The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a land where modern marvels meet ancient wonders, offering a captivating blend of tradition and innovation. Whether you’re seeking the thrill of urban exploration or the serenity of natural landscapes, the UAE’s diverse day tours have something for everyone. From sailing the Dubai Marina on a luxurious yacht tour to delving into the heart of Dubai on a city tour, and beyond, these experiences promise to create lasting memories of your time in this dynamic country.

Dubai Marina Yacht Tour: Sailing in Style

Prepare to embark on a lavish adventure with the Dubai Marina Yacht Tour. As you step into this realm of grandeur, you’ll find yourself in the heart of the Dubai Marina – a captivating canvas of contemporary architecture and upscale living. Here, luxury knows no bounds. Step aboard an opulent yacht, your vessel of elegance for the day. Glide through the sparkling waters, and as you gaze towards the horizon, the iconic cityscape unfurls before your eyes.Checkout the Dubai marina yacht tour price online and book in advance to get best offers and a fast track access.  Take a moment to marvel at the landmarks that define Dubai’s skyline – the majestic Palm Jumeirah, an architectural wonder crafted by human ingenuity, and the legendary Atlantis hotel that stands as a testament to lavish indulgence. It’s not just a yacht tour; it’s an immersive experience where you’ll bask in the opulence that Dubai Marina radiates, all while enjoying a unique vantage point of the city’s architectural splendor.

Dubai City Tour: Unveiling Urban Wonders

Discover the heart of Dubai through an exhilarating city tour. With the Dubai city tour package, immerse yourself in the city’s dynamic blend of tradition and modernity. Marvel at iconic landmarks like the towering Burj Khalifa and the luxurious Burj Al Arab. Delve into the past at the Al Fahidi Historic District and the Dubai Museum. Indulge in the vibrant atmosphere of the Dubai Souks and experience cultural richness at the Dubai Opera. This comprehensive tour ensures an unforgettable exploration of Dubai’s architectural wonders, cultural gems, and culinary delights, making it the ideal way to uncover the essence of this captivating city.

Abu Dhabi Desert Safari: Dunes and Culture

Escape into the mystique of the Arabian desert with the Abu Dhabi Desert Safari. As you embark on this exhilarating expedition, the undulating sand dunes become your playground, offering an adrenaline-fueled journey amidst awe-inspiring landscapes. Feel the surge of excitement as your vehicle navigates the dunes, a dance of adventure and nature that promises an unforgettable rush. But this safari is more than just adrenaline; it’s an immersion into Bedouin culture. At a desert camp, you’ll experience the warmth of Arabian hospitality. Embark on camel rides, a connection to the ancient roots of the land, and witness traditional dance performances that echo stories of ages past. As the sun sets, savor a sumptuous feast under the celestial canopy, where stars twinkle overhead. The Abu Dhabi Desert Safari is a tapestry woven with the threads of adventure and cultural discovery, a captivating blend that etches memories in the sands of time.

Sharjah Heritage Tour: Into the Past

Journey through the annals of time with the Sharjah Heritage Tour, an odyssey that invites you to delve into the rich tapestry of the UAE’s history. Sharjah, the cultural nucleus of the region, opens its doors to reveal a treasure trove of historical gems. The Sharjah Heritage Area is a portal to yesteryears, where restored buildings, bustling souks, and engaging museums paint a vivid picture of the emirate’s heritage. From the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization, where the whispers of history echo in every corner, to the Heart of Sharjah project, a living restoration of tradition, this tour is a walk through the footsteps of the past. It’s a journey that uncovers the roots of the UAE, transporting you into a world where history is not just remembered – it’s lived.

Al Ain Oasis Tour: Nature’s Tranquility

The Al Ain Oasis Tour invites you to escape the urban pulse and immerse yourself in the soothing embrace of nature. Al Ain, aptly named the Garden City, is an oasis of serenity amidst the modern hustle. Venture into the heart of this lush oasis, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where the ancient falaj irrigation system nurtures a verdant tapestry of date palm groves. Here, you’ll find a sanctuary that whispers tranquility and whispers stories of generations past. Explore the Al Ain National Museum, a portal to the region’s prehistoric chapters, where artifacts and relics weave tales of bygone eras. The Al Ain Oasis Tour is more than just a journey; it’s a sanctuary where nature’s beauty and the echoes of history converge to create a symphony of tranquility.

