All foreign visitors to Senegal require a valid passport and evidence of a return ticket. Visitors who are EU or US nationals do not require a visa for a tourist visit of up to 90 days. For visits with any other purpose or for longer visits you should contact the nearest local Senegal Consulate for details of the appropriate visa and the application requirements.


All visa and immigration related enquiries should be directed towards the Embassy of the Republic of Senegal:

Embassy of the Republic of Senegal 
39 Marloes Rd. 
Tel: (020) 7 938 4048 
Fax: (020) 7 938 2546

If you require UK representation while you are abroad you should contact the British Embassy:

British Embassy 
20 Rue du Docteur Guillet 
(Boite Postale 6025) 
Tel: + [221] 823 7392 
Fax: + [221] 823 2766