai

Just a portion of the many displays at Garden Glow in Dubai

Garden Glow Dubai- This is another must-see attraction for all family visitors. The Garden Glow Dubai is beautiful, colourful and dazzling. By the day it is a great place to see experimental art creatively done with all recycled materials. The decorations and creativity levels have touched new heights here. The eco-friendly theme is maintained throughout. After sunset, this very place dazzles with numerous hand-made LED lights in all colours that awaken a world of imagination. Garden Glow Dubai has all the exhibits radiating colourful lights that highlight the huge-sized artworks all over.

It is an amazing park to visit with kids. The fun begins as kids see the animatronic dinosaurs chase them out of the blue. It is one of the biggest dinosaur parks in the world. Here, one can gain a little more knowledge about these prehistoric creatures that roamed the Earth once upon a time.

Immerse yourself in the Atlatis Aquaventure waterpark fun

Aquaventure waterpark- When you are in Dubai, a visit to Palm Jumeriah is a must. Devote a full day in the Aqaventure waterpark at the Atlantis here. Fun and frolic are what you will experience at this place. Wholesome family entertainment here comprises 105 rides, a kids’ splash area and a private beach about a 1 km stretch. Zoom through the winding slides and crash land on the water, cross wild rapids and have fun together on a boat. Aquaventure theme park is a wonderful place to spend a day with so much to soak in.

Explore the world of Legos at Legoland Dubai

Legoland Theme Park in Dubai

Legoland Theme Park in Dubai

Legoland- An amazing theme park in the heart of Dubai, Legoland is mesmerizing. It is a great destination for a family visit where kids aged between 2 and 12 years. Spread over 3 million square feet area, this park is an example showcasing the skill of building anything with lego bricks. There are about 40 rides of all types that kids enjoy the best. Spend a great time here exploring the 6 zones within Legoland, Adventure, Imagination, Lego City, Miniland and Kingdom.

Enjoy some water rides here with Twist N’ Spin, Wave Riders and Twin Chasers. Take a tour of the Factory to know more about how lego bricks are manufactured. Enjoy the Miniland light show and feel the child-like thrill again.

Feel the winter in a desertland at Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai- Experience the snow right in the middle of a desert! This wonderful adventure is awaiting you at Ski Dubai. This indoor entertainment facility is a crowd-puller in Dubai. Dig into the snow, play around throwing snowballs or take to skiing on the man-made turf, Ski Dubai will fulfil you with fun and joy. Take to the thrilling highs and lows as you ski around this 3000 square meters snow park. Zipline at sub-zero temperatures, and go on amazing rides on snow that add a further bout of fun and thrill.

Live the cinematic experience at Motiongate Dubai

The magical entrance of Motiongate, Dubai

The magical entrance of Motiongate, Dubai

Motiongate Dubai- This is all about cinema and Hollywood right here in Dubai. This is one more cinema-themed park that offers 30 rides named after Hollywood blockbusters. Motiongate has many thrills to showcase in form of rides and roller coasters. It has three zones named after famed film studios in Hollywood. They are Lionsgate, Columbia Pictures and Dreamworks. All of them have specific cinema-based rides. The Hunger Games, Shrek and Ghostbusters are some of them. Experience the ultimate thrill with the world’s fastest single-car twisting rollercoaster ride at Lionsgate.

Dubai has many more theme parks that make a family vacation memorable to the core. There is thrill and adventure of every kind awaiting a visitor here. Make the most of your vacation here.


This selection of the top 8 backpacking books will make you want to travel the world, whether you’re just planning your next backpacking trip or an ambitious round-the-world adventure. These are the finest novels to read when traveling if you want to be inspired to go on amazing adventures and explore more. This collection is the best reading list of books for backpackers, with everything from romance to wanderlust novels.

The One Woman By Laura May

The One Woman - Backpacking ebook on Amazon

Get the eBook on Amazon

The One Woman, one of Laura May’s books, is a great book to read while backpacking, because it tells the story across multiple countries like Israel, Spain, Ukraine, and the USA. Julie, a graphic artist, is the main heroine of Laura May’s first LGBTQ romance book. Regrettably, we know little about Julie’s life or her partnership with Mark. That is, until she meets Ann. Web developer Ann is a kind and outgoing person. It is obvious that Julie has affections for Ann. The spark is genuine as their history and present converge in Barcelona. Julie will have to choose between her love for Ann and her allegiance to Mark when catastrophe strikes. Will true love last the distance? Read this book by writer Laura May to find out.

Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer

Into the wild - one of the best backpacking ebooks

Get the eBook on Amazon

A book about pushing one’s boundaries, cutting ties with society, and looking to nature and solitude for enlightenment. These are all the ingredients necessary to make a great book to read while backpacking.

The inquiry into the true tale of Chris McCandless, missing Alaskan wilderness hiker, whose SOS letter and skeletal remains were discovered months later, served as the inspiration for the book’s plot. One of the top books to read while backpacking.

Less by Andrew Sean Greer

Less by Andrew Sean Greer

Get the eBook on Amazon

An unsuccessful novelist approaching his 50th birthday is Arthur Less. A nine-year ex-boyfriend who is engaged to another person sends him a wedding invitation in the mail. Both saying yes and saying no are out of the question for Arthur because doing so would be embarrassing and defeatist. So he starts to accept the invites to shoddy literary events that arrive on his desk from all over the world.

Arthur almost falls in love, almost dies, and travels from France to India, Germany to Japan, all the while putting distance between himself and the situation he doesn’t want to face. The book Less is about misunderstandings, accidents, and the depths of the human heart.

Meet Me in Paradise by Libby Hubscher

Meet me in Paradise - a great travel ebook

Get the eBook on Amazon

Since her mother, a journalist, passed away while on the job, Marin has stayed within Tennessee, playing it safe. Sadie, her rambunctious younger sister, has traveled the world as a photographer while subsisting on art and adrenaline.

Marin reluctantly agrees to a sisters’ spa weekend on the tropical island of Saba after Sadie returns from a challenging job abroad and appears a little worse for wear. But when Sadie misses the flight, Marin’s luggage gets mixed up with another passenger’s, and a turbulence episode sends her crashing into the lap of Lucas Tsai, the attractive stranger who took her sister’s seat. As she and Lucas explore the island, Marin is forced to leave her comfort zone for the first time in a long time and discover what she’s been missing. Marin discovers more about herself, the man she’s falling for, and the agonizing reason she’s there with each breath-taking new encounter.

The Cloud Garden by Paul Winder and Tom Hart Dyke

The Cloud Garden ebook on Amazon

Get the eBook on Amazon

The Darien Gap is a legendary location. It’s the lone rest stop along the Pan-American Highway, which connects Alaska with the southernmost point of South America. The gap is frequently portrayed as a nearly impenetrable area of marsh, rainforest, and cloud forest home to FARC guerillas. It is a well known no-go zone for world backpackers everywhere.

This interesting book relates the tale of two unusual travelers who band together and attempt an on-foot crossing from Panama to Colombia. They had endured a difficult journey and are just hours away from victory when they are taken hostage by FARC insurgents and held captive for nine months in the bush.

People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry

People we meet on vacation - a great backpacking book

Get the eBook on Amazon

Alex and Poppy don’t have much in common. He’s dressed in khakis, she’s a free spirit. He loves to stay home with a book, whereas she has an insatiable need to travel. They have been the best of friends ever since a tragic car share from college many years ago. While she lives in New York City and he in the little town for the majority of the year, they have spent one wonderful week of vacation every summer for the past ten years.

Up until they wrecked everything two years ago. Since then, they haven’t spoken.

Poppy is in a rut despite having everything she should want. She is certain that the heartbreaking, last trip she took with Alex was the last time she felt completely content. In order to make everything right, she resolves to persuade her best buddy that they should go on one more vacation together. Amazingly, he consents.

One River By Wade Davis

One River by Wade Davis a great backpacking book

Get the eBook on Amazon

This is the epic tale of two generations of South African scientists who have traveled the world. Wade Davis, the protégé of Professor Richard Evan Schultes, and he set out on a trip to study natural history. Schultes left Harvard and spent twelve years living among the locals in the Amazon while charting unexplored rivers. You’ll definitely be on the edge of your seat as you read this tale of devastation, treachery, discovery, and adventure. One of the best non-fiction adventure novels available, you must read this book before backpacking anyplace in the Amazon (Peru, Colombia, or Brazil).

Wild By Cheryl Strayed

Wild by Cheryl Strayed - one of the best books for backpackers

Get the eBook on Amazon

A novel that became well-known as a result of the movie. But the book—trust me—is better. For those who are unaware of the storyline, Cheryl believed she had lost everything when she turned 22. Her family was dispersed, her mother had passed away, and her marriage had failed. She made the rash decision to trek alone on a quest over a thousand miles long because she thought she had nothing left to lose. While maintaining its style and suspense, this backpacking-themed book glistens with love and humor. Everything revolves around a journey that strengthened and healed a broken woman.

What books would you recommend reading while backpacking?