Fujairah East Coast Tour: Coastal Charms

Set forth on a voyage to the tranquil shores of the UAE’s east coast with the Fujairah East Coast Tour. This journey unveils the breathtaking beauty of the Hajar Mountains and the serene beaches of Fujairah. Ascend to the heights of the Hajar Mountains, where rocky landscapes and winding wadis await, a testament to the rugged allure of the region. Discover the Fujairah Fort, a bastion of history that offers panoramic vistas of the surrounding landscapes. Traverse to the quaint village of Al-Bidya, a haven of tradition that houses the Al-Bidya Mosque, the UAE’s oldest, where echoes of faith resonate through time. This tour unveils the natural grandeur and historical treasures of the east coast, a journey that’s both awe-inspiring and enriching.

Hatta Mountain Safari: Majestic Mountains

Embark on a rendezvous with the majestic Hajar Mountains through the Hatta Mountain Safari. Venture into a realm of untamed beauty, where rocky landscapes and ancient wadis converge to paint a picture of rugged allure. Explore the Hatta Heritage Village, a haven that preserves traditional mountain life and architecture. Here, every stone tells a story, and every corner resonates with the whispers of a bygone era. As the sun’s rays glisten upon the turquoise waters of the Hatta Dam, a serene oasis amidst the mountains, you’ll find respite from the journey’s thrills. The Hatta Mountain Safari is an exhilarating escapade into the UAE’s natural grandeur, a journey that’s both thrilling and tranquil.

Dubai Helicopter Tour: Aerial Splendor

Elevate your perspective to new heights with the Dubai Helicopter Tour. As you take to the skies, a panorama of iconic landmarks unfolds before your eyes. Witness the Palm Jumeirah, a man-made marvel that adorns the coastline like a jewel in the sea. Marvel at the Burj Khalifa, a pinnacle of architectural achievement that stands as a testament to human ambition. Traverse the sprawling cityscape, a symphony of lights and shadows, and take in the stunning coastline that kisses the Arabian Gulf. This tour provides a bird’s-eye view of Dubai’s urban landscape, a mesmerizing spectacle that captures the city’s splendor from an unprecedented angle.

Sir Bani Yas Island Safari: Wildlife Encounter

Immerse yourself in the wonders of nature with the Sir Bani Yas Island Safari. Discover the UAE’s rich biodiversity at Sir Bani Yas Island, a sanctuary that nurtures a wildlife reserve. Here, free-roaming animals, including the elegant Arabian Oryx and graceful giraffes, live in harmony with the land. Engage in nature walks and wildlife drives, where each step unveils the captivating tapestry of the island’s conservation efforts. It’s a chance to witness these majestic creatures in their natural habitat, a reminder of the delicate balance that exists between wildlife and the environment. The Sir Bani Yas Island Safari is not just an encounter; it’s a journey of respect, learning, and appreciation for the wonders of the animal kingdom.

Dubai Creek Dhow Cruise: Waterfront Charm

Embark on a journey into Dubai’s maritime heritage with the Dubai Creek Dhow Cruise. Aboard a traditional wooden dhow, sail along the historic Dubai Creek, a lifeline that has shaped the emirate’s narrative for centuries. As you traverse the tranquil waters, the city’s iconic skyline forms a backdrop that’s both enchanting and captivating. Take a moment to admire the modern architecture that adorns the waterfront, a juxtaposition of old and new that’s quintessentially Dubai. Indulge in a delectable dinner on board, a culinary symphony that mirrors the beauty of the surroundings. This tour is a serene and captivating evening on the waters, a journey that embraces the charm of Dubai’s maritime past and its present-day elegance.

