As of 1st January 2007, British passport holders and other EU citizens do not require a visa to enter Romania for a stay of up to three months. If you are planning to stay for longer than three months you need to apply for a registration certificate from the Romanian Authority for Aliens.

If you are accompanying children into Romania, they need their own passport.

TheRomanian Embassy in London.

Arundel House
4 Palace Green
London W8 4QD
+44 (0) 7937 9666
+44 (0) 7937 9667 and +44 (0) 7376 0683 Visa Section Recorded Information Line

TheBritish Embassy in Bucharest

24 Jules Michelet
Sector 1
010463 Bucharest
(40) (21) 2017200
Outside office hours (for emergencies only)0722 320 321