Pin The Best eBooks to Read While Backpacking

Pin The Best eBooks to Read While Backpacking

Have you always dreamed of moving abroad but are not sure how to do it? With plenty to discover in the British Isles, plus its proximity to European destinations, moving to the UK could be the way to live out your dreams of living abroad.

While immigration laws can be difficult to untangle, among the various routes available for individuals moving to the UK, the Innovator Visa is suitable for those with business experience. This route is designed for those looking to establish an innovative UK-based business, who have at least £50,000 to invest, and have obtained endorsement from an approved body. An application for an Innovator Visa must also satisfy various eligibility and suitability requirements.  

Here, Jessica Lee from Latitude Law discusses a guide to the UK innovator visa, including the various stages and main requirements of an application.

Obtaining endorsement for an Investor Visa

Before moving to the UK, an applicant for an Innovator Visa must obtain endorsement for their business idea from a Home Office-approved endorsing body. There are a number of these bodies, and many only offer endorsement subject to various restrictions, such as the location of the business, the sector in which it will operate, or application during a certain period. Some endorsing bodies also make participation on one of their own programmes or mentoring services a prerequisite, although participation on such a programme will not guarantee endorsement. A complete list of all the approved endorsing bodies can be found here

To successfully obtain endorsement, an applicant must demonstrate, amongst other things, that their business idea is innovative, viable and scalable. An innovative business will be unique and original, differing from businesses already operating in this sector. Viability will require showing that the applicant has the knowledge and skills to successfully run the business, while to be scalable, the business idea must have potential for future growth.    

The business must also be new, or where it does already exist, have not yet started trading.  

Making an application for an Investor Visa

Fulfil your dream of living in the UK with the UK Investor Visa

Fulfil your dreams of living in the UK with the UK Investor Visa

If an applicant does successfully obtain endorsement, the second stage of submitting an application for the UK Innovator Visa must be made within three months of the date given on the letter of endorsement.  

As mentioned above, along with obtaining endorsement, there are other requirements of a UK Innovator Visa application. One of these is evidence that the applicant holds funds of at least £50,000 to invest in the business. These funds must be accessible to the applicant and, if in a UK bank, have been held by them for at least three months. Whether an applicant has access to these funds will also be relevant to the business idea’s viability, as discussed above. In addition to this sum, an applicant must show they have held at least £1,270 in their account for a minimum of 28 days prior to application, as evidence they can support themselves after moving to the UK.  

An applicant must also satisfy an English Language requirement, namely an ability to read, write, speak and understand English to Level B2 CEFR. This requirement can be met if the applicant has completed a degree taught in English (although if this was completed abroad, confirmation of the degree’s UK equivalent from Ecctis must be obtained), or if an applicant has completed GCSEs, Highers or A Levels in the UK. In the absence of such qualifications, an applicant will need to sit an approved Home Office English Language test.  

A suitability requirement also applies to UK Innovator Visa applications, relating to the applicant’s character and conduct; examples of what might affect suitability include criminal convictions or previous non-compliance with UK immigration law. 

Partners and children under 18 can also move to the UK with those with an Innovator Visa. As evidence that these family members will be financially supported whilst here, evidence of the following amount of savings, held again for at least 28 days before the date of application: 

  • £285 for a partner 
  • £315 for one child 
  • £200 for each additional child 

A successful application will result in a grant of leave for three years.  

Moving to the UK permanently under an Innovator Visa 

Relocate to bustling London with the UK Innovator Visa

Relocate to bustling London with the UK Innovator Visa

After completing three years’ continuous residence in the UK with leave as an Innovator, it is possible to apply to settle. This application again requires an endorsement letter, although the criteria differs to those for initial endorsement. In order to obtain the endorsement required for settlement, an innovator’s business must be registered with Companies House, be actively trading, and demonstrate an ability to continue trading for at least the next 12 months.  

In addition, the business must show it has achieved two of the following: 

  • £1 million revenue in the last full year for which the business can provide accounts 
  • £500,000 revenue in the last full year for which the business can provide accounts, of which £100,000 comes from overseas export 
  • Have received £50,000 investment, spent on business development  
  • Created 10 full-time jobs (or the equivalent) that have all lasted for at least 12 months 
  • Created five full-time jobs (or the equivalent) with an average salary of £25,000 a year, which have all lasted for at least 12 months 
  • Made an application for intellectual property protection in the UK 
  • Have doubled the number of its customers in the last three years to a figure that is above the average for the type of business 

If the innovator relies on either of the “job creation” options listed above, the jobs must be for “settled” workers; that is, a British or Irish citizen; an EEA citizen who commenced employment in the business prior to 31st December 2020; a holder of indefinite leave to remain/settled status; or the holder of a UK Ancestry Visa who is also a Commonwealth citizen. 