Abu Dhabi, after Dubai, has emerged as one of the top destinations to visit in the UAE and has captured worldwide attention with its incredible attractions. The world’s first Ferrari Theme Park and the only Louvre Museum outside France are among the popular spots that are sure to entice you to visit Abu Dhabi.

These popular attractions in Abu Dhabi , however, can be very crowded. If you are looking for lesser-known yet amazing attractions, this list is for you. Check out these hidden gems in Abu Dhabi that offers a unique experience during your Abu Dhabi holiday.

Wadi Adventure

Jebel Hafeet in Abu Dhabi

Jebel Hafeet in Abu Dhabi

Check out the Middle East’s first white water rafting experience in Abu Dhabi! Nestled between Green Mubazzarah and Jebel Hafeet in Al Ain, this refreshing attraction features a sprawling man-made water channel that is perfect for activities like white water rafting, kayaking, surfing, and boating.

If you are up for a challenge, test your skills on Adventure Island, a floating obstacle course, or catch some waves in the fantastic wave pool. And if you just want to cool off, take a refreshing dip or swim. Wadi Adventure is still catching up with tourists and remains one of the hidden gems of Abu Dhabi offering a thrilling, refreshing day away from tourist crowds.

Reem Central Park

Reem Central Park, a Hidden Gem in Abu Dhabi

Reem Central Park

Looking for a spot to relax and unwind in Abu Dhabi? Reem Central Park is one of the hidden gems in Abu Dhabi that offers a unique oasis with a sweeping beachfront and a network of walkways and bridges that lead to it. Located near Saadiyat Islands on Al Reem Island, this park is perfect for a bike ride, or a simple evening stroll along the shores.

The manicured green lawns and contemporary art installations provide a great atmosphere for picnics or simply enjoying the scenic views. Reem Central Park also boasts an impressive collection of water features, including the Wadi Water Feature and Wow Factor Fountain, that is sure to mesmerize you. There is also a serene boating experience waiting for you at Reem Park Abu Dhabi.

Jubail Mangrove Park

al Jubail Mangrove from above

al Jubail Mangrove from above

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse yourself in the serene natural environment of Jubail Mangrove Park, located on Jubail Island in Abu Dhabi. Stroll through lush mangrove forests on sprawling boardwalks and spot birds and marine species, such as turtles, herons, and gazelles. The park acts as a protective barrier for the Abu Dhabi coastline, preserving a pristine environment for marine and wild animals.

However,  the park has a maximum capacity, and visitors may have to wait to gain entry into the park. Birdwatchers, nature enthusiasts, photographers, and couples seeking a romantic retreat will love the park’s ambience. Moreover, you can try mangrove kayaking Abu Dhabi experiences to explore the mangrove forest in a unique way. Jubail Mangrove Park offers a tranquil escape from the city, allowing you to connect with nature and discover a new realm that is just a 30-minute drive away from the busy streets of Abu Dhabi.

Al Ain Zoo

Al Ain Zoo

Al Ain Zoo

For those planning Abu Dhabi tours during their trip, don’t miss to include Al Ain Zoo. Located in the vast Shiab Al Ashkhar area of Al Ain, this wildlife attraction is home to over 4000 animals and serves as a sanctuary for endangered Middle Eastern species such as the Arabian Sand Cat and Dama Gazelle. The zoo offers plenty of exciting activities that visitors of all ages.

From the Lemur walks and Penguin parade to watching animal feeding sessions, animal rides, falcon and eagle shows, and even feeding the giraffes, there’s no shortage of fun things to do.Also, not only is a visit to Al Ain Zoo entertaining, but it is also educational.

You will learn about the different animals and the conservation efforts being made to protect them. So, make sure to add Al Ain Zoo to your list of must-visit destinations in Abu Dhabi!

Mamsha Al Saadiyat

Take advantage of this attraction which is one of the secret places in Abu Dhabi yet to catch the eye of tourists on a larger scale. Tucked away in the Cultural District near Saadiyat Island, this attraction offers stunning views of clear waters and sandy beaches at Soul Beach.

