Hostels in Dalsland, Sweden

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Direct contact information for hostels in Dalsland, Sweden:


Åmål STF Youth Hostel
Gerdinsgatan 7, 662 37 Åmål
Tel : (0532) 102 05


Bengtsfors STF Youth Hostel
Gammelgården, 666 31 Bengtsforstel/
Tel : (0531) 610 75
Fax : (0531) 610 75
Website :

Dals Rostock

Kroppefjälls Recreation Centre
Kroppefjälls Fritidscenter, 464 91 Dals Rostock
Tel : (0530) 203 60
Fax : (0530) 203 45
Website :


Ed STF Youth Hostel
Strömstadsvägen 18, 668 31 Ed
Tel : (0534) 101 91
Fax : (0534) 105 50


Färgelanda STF Youth Hostel
Dagsholm, 458 92 Färgelanda
Tel : (0528) 199 90
Fax : (0528) 199 99


Håverud STF Youth Hostel
Museivägen 3, 464 72 Håverud
Tel : (0530) 302 75
Fax : (0530) 309 66

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