All visitors require a valid passport and a return ticket for entry to South Korea. EU and USA nationals require a tourist visa which is valid for between 30 and 180 days depending on the exact nationality. British nationals can apply for up to 90 day tourist visas. Applications should be made to the nearest Republic of Korea embassy.


Visa and immigration enquiries should be made to the Republic of Korea Embassy:

Embassy of the Republic of Korea 
60 Buckingham Gate 
SW1 6AJ 
Tel: (020) 7 227 5500 
Fax: (020) 7 277 5503

If you require British representation whilst abroad you should contact the British Embassy:

British Embassy 
4 Chung-dong 
Seoul 100-120 
Tel: +[82] (2) 3210 5500 

The Korean National Tourist Corporation can provide tourist information and advice:

Korean National Tourism Corporation 
20 St George Street 
W1R 9RD 
Tel: (0171) 409 2100 
Fax: (0171) 491 2302.