Plus, it is a great alternative to the often crowded Corniche in Abu Dhabi. Not only can you soak up the scenery, but you can also satisfy your hunger with a range of delicious food options. Whether you are in the mood for pizza, burgers, or international cuisine, there’s something for everyone. And if shopping is your thing, then this spot is also a hub for retail therapy.

Overall, Mamsha Al Saadiyat is the perfect spot to relax and escape the hustle and bustle of Abu Dhabi. Whether you are looking to shop, dine, or just unwind, this attraction is definitely worth a visit.

Heritage Village

Abu Dhabi Heritage Village

Abu Dhabi Heritage Village

Another gorgeous spot to visit in Abu Dhabi is the Heritage Village. Located on Corniche Breakwater Road near New Marina Mall, this spot is a beautiful recreation of traditional villages from Abu Dhabi’s past. The atmosphere is rustic and relaxed, providing a sharp contrast to the sleek modern architecture found elsewhere in the city.

Here, you can gain an understanding of the traditional desert way of life through the fully constructed houses, alleyways, and marketplaces made from simple materials and hues. Don’t forget to browse the souvenir and spice shops before you leave this one-of-a-kind attraction. Come visit and take a step back in time while in Abu Dhabi- it would be one of the most memorable moments of your Abu Dhabi trip.

Hidden Gems in Abu Dhabi – Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, Abu Dhabi is a historically rich emirate with a vibrant culture and diverse attractions waiting to be explored. While many tourists visit popular landmarks and tourist hotspots, there are plenty of hidden gems in Abu Dhabi waiting to be discovered by those who are willing to venture off the beaten path.

From serene mangrove forests to stunning off-beat adventures, Abu Dhabi offers visitors unique and authentic experiences. So, next time you find yourself in Abu Dhabi, be sure to take the time to explore some of these places and discover the hidden beauty of this remarkable city.

Dubai is the land of numerous adventures. It is thrilling to be at a place with so many fun things to do. This is the reason why Dubai is visited by several tourists all year. It is a destination where everyone has their purpose for the visit. There are various options to enjoy your vacation with a family, group of friends or solo. You are bound to take back superb memories from this trip.

The city is renowned for its tall, towering skyscrapers that have broken many records. This affluent emirate of the UAE has many more thrilling and adventurous places other than the well-known magnificent structures. They are in form of the theme parks that attract visitors on their trips to Dubai.

Find all you need to know about great, exciting theme park visits in Dubai as you read along.

Meet the Superheroes of Entertainment at IMG Worlds of Adventure

IMG Worlds of Adventure-  One of its kind, the IMG Worlds of Adventure is an indoor theme park in Dubai. It is unique in many ways. It is an amazing experience here that offers a blend of imagination and adventure. Spread over an area of 1.5 million square feet, it is a sprawling arena with full action-packed rides with popular superheroes.

The IMG Worlds of Adventure is divided into 5 Epic Zones. They are namely, the IMG Boulevard, Marvel, Cartoon Network, Novo Cinemas and the Lost Valley. The excitement builds up as you venture into each of these zones and take up the fast-paced rides and roller coasters. The other themed attractions here are the Cartoon Network heroes, Marvel characters and animatronic dinosaurs of the Lost Valley.

All the rides are named after the heroes theme. Some of them are Spider-Man’s Dr Oks’s revenge at Marvel zone that spins you around, Thor’s Thunder Spin, Cartoon Network’s Power Puf Girl’s Mojo Jojo ride, and the Gumball ride among others. There is more to discover in the Lost Valley with the ancient dinosaurs and close your eyes tight when you confront the spookiness of the Haunted Hotel.

At IMG Boulevard, the retail experience here is an out-of-the-world scenario. There is exciting merchandise related to these Epic zone themes. Spend a whole exciting day at the IMG Worlds of Adventure which is a complete family entertainer.

