The website helps us to make our trip the best. A lot of information. Thanks to this website our trip to Stockholm was easy, informative, full of impressions and pleasant. We chose a right hostel-Lodge32 in a right place close to everything in the walking distance. Thank you the-backpacking-site!

Posted by Tim Loumena, 14th January 2015

Fantastic website, I have just recently caught the travelling bug and found this site really useful as a start, for useful information on backpacking etc. I am planning a 6-9 month trip around the world and this site has provided me with some easy understandable information. Thank you!

Posted by David Smith, 25th June 2009

Very informative and a pleasure to browse through. Well done!

Posted by Monica, 04th March 2009

This website has been invaluable for my initial research for planning a trip!! It’s clear, concise and has got me really excited to start planning my trip!! Thank you very much!!!!

Posted by Nikki Ludeke, 30th January 2008