Have you always wanted to visit the USA but don’t have the budget? Not to worry, as there are plenty of opportunities across North America where you can work in exchange for free accommodation in the USA. 

Depending on which state you are planning to visit, there are a wide range of opportunities to explore as well as plenty of companies who are willing to help. To help you understand the range of opportunities available, take a look at the various USA work exchange jobs which cater to everyone.

Become a Petsitter

Combine your love of animals with your love of travel and become a Trusted Housesitter

Combine your love of animals with your love of travel and become a Trusted Housesitter

The US has plenty of people looking for trustworthy housesitters to watch their pets in exchange for staying at their homes for free. Trusted Housesitters is the pet-sitting network for animal lovers who are responsible, reliable, and looking for a fantastic way to travel while staying for free.

You can find everything, from a chic apartment in Manhattan to a beach house in Malibu. A basic petsitter account costs just $129 to join and you can housesit anywhere in the world, and considering how expensive accommodation can be in the US, it’s well worth it.

Volunteer at a Ranch

Find work on a ranch in exchange for free accommodation

Work on a ranch in exchange for free accommodation

You will find plenty of ranches across America, where you can volunteer and benefit from free digs and maybe even meals on the house. This work will involve feeding the animals, milking cows, planting, growing crops, and plenty more agricultural work. 

If you love the outdoors, this is the perfect opportunity for you. All you need to do to work on a US ranch is get in touch with a reputable organization such as the USA branch’s World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF).

On the organization’s website, you will find plenty of volunteer roles in California, Georgia, and North Carolina. You can also check, a job board full of work and travel opportunities in the USA.

Work in Hospitality

Some hospitality jobs in the USA offer free accommodation in exchange for work

Some hospitality jobs in the USA offer free accommodation in exchange for work

If you would prefer to swap your farmer boots for some sensible office shoes, a hotel receptionist may be a better option. The USA’s hospitality sector is a huge industry, so you’re bound to find a role that suits you. Popular tourist hospitality jobs include housekeepers, bar staff, waitresses/waiters, chefs, and more. 

If you are looking to work in exchange for free accommodation in the USA, then the hospitality sector is definitely one of the better options. After all, you get to work and live in the same place, so there’s no need for early alarms, and you may also benefit from free or discount food, drinks, and events. 

Become a Nanny

Get free accommodation in exchange for working as a nanny

Get free accommodation in exchange for working as a nanny

Another popular way to enjoy America without worrying about accommodation costs is by becoming a nanny. Most nanny jobs are live-in, which means you may end up staying in a lavish penthouse in New York City or even a beach house in Malibu and get a taste for the rich lifestyle.

As a nanny working in America, you may also be offered a wage that you can use to fund the rest of your travels. You may also be given a daily allowance typically put towards food and other miscellaneous costs for both you and the children you are caring for. 

Are you ready to get down in the dirt at a Georgia ranch? Or become a nanny to a generous American family? Whatever venture you opt for, it is possible to have the time of your life without breaking the bank. 

Remember, when applying for any of these roles, it is important to consider your visa eligibility. Even though you may not get paid for your services, you may need to obtain a B-1 or J-1 Visa before entering the USA. You should check with a visa specialist or check with the program leaders before completing your application.

Companies that specialize in finding work exchange for free accommodation will advise you on the application process, including everything from flight bookings to visa requirements. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to start researching and preparing for your USA trip.

If you love to travel and work with kids, you might consider looking for an Au Pair position abroad. Au Pair Legend is the most well-known platform for families looking for Au Pairs, and for Au Pairs who are trying to find the right Host Families.

Through a secure and easy-to-use free app, Au Pairs can connect with Host Families that ‘like’ their profile to ensure a good match. So, if you want to attract more likes from Host Families, follow these 7 tips to create an Au Pair profile.

1. How to Write an Au Pair Profile

“When creating your profile, make sure you include as much as possible,” says William Check, an Au Pair blogger at Assignment Services and Essay Roo. “Host Families use Au Pairs’ profiles to decide whoever is the best choice for them. So, the more you tell that family about yourself, the more likely they’ll contact you.”

With that said, here are the main sections you need to create an Au Pair profile that is both interesting and filled with useful information for Host Families.

The “About Me” section is where you can tell families about yourself.

  • Your hobbies and interests
  • Favorite weekend activities
  • Favorite food, drink, etc.

The “Childcare Experience” is where you can give information about your experience with children.

  • The age range of children you’ve cared for
  • Favorite child activities
  • ​Any babysitting experience that you might have
  • First aid or childcare certifications

Be sure to fill out the open-ended section where you can tell families why you want to be an Au Pair.

2. Add Photos to Your Au Pair Profile

Create a great au pair profile by adding the right photos

By adding the right photos, you can create an Au Pair profile that Host Families are likely to notice. Our expert Au Pair profile tip is to add at least 6 photos that showcase the following:

  • Your hobbies and interests
  • Yourself participating in fun activities with children
  • Professional photos that make you appear… well, professional

3. Make Sure Your Au Pair Profile is Sincere

Since most families can be busy with work or other obligations, they’ll need an Au Pair that they can trust. In that case, make sure you create an Au Pair profile that portrays you as sincere and trustworthy.

In other words, imagine what it must be like to be a busy mother or father, and understand that they need someone who is responsible, caring, good with children and, more importantly, mature. 

Therefore, creating a friendly and sincere profile is key to convincing families that you’re the perfect Au Pair for them.

4. Sell Yourself

It’s important to show off your expertise and to have families realize how valuable you are as an Au Pair. For example, families prefer Au Pairs that have years of experience working with children.

So, if you have years of experience behind you, then be sure to make that known in your profile. A good Au Pair profile example will also list other responsibilities that you’ve done while taking care of the children, such as household chores or meal preparation.

5. Connect with 1 or 2 Countries

Create a great au pair profile

One of our best Au Pair profile tips is to show that you are invested in the host country. If you’re committed to going to a country, then you need to show that to Host Families by:

  • Learning their language
  • Writing in their language
  • Embracing the local culture

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you struggle with a new language. Most families will understand, and they would be more than happy to help you. In fact, most Au Pair programs include a monetary stipend for language classes.

6. Provide References on your Au Pair Profile

“Just like applying for any job, you have to have references to show for your Au Pair profile,” says Finley Khan, a personal branding expert at Essay Services and Assignment Help. “As families are looking to invite Au Pairs to become a part of them, some may feel more comfortable with an Au Pair who is able to provide references.”

In your references, you can include letters and contact information from the following people:

  • Previous employers
  • Trusted members of your community (i.e. religious leader and or judges)
  • Members of professional associations (i.e. accountants, lawyers, etc.)

7. Get an Au Pair Visa

Create an Au Pair profile that will help you stand out from the crowd

Our last Au Pair profile tip is to secure a working visa for when you’re planning to meet the Host Family – whether it’s for an interview, or for a job. In most cases, families will only interview Au Pairs that have already received their visa. It’s important to learn more about visa requirements in the Host Family’s country before going so that you are fully prepared.


We hope you found this advice helpful in your effort to create an Au Pair profile. We wish you good luck in your quest and hope that these 7 Au Pair profile tips will help you stand out from the crowd and find a great Host Family!