BUNAC (British Universities North America Club) and Camp America are probably the most publicised job organisations for gap year students. BUNAC offers opportunities working with children on a summer camp in the USA, for example as a counsellor. Camp America is similar in offering placements during summer months for teaching, cooking, and cleaning etc. in a children�s summer resort. Both organisations provide flights, food, accommodation, and spending money. The total cost of registration, insurance, and visa fees with BUNAC amounts to just over �200, but working for up to nine weeks with them can earn you a minimum of $670 (approx. �425).

You should be aware however that BUNAC has considerable demand for places in Summer Camps, there is particularly a lot of competition for the counsellor places which are slightly higher paid and lead to a position of greater responsibility. In addition the application procedure is lengthy and involves several stages of training and interviews.

It is worth noting that whilst BUNAC provide assistance for arranging visas they are not always able to obtain them on their own, for instance to take part in an American camp you will be required to collect your visa from the embassy in London in person. It is also worth noting that whilst BUNAC is a great way to see America cheaply you will be working too. However if you act responsibly and take the work serioiusly you will be able to have fun and most BUNAC participants spend a couple of weeks at the end of their work doing their own thing and enjoying the tourist life in America.

Useful Links

BUNAC has been established for over 40 years and is one of the most popular ways for students and young people to earn their way whilst visiting America.

Camp America is a similar organisation to BUNAC that runs over 12,000 camps throughout America

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