EU nationals can enter and reside in Peru for up to 90 days without needing a Visa or permit, but will need a valid passport and proof of a return flight. Volunteers and students planning to study in the country should obtain the relevant Visa from the Peruvian Embassy. If you intend to work whilst in Peru a working Visa is applied for by your employer in Peru. As is the case with most South American countries, it is generally very difficult to find work in Peru because Peruvian nationals are eager for employment and so even the lowest paying positions are often taken up. Most opportunities for working experiences will be found in either teaching English or volunteering.

Teaching English

Peru’s capital, Lima, is likely one of the best places to find opportunities to teach English. English is becoming increasingly recognised as an important and useful language to learn, and many employers insist that their workers enrol in tuition. Jobs may be found within places of employment or alternatively, asking around from door-to-door in the hope of some freelance work, and advertising in local papers. Most English teachers charge between PEN 18 and PEN 36 (approx. �3 to �6) per hour. If teaching English as a foreign language is something you want to pursue seriously and in other countries where jobs can be particularly competitive to find, it is worth enrolling on a course to gain the TEFL qualification, check their website for more details.


There are a great many opportunities to volunteer throughout Peru, from conservational projects to work with underprivileged and impoverished families. Many of the volunteer agencies mentioned below organise similar schemes and projects across a wide range of countries, including other South American nations but they often require your own funding, which can amount to more than �3000 so it is wise to plan well in advance for such programmes.

Project Trust

Social care work, environmental projects, and English language helpers are all needed for the Project Trust’s twelve month programmes. Volunteers must be aged between 17 and 19 and a half years old and are expected to raise �3850 themselves to fund their project, this includes all expenses for living costs, travel, donations etc. There are currently volunteering vacancies in three Project Trust sites in Peru: the SOS Cusco Children’s Village needs workers to assist in the day-to-day running and supervision of the community; the Instituto Tupac Amaru in Cusco requires volunteers to help teach English to its students; and the Colegio Hiram Bingham in Lima, a school, needs helpers to assist in its work.

World Challenge Expeditions

For up to six months volunteers aged between 18 and 25 can work in teaching jobs, conservational projects, and medical and community care work. Again, volunteers are expected to fund their own expenses, which can total around �3000 in some cases. Given that work is most usually unpaid it is important that you have sufficient funds arranged before leaving.

Quest Overseas

Programmes run by Quest Overseas encorporate learning with volunteering. Volunteers enrol in Spanish language lessons and participate in projects such as those in shanty towns in Lima. Projects are usually long-term and can cost more than �3000 to fund yourself, which you will be required to.

AFS International Youth Development

Depending on your age, AFS offers places on either its Schools Programme (for 15 to 18 year olds) for ten months, or the International Volunteer Programme (for 18 to 29 year olds) for six months. In both cases volunteers are accommodated by host families. The Schools Programme is more focused on students experiencing life in Peru, whereas the International Volunteer Programme involves participation in a social project. Again, volunteers are required to raise their own money to fund their trip and costs can total �3000 or more.

Latin Link

The focus of work with Latin Link is Christian missionary projects within church communities in South American countries. Examples of projects include work in community centres, orphanages, shelters, and in schools. Depending on the nature of the project volunteering can last for up to six months, or more in some cases. Volunteers are required to fund their own travel, insurance, living costs, donations etc. which can amount to more than �1500.

Useful Links

TEFL are one of the leading organisations for teaching English abroad

Project Trust are involved in social care and environmental work throughout the world

AFS UK is a non-profit making organisation that aims to further inter-cultural learning

Latin Link is a christian charity which does missionary work in South America