Garden Glow Dubai: A park with a difference

Just a portion of the many displays at Garden Glow in Dubai

Just a portion of the many displays at Garden Glow in Dubai

Garden Glow Dubai- This is another must-see attraction for all family visitors. The Garden Glow Dubai is beautiful, colourful and dazzling. By the day it is a great place to see experimental art creatively done with all recycled materials. The decorations and creativity levels have touched new heights here. The eco-friendly theme is maintained throughout. After sunset, this very place dazzles with numerous hand-made LED lights in all colours that awaken a world of imagination. Garden Glow Dubai has all the exhibits radiating colourful lights that highlight the huge-sized artworks all over.

It is an amazing park to visit with kids. The fun begins as kids see the animatronic dinosaurs chase them out of the blue. It is one of the biggest dinosaur parks in the world. Here, one can gain a little more knowledge about these prehistoric creatures that roamed the Earth once upon a time.

Immerse yourself in the Atlatis Aquaventure waterpark fun

Aquaventure waterpark- When you are in Dubai, a visit to Palm Jumeriah is a must. Devote a full day in the Aqaventure waterpark at the Atlantis here. Fun and frolic are what you will experience at this place. Wholesome family entertainment here comprises 105 rides, a kids’ splash area and a private beach about a 1 km stretch. Zoom through the winding slides and crash land on the water, cross wild rapids and have fun together on a boat. Aquaventure theme park is a wonderful place to spend a day with so much to soak in.

Explore the world of Legos at Legoland Dubai

Legoland Theme Park in Dubai

Legoland Theme Park in Dubai

Legoland- An amazing theme park in the heart of Dubai, Legoland is mesmerizing. It is a great destination for a family visit where kids aged between 2 and 12 years. Spread over 3 million square feet area, this park is an example showcasing the skill of building anything with lego bricks. There are about 40 rides of all types that kids enjoy the best. Spend a great time here exploring the 6 zones within Legoland, Adventure, Imagination, Lego City, Miniland and Kingdom.

Enjoy some water rides here with Twist N’ Spin, Wave Riders and Twin Chasers. Take a tour of the Factory to know more about how lego bricks are manufactured. Enjoy the Miniland light show and feel the child-like thrill again.

Feel the winter in a desertland at Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai- Experience the snow right in the middle of a desert! This wonderful adventure is awaiting you at Ski Dubai. This indoor entertainment facility is a crowd-puller in Dubai. Dig into the snow, play around throwing snowballs or take to skiing on the man-made turf, Ski Dubai will fulfil you with fun and joy. Take to the thrilling highs and lows as you ski around this 3000 square meters snow park. Zipline at sub-zero temperatures, and go on amazing rides on snow that add a further bout of fun and thrill.

Live the cinematic experience at Motiongate Dubai

The magical entrance of Motiongate, Dubai

The magical entrance of Motiongate, Dubai

Motiongate Dubai- This is all about cinema and Hollywood right here in Dubai. This is one more cinema-themed park that offers 30 rides named after Hollywood blockbusters. Motiongate has many thrills to showcase in form of rides and roller coasters. It has three zones named after famed film studios in Hollywood. They are Lionsgate, Columbia Pictures and Dreamworks. All of them have specific cinema-based rides. The Hunger Games, Shrek and Ghostbusters are some of them. Experience the ultimate thrill with the world’s fastest single-car twisting rollercoaster ride at Lionsgate.

Dubai has many more theme parks that make a family vacation memorable to the core. There is thrill and adventure of every kind awaiting a visitor here. Make the most of your vacation here.


The United Arab Emirates should be on every traveler’s must-see list due to its tall structures, luxurious hotels, luxury retail malls, and breathtaking beachfront. Some of the best hotels and resorts in the world may be found in the UAE, which is a wonderful historical gallery. This area draws tourists in addition to these sky-touching structures with the help of its mosques, galleries, and—most considerably artificial islands.

While everyone looks forward to visiting and experiencing this “exclusive holiday location,” if you look into its parks, oceans, and deserts in more depth, you will be enchanted by its lovable nature, rich history, and distinct culture. The Burj Khalifa, the Sharjah Heritage Museum, the Fujairah Fort, and the Al Ain Oasis are just a few places where you can witness hidden gems in the UAE. This nation has a thrillingly adventurous side, but it’s also great for a holiday, a family vacation, or even a getaway with friends.

