6 Helpful Advice and Tips for Backpacking in London

London, the nation’s capital and largest metropolis, sits on the beautiful banks of the Thames River. More than 14 million people call the city, and its surrounding region, home; thanks to the city’s continued expansion.

It’s not hard to see why tourists should flock to London. Many notable museums and historical landmarks call this metropolis home. The top ones are parks, galleries, marketplaces, museums, restaurants, bars, and sports teams.

You’ve found the right spot if you want helpful tips for backpacking in London. If you’re planning a trip to the British capital, you must not skip the below essential backpacking tips:

Purchase an Oyster Card

When it comes to public transportation, London has it all. Please don’t think it’s bragging when we say that it’s pretty decent. As with most desirable items, it will set you back a pretty penny, which is a big concern when backpacking London.

Using an Oyster Card is a simple and effective method to reduce the cost of travelling within London. It’s more economical to use this pass than to buy individual paper passes. This is because you can simply purchase one and fill it with money before you travel.

Get Your Fill of Free Things

If you do everything that costs money in this metropolis, your money will disappear. While there aren’t many museums that are free to enter, the permanent collection at the British Museum is completely free every day. Also, the museums dedicated to the study of nature are equally fascinating. 

Likewise, merely passing Buckingham Castle on foot is a treat. Numerous exciting pursuits can be enjoyed while backpacking in London without spending a single pound.

Get a London Pass

A visit to London is likely to add up when it comes to costs. Whether it’s the price of a motel room or the price of admission to a major attraction, a trip to the city can quickly drain your savings, which is a big problem when backpacking London.

Seeing many of London’s famous attractions without paying astronomical prices is a good idea. All you need is the lucky London Pass. Although the pass is pricey, it could be valuable if you are planning to visit several of the city’s top sites in a short period of time.

Go on an Adventure to Camden Town

Camden is London’s alternative hub. In simple words, it is home to a wide variety of record stores, unique boutiques, parties, and eateries. It’s a great spot to enjoy cuisine, music, drinks, and people-watching, among other activities, and is popular among backpackers in London. 

You can also witness and enjoy a full-size monument of Amy Winehouse here. It is also a good place to find hotels for budget travellers while backpacking London.

Try Out Some of the Regional Specialities in the Borough Market

Just steps away from Big Ben, the bustling Borough Market is London’s finest food market. It is loaded with international flavours alongside fresh, local fare. It’s a fantastic activity for wet London days because it takes place primarily under shelter. 

The historic district is a maze of winding streets and alleys that have hosted a market since the 12th century. The current building, however, was constructed in the 1850s.

Stay in the City Centre if You Can

Some people will tell you to take advantage of London’s excellent public transportation system and find a place to remain further out.

One of the London backpacking tips we keep repeating is to remain as close to the city centre as possible, obviously within your budget. To see as much of London as possible in a short amount of time, choose a hotel or any of the best-serviced apartments in London, that is convenient to the city’s public transportation system.

It should be close enough to several attractions that you can stroll to them. Also, not too difficult to get back, especially if you plan on staying out late.

Backpacking in London – Final Thoughts

Although London doesn’t initially seem like a budget-friendly destination, there are plenty of ways you can go backpacking in London on a budget. Just follow these tips to navigate the British capital and have the time of your life, without breaking the bank!

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