Again, an application for settlement must be submitted within three months of the date given on the endorsement letter. Applicants for settlement must also pass the Life in the UK test and meet an absence requirement of no more than 180 days spent outside the UK in any 12 months.  

Frustratingly, dependent family members must complete five continuous years living in the UK (this can include time spent as a dependent on a different route, such as Skilled Worker or partner of a settled person). In practice, this will mean that family members will often need to extend their leave for a further two years before they are eligible for settlement. 

Dependants over the age of 18 will also need to pass the Life in the UK test, and meet an English Language requirement at Level B1 CEFR.  

Due to the strict requirements involved in moving to the UK with an Innovator Visa, it is advised that applicants seek legal advice and representation to ensure they provide all the relevant documents, meet the criteria, and make the strongest possible application for an Innovator Visa. 

The idea of traveling well beyond your home and into a completely new and exciting culture is a tantalizing one. Travel has the power to show people things they never imagined and open up new ideas. Likewise, it has the power to alter how they see the world; new thoughts and perspectives can change how people look at even the simplest of things.

Though many people are eager to travel and gain these experiences, only a small portion are actually able to. In many countries, whole populations barely have the means to get by, let alone leave the country on some sort of adventure. Even within developed countries where more people are likely to be financially capable of traveling, numerous factors such as age or physical disabilities might limit the ability to realize travel goals.

Our world is also changing profoundly; climate change and human development have taken us down an uncertain path. Today, many travelers are well aware of the significant climate impact of traveling. Many strive to take advantage of sustainable travel options, but often these alternatives come at a higher price, further limiting accessibility.

Addressing Sustainability

Today, sustainable travel is an option for most people that are willing to consider it. In many of the most popular travel destinations, eco-friendly lodges are popping up. Typically, these lodges are operated by locals who share a belief in providing good jobs that also help conserve and promote native landscapes. However, in many areas, these remain a niche market and tend to be more expensive than many travelers can afford.

Undoubtedly, the largest carbon footprint associated with travel is linked to flights taken to go to and from travel destinations. Only a small percentage of the global population flies at all; however, the portion that does has a significant carbon footprint. This has led many sustainability-minded travelers to opt for other travel options such as taking a train or choosing a more locally accessible vacation destination.

Even if you are flying to a destination and not staying in an eco-friendly lodge, there are ways to make your trip more sustainable. Simple things like preparing your home for travel by lowering the thermostat, unplugging electronics, and packing minimalistically can make a big difference. Likewise, while traveling, doing your best to support local businesses that focus on sustainable initiatives can go a long way towards promoting a more sustainable travel experience.

Addressing Accessibility

Of course, issues of travel sustainability are not a concern for many people because their ability to travel at all is limited in the first place. For instance, only about 11% of the global population flew in 2018 and the majority of the annual air travel emissions stemmed from only 1% of the population. Making travel more accessible for the majority of the global population would require a massive redistribution of wealth and significant strides in global sustainability efforts.

For many, even the financial ability to travel isn’t enough to lower the barrier to doing so. Hundreds of thousands of people with disabilities struggle to travel regularly. Things that many take for granted such as getting on and off airplanes, booking a hotel room to our specifications, or traveling around a town can be a significant challenge.

Beyond even the difficulty of traveling in general, finding quality information on travel accessibility can be a major deterrent for those who would want to travel to a certain destination. Many disabled persons find it difficult to find travel agents or other knowledgeable people in the system that can help with planning a trip. Even in rich countries such as the United States, there are significant barriers to accessibility, traveling to a developing country where accessibility status is unknown can be extremely disheartening.

Getting Involved

Fortunately, there are things that interested people can do to help both with travel sustainability and accessibility. For example, sharing information on different forums related to both causes can help spread the word. Documenting how a travel attraction addresses accessibility and sustainability concerns can help those considering travel make more informed decisions about what is going to be right for them.

Another option might be to share ways to make a trip more sustainable using your own experiences. Are you striving to reduce your carbon footprint while still seeing the world? How? Sharing your story can help inspire others to make similar changes to the way they travel. All and all, small changes can add up to make real substantial differences.

Finally, you might consider starting a non-profit or a company that is dedicated to helping people reach their travel goals. The goals of the company can be to serve people looking to travel in areas where accessibility might be a concern. It could also have a focus on doing so in a sustainable manner.

Travel is a profound experience that everyone deserves to have. Unfortunately, traveling can be a challenge for many people and can take a significant toll on our fragile environment. Creating awareness and helping people is perhaps the best way to begin addressing both of these issues.