The best Things to Do in Abu Dhabi like kayaking, hiking, zip lining, and mountain biking are among the sports available in the mountains, deserts, and seas. The gulf, which is home to a diverse array of marine life, and nature reserves provide you the chance to witness some rare kinds of plants, animals, and birds, respectively.

1. Jebel Ali

An unusual hidden gem in the UAE is Jebel Ali. It is a port that is situated outside of Dubai, making it ideal for people who want to enjoy both this port and Dubai. You may cycle, drive, or even hike to the top of Jebel Hafeet, the second-highest peak in the UAE, where you can see the lush vegetation in all its splendour. This location in Al Ain gives you a view of both the Omani border and the vastness of Al Ain. You may also visit the nearby museums, forts, and tombs while you’re here, so it’s not only a panoramic view you’ll be getting from this free access location.

You can go there whenever you want because it is open all day. There are other nearby attractions, including Bollywood Parks and Legoland. In addition to them, Jebel Ali Beach is one of the most unique locations in the United Arab Emirates and offers a peaceful experience and loads of Indoor Activities in Dubai.

2. Umm al-Quwain

The nicest gardens and water parks, a lovely shoreline, and a range of museums and other cultural events can all be found in Umm al-Quwain, a small coastal town in the United Arab Emirates. One of the top destinations in the UAE for family travel, make sure to check out Dreamland Aqua Park and UAQ National Museum while you’re here.

3. Sir Bani Yas

Panoramic view of Sir Bani Yas Island

Panoramic view of Sir Bani Yas Island

The largest uninhabited island in the United Arab Emirates is known as Sir Bani Yas. It was formerly one of the best natural reserves in Arabia and continues to be a haven for a wide range of plants and animals today. Here, you may go on safaris, animal viewing excursions, bird watching excursions, mountain biking excursions, snorkelling excursions, and kayaking excursions.

4. Kalba

Explore the waterfront at Kalba, a hidden gem in the UAE

Explore the waterfront at Kalba

This small town offers a serene shoreline, melodious creeks that trickle, and a wide area of mangroves. It’s one of the best hidden gems in the UAE to observe wildlife. Many bird species use the lesser-known paradise of Kalba as a nesting and migration habitat. You may readily recognise a white-collared kingfisher here, so keep an eye out for one.

5. Ajman

Ajman, which is among the best destinations to visit in the UAE at night, provides a more laid-back atmosphere than Abu Dhabi and Dubai. It’s a hidden gem compared to the larger bustling cities. After a day of sightseeing, coffee shops, shopping centres, and multicuisine restaurants provide the ideal setting for relaxing.

6. Zabeel Park

Dubai's Zabeel Park - a quiet oasis and hidden gem in the UAE

Dubai’s Zabeel Park – a quiet oasis and hidden gem in the UAE

One of the best leisure areas Dubai has to offer is Zabeel Park. It is lushly green and close to the city centre, making it accessible to those who are unsure of the roads or instructions. It is located adjacent to the Jafiliya Metro Station. Come on a hot weekend and splash around in the waters to cool off.

The park features a playground, an amphitheatre, and barbecue areas. So bring some meat to grill, let the kids play on the playground, and take in the atmosphere of the amphitheatre. While you’re here, you may also visit the Dubai Garden Glow, which is close by.

7. Abra Ride

Going to Dubai means you’ll always be searching for some shade or a cool area to hang out because it’s a place that is always hot. Get aboard the Abra Ride at Bur Dubai if you want to beat the heat. It’s a simpler method of cooling off without having to travel very far to the beaches. It’s one of our favorite hidden gems in the UAE.

8. Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood

Explore the historical district of Al Fahadi in Dubai, a hidden gem in the UAE

Explore the historical district of Al Fahadi in Dubai

You may get a feel for the ancient Dubai as you stroll through these streets. It is directly across from the metro station at Bur Dubai. Although Al Fahidi still retains its iconic 20th-century architecture, the way that life is conducted there intensifies the feeling that one has been transported to a completely different era. You’ll discover that the community is still at the centre of life here. There is no admission charge and it is always accessible, but be sure to attend when you will have time to tour the adjacent museums and stores.

