Dubai on a budget

Dubai on a budget? Does that sound alien-like to you? Well, the good news is that it is possible in all aspects.

To most people, the city of flamboyance comes across as a place well-suited for the rich. Though a part of it may be true, traveling to Dubai on a budget is possible, if you play it smart.

We call it ‘Vegas in the desert’ and that’s because of all the glitz and glamor it offers. Dubai is on the checklist of every travel enthusiast. The multicultural city is crowded with larger-than-life shopping malls, luxurious hotels, gourmet dining spots, grandeur of luxury living, splendid structure, adventurous activities; and so much more.

In a nutshell, the city has something to offer everyone. So, even if you’re on a tight budget you’re truly in for a treat. Here’s a guide to introduce you to some smart hacks that will help you save all the big bucks.

How to travel to Dubai on a budget?

Dubai is more than just being a flashy city. If the extravagant price is what’s stopping you from taking a trip, read through our guide. Here’s how you can go about traveling Dubai on a budget.

Timely air ticket travel

Here’s a no-brainer tip that most people already know, but don’t follow. One major expenditure of any trip is booking an air ticket. And the best way to crack this is to book it well in advance. Dubai is a popular destination and therefore it has an amazing airline service. With so many options for flights every single day, you have the option of choosing what’s convenient for you. However, that’s also a reason why people tend to get a little laid back about it.

So, save some money travelling to Dubai on a budget by booking at least 20-30 days in advance. Here’s a tip- take an early morning or a late night flight. Also, look out for airline special sales.

Don’t opt for a bank-breaking accommodation

Dubai is famously known for ultra-luxurious and 5-star hotels but that’s not the only available option. The city has a stay for every budget, so book your accommodation intelligently. Dubai is crowded with options of service apartments, Airbnb stays, hostel accommodation and lavish stays, of course. So in order to travel to Dubai on a budget, don’t rush and take your pick wisely. Also, making a booking during an off season will get you a deal you can’t refuse, even at a fancy establishment.

Look out for internal travel

Without wasting any time, get yourself a NoI card as soon as you land in Dubai in order to stay on a budget. Undoubtedly, taxi rides in Dubai are cheaper than most countries. However, compare it to the metro and you will feel like you have spent half your fortune. The metro runs through the middle of the city and therefore you can get to any place without any hassles. Also, traveling by rail can get you glimpses of the most incredible structure in and around the city. Besides the metro, you have options of buses, tram and water taxis.

Well, once in Dubai you cannot do without the experience of renting a luxury limousine car. You could save the big day for the win and indulge in a chauffeur-driven ride. Take some luxurious memories back home.

For more information on the luxury limousine rides, you can try checking up –

Don’t skip the free attractions

Dubai seems like you have to pay for everything. But hey, that’s not true! Some ancient and modern sightseeing, gorgeous-looking landscapes and beautiful beach views are easy to pocket making it easy to travel in Dubai on a budget.

Make your trip a bit of both- paid excursions and free tourist attractions. Some of the spots to look at – Coffee museum, sunset beach, Dubai dancing fountain, fossil rock, camel museum, La mer beach and more. Also, some of the activities you can gladly involve yourself in are- camel racing, cycling at AI Qudra, Desert tours, Spice Souk, Beach Libraries, watching flamingos, Dubai Aquarium view and more. Even with meager funds in your hand, you can be on your toes throughout your trip.

Budget dining

Dubai boasts plentiful luxury dining, but also has a lot to offer otherwise. You can keep a day off for a swanky restaurant to experience the pomp if you like. However, you don’t necessarily need it to tickle your tastebuds. Dubai is packed with shawarma stalls, street cafes, exclusive Middle East joints that are sure to treat you to mouth watering food without burning a hole in your pocket. Realistically, you can enjoy a sumptuous meal at a small independent street restaurant for less than AED 50.

Schedule your holiday wisely

One of the important things to do is to schedule your holiday wisely. Just like any other place, Dubai also has high and low seasons. So, save some extra bucks making a trip in the off season. Besides that, you can also actively search for deals and discounts across Dubai. Get your hands on coupons applicable on restaurants, accommodation and entertainment. It’s a great way to unwind on a budget.

And that’s a wrap on UAE’s money-saving hacks. Our tips & tricks were curated keeping every seasoned traveler in mind. Remember, you don’t really need a Kardashian-sized budget to explore the city.

So Habibi, it’s time to visit Dubai!

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