A visa is required for UK nationals staying in Turkey for up to three months, which can be bought at the airport or border crossing. Those intending to stay for longer than three months will need to apply for a residency permit (ikamet tezkeresi), which entitles a one to two-year stay. A residency permit and work permit (�alisma vizesi), which can be obtained from the Turkish Embassy, should be taken to the tourist police (yabancilar polisi) once in Turkey to enable you to receive a ‘pinkbook’, needed for when you begin work. The best place to start looking for work in Turkey is Istanbul, considered the centre for wealth in comparison to the rest of the country.


Turkish families look less for au pairs who are required to perform domestic tasks: more often nannies, who are just concerned with the care of children, are employed. Agencies recruiting for Turkish families usually look for English-speaking women; tutoring the children in English is a typical duty. Some nannying positions in Turkey pay up to �125 per week, but it is important to remember that this will be less after tax deductions. As with most au pair and nanny jobs board and bed is provided. Nannies for Turkish families will also be required to pay their own health insurance. A number of au pair and nanny recruitment agencies operate in Turkey, including Anglo Nannies, the Anglo Pair Agency, and The Solihull Au Pair & Nanny Agency, see below for contact details.

Teaching English

As English increasingly becomes seen as an important and influential language to learn, the demand for teachers can only increase. However, private language teaching is illegal in Turkey and so it is necessary to look for jobs in secondary schools and language institutions. To secure such a job, and indeed a work permit, the TEFL qualification is essential. Visit the TEFL website for information about joining a course. Given the restrictions and requirements on this type of work, it is probably less suited to someone looking for more casual employment to combine with their travelling experience, but nevertheless it remains a possibility.


Genctur is a company that runs children’s summer camps. Job opportunities on the camps consist of teaching English to the children for seven hours a day. Pocket money is provided, but the amount depends on your experience. This type of work includes free accommodation and meals and thus perhaps a sense of security. Ottoman & Ottoman organises wildlife conservation schemes linked to university science projects. Volunteers will also be provided with accommodation, but this can be as basic as a tent and you are expected to pay for your own food. Further volunteering opportunities can be found with the Church Mission Society (CMS), which places volunteers in six to eighteen month church-run projects in foreign countries, including Turkey. The CMS claims their mission is to “spread the Gospel to every part of the world”, visit their website for more details.

Useful Links

  • Anglo Nannies is a leading au pair agency.
  • Anglopair is another well respected au pairing agency.
  • The Solihull Au Pair & Nanny Agency are two leading European au pair agencies.
  • TEFL gives jobs teaching english abroad.
  • Genctur organises workcamps in Turkey and at other select international locations.
  • CMS is a mission agency working in partnership with churches in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Europe.