9. Hatta Pools

If you’ve ever wanted to be surrounded by pristine, lush nature, come here. The Hatta Pools, which are located in Hatta, can be visited at no cost at all. You’ll need to rent a car to get here, but the trek is well worth it for what you’ll get in return, and you’ll be more off the beaten path. The gritstone outcroppings are surrounded by emerald-green water that is immaculately pristine. Learn about the vibrant, well-preserved culture. If you want to learn more about Hatta, there is a heritage village along the path. Always keep a copy of your Emirates ID and other forms of identification on hand.

10. Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum’s House

Due to the fact that it was formerly the residence of a past ruler of Dubai, this location will enable you to gain an in-depth understanding of Dubai’s history. Al Shindaga is where you may find this magnificent collection of artefacts because the house has been turned into a museum. However, unlike other museums, the remodelling hasn’t rendered the location sterile; rather, it has preserved its old-world charm. It’s more off the beaten path making it a beautiful hidden gem in the UAE.

People travel for many different reasons. Some consider it a chance to relax, while many think it’s a good means to “escape” their busy lives. Others visit foreign places for self-discovery or to cultivate interpersonal relationships.

Statistics show that many people choose Abu Dhabi as a travel destination, regardless of the goals they set out for their trips. In 2019 alone, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) capital welcomed roughly 11.35 million visitors – a 10.5% increase from the previous year.

If you’re planning an excursion to Abu Dhabi to enrich your life, consider these top three most popular destinations in Abu Dhabi.

1. Qasr Al Watan

The stunning and extravagant Qasr Al Watan in Abu Dhabi

The stunning and extravagant Qasr Al Watan in Abu Dhabi

Opened to the public in March 2019, Qasr Al Watan is the official presidential palace of the United Arab Emirates. While still serving its official purpose, the palace now welcomes hundreds of visitors to its 380,000-acre grounds almost every day and is one of the best cultural destinations in Abu Dhabi.

The Palace of the Nation’s magnificent architecture is one of the primary reasons people go there. However, the place is more than just a tourist spot. The building also serves as the venue for the Council of Ministers and Federal Supreme Council meetings, and several other historic conventions with foreign leaders.

What to See

An Abu Dhabi palace booking grants you access to some of Qasr Al Watan’s most culturally enriching areas, such as:

  • The Great Hall: This 10,000-square-meter (107,639 square-foot) space made of marble and gold is one of the best spots in the palace. The details in its design, enhanced by complex geometric textures, made The Great Hall a breathtaking scene every visitor would want to enjoy.
  • Presidential Gifts: This showcases the diplomatic gifts the UAE received in the past decades. Besides the aesthetic value of the displays, the exhibition also offers insight into the process and cultural considerations in diplomatic gift selection.
  • House of Knowledge: Located in the east wing of the presidential palace, this area holds some of the nation’s rarest artifacts, manuscripts, and books, including religious texts from the Bible and the Quran. This is also where you’ll find a collection of the ancient geographic maps of the Arabic region.
  • Qasr Al Watan Library: Home to more than 50,000 books documenting the culture and history of the country, the Qasr Al Watan Library’s goal is to share and preserve centuries-worth of Arabian knowledge. Because of this, it is considered one of the most important libraries in the UAE.

Besides what’s inside the palace, you can also get the chance to witness the Palace in Motion. This captivating nighttime show lights up the place for 15 minutes in the evening, from Thursday to Saturday.

How to Get To Qasr Al Watan

Qasr Al Watan is located in Ras al Akhdar, commonly referred to as the West Corniche.

From the main Corniche, walk to the end of the beach road. Pass the Founders Memorial, with the Emirates Palace and Etihad Towers on your right and left, respectively.

As you reach the end of the road, you’ll see a grand entrance reserved only for VIPs. Go to the smaller door on the right side of the gate where you’ll be directed to visitor parking. Present your tickets and ride a shuttle to the palace grounds.

