There are many different bus services operating throughout Europe. Buses offer a cheap way to travel from place to place and can allow you to cover large distances easily. Many bus services offer you an increased level of security by picking up and dropping off passengers directly from youth hostels. This can allow you to avoid bus stations, which at night can sometimes be quite dangerous places. This also means that if the bus stops in a city you want to see you can just jump off and you are already at a hostel and if you don’t you can just stay on the bus and wait for it to move on.

In order to ensure that you get on the coach you want some websites run online reservation systems, some operators even have laptops available to their tour guides for booking further journeys while you are travelling.

Most countries operate their own bus systems but Eurolines offers a Greyhound style point-to-point express service. Eurolines operate into and out of bus and train stations and wont stop at a hostel.

Useful Links

  • Eurolines is a Greyhound style point-to-point express service.
  • Busabout is a hop on, hop off bus operator that also provides deals on accommodation