5 Easy Air Travel Tips To Make for a Happier Flight

Being on an airplane is not fun for most people as you’re usually dealing with staying seated for many hours, being in proximity with a lot of other travelers, and probably being quite bored. Frequent travelers however have a personalized list of things they do to make even long haul flights bearable and productive. Here are a few easy air travel tips to follow to ensure your next long flight is as enjoyable and as comfortable as it can possibly be.

1. Get Airline Status

Many people may fly fairly frequently but will never have applied for airline status. Airline status is calculated by the number of miles you have flown with any airline and on that basis, you can qualify for certain benefits like extra storage weight, a special shorter line for boarding and the occasional upgrade to first class.

Depending on the airline, you could enjoy a happier flight with perks like discounts or window seats.

2. Set Yourself Up For Comfort

The hours leading up to the flight are crucial preparation. One of the most basic air travel tips to set yourself up for a long flight, is to make sure you plan ahead.

Have your packing done in a timely fashion, so you aren’t running around stressed trying to get everything done, and having your paperwork in order helps you depart from home in a relaxed mindset.

For flying purposes, leave the fashion to one side and wear really comfortable clothing. Tracksuits, sweatshirts, and even pajama bottoms may not be the most visually appealing clothes, but they are going to be a lifesaver on a long, cramped flight.

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For What You Need

If you are concerned about your seat being uncomfortable or if you get thirsty more than the average person, you need to voice your needs and not be afraid to ask for a reassigned seat, and extra water or snacks.

Ideally, you should try to pack homemade food and healthy snacks like granola bars or trail mix. Ask the airline can you fly with edibles beforehand, as they could have restrictions you don’t know about.

4. Keep The Entertainment Ready

One of the most basic air travel tips to follow for all your long flights (especially if you make a habit of booking your seat early to get a better one) is to have all your electronics with you fully charged.

If you have a streaming service subscription like Netflix, download a few movies or series that you can watch on the long flight. The same goes for books and games on your tablet or Kindle.

Many people prefer reading electronically since books take up too much space, but they could be a good idea if you get headaches from excessive screen usage. Blue light glasses are important for a long flight if you’re planning to use your laptop or tablet for a long time.

5. Get Some Sleep

Contrary to popular opinion, a long flight is the best place to catch up on your sleep. One of the best air travel tips for long flights is to get some earplugs, a nice eye mask, and simply doze off. The hours will slip by, and you’ll wake up refreshed when you reach your destination.

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