You can visit Qasr Al Watan between 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily but always check for announcements on the schedule because the place is closed when used for official business.

2. The Corniche

Walk along the Corniche and take in the skyline of Abu Dhabi

Walk along the Corniche and take in the skyline of Abu Dhabi

Considered one of the most popular destinations in Abu Dhabi, The Corniche is a road extending across eight kilometers of a carefully manicured waterfront.

Running along the northwestern coast of the UAE capital, it has various areas designated for different activities, including:

  • Cycle and pedestrian pathways
  • Children’s play areas
  • Restaurants and cafés
  • The Corniche Beach

The Corniche is an ideal destination for families and becomes quite busy during the winter months.

What to See

The Corniche is accessible to guests all day long. However, the beach is only open from 6 a.m. until sunset.

If you decide to visit the two-kilometer beach, choose the perfect spot for you among the three sections it’s divided into:

  • Gate 4: This free-entry area is most popular among individuals and larger groups.
  • Gate 2: Fenced and equipped with a quiet zone, this area is the best spot for families and children. You’ll also find changing rooms and showers here, along with cabanas, sun loungers, and umbrellas for rent.
  • Gate 3: Like Gate 2, this part of the beach is shielded from view and has access to the beach amenities mentioned earlier. It is an excellent choice for children and families and has an on-duty lifeguard until sundown.

How to get to The Corniche

You can get to The Corniche from anywhere in Abu Dhabi, but Al Bateen, Al Khalidiya, and Al Zahiyah (the tourist club area) are the nearest places to it.

On a car, input F8FR+93 Abu Dhabi on your virtual map or navigation system to get directions. You can also take a bus on the following routes:

  • 101
  • 104
  • 110
  • 120
  • 40
  • 400
  • 54
  • 63

3. The Louvre Abu Dhabi

The Louvre Abu Dhabi with it's unique architecture

The Louvre Abu Dhabi with it’s unique architecture

The Louvre Abu Dhabi exhibits a whopping 600 artworks within its light-filled modern architecture – a true haven for art enthusiasts. The first Louvre outside France, the structure itself is designed to work in perfect harmony with the desert surroundings, making it a popular destination for Abu Dhabi travelers with an eye for beauty.

What to See

Situated in the Saadiyat Island Cultural District, the Louvre leaves onlookers in awe with just a glance, thanks to its unique architecture and placement.

Designed as a “museum city” by the sea, Louvre Abu Dhabi was inspired by low-lying Arab settlements and the Medina and is made more special with a modern touch.

Besides the structure itself, you’ll also find various exhibitions and galleries that can make your tour of Abu Dhabi more enriching. These are carefully curated and placed in three wings in the Louvre:

  • Wing 1: Composed of three galleries, this wing houses artwork and artifacts from early human civilizations. It is also home to some masterpieces from ancient empires in Arabia, China, and Africa.
  • Wing 2: This is where you’ll find pieces from universal religions worldwide. This wing also features various masterpieces reflecting Asian trade routes used throughout history.
  • Wing 3: Unlike the first two wings with three galleries, this area has four, each showcasing inspiring pieces from various periods, including the ancient Chinese, Napoleon, and Columbus eras. It also has several items from famous trade routes people used globally.

How to Get To The Louvre Abu Dhabi

The Louvre Abu Dhabi is open between 10 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. from Tuesday through Sunday. You can reach the museum through the following:

  • By car: From Dubai, take the Yas Island/ Saadiyat Island exit to Sheikh Khalifa Highway E12. Drive along Yas Highway until you reach the Cultural District on Saadiyat Island, following road signs to Louvre Abu Dhabi.
  • By bus: Take the public bus bound for route 94.

Explore More Destinations in Abu Dhabi

There’s a lot of things to do in Abu Dhabi. Besides the cultural destinations mentioned here, you can also try indoor wall climbing and other adventurous activities that offer enrichment beyond a temporary escape from a busy life. Explore more and have the best vacation today in the UAE capital.