Most who go travelling will either have saved up enough to fund their time abroad, or hope to do so whilst away. Plans to work in restaurants, bars, ski resorts etc. in the USA this may sound flexible and readily available, but such casual work is in fact illegal without an h3-B Temporary Worker Visa, a B-1 Voluntary Work Visa, or a Q Visa, which can involve a long application process. Despite these restrictions many people still choose to work illegally in the USA, which can lead to deportation and possible refusal of return to the country. A �safer� option is to find a job through an agency or organisation.

Here at the backpacking site we have pages of information to help you find temporary work in the USA in a variety of different fields as well as advice on obtaining the relevant paperwork. Simply select one of the options from the links below or from our navigation menu in the panel to the right to get started right away!

  • BUNAC : Information of BUNAC and other camp based organisations
  • Au Pair: Information for those wanting to become an au pair in the USA
  • Internships : Information on internships in the USA
  • Voluntary Programs : Information on voluntary programs in America