As is the case with a lot of Asian countries, work opportunities are difficult to come by in Thailand due to the weakness of the economy. Most chances of work will be found in teaching English, or volunteering. A work permit is needed to legally find employment, and will require renewal out of the country every three months. If you find work as a teacher in a school, a letter from the institution can often gain you a non-immigrant Visa, allowing you to work.

Teaching English

Most opportunities for teaching English as a foreign language will be found in the main cities, Bangkok, and Chiang Mai, for example. Check the Bangkok Post for vacancies, or contact schools and institutions listed in the Yellow Pages. Training to receive the TEFL qualification before you leave the UK can often put you at an advantage but is not essential for work in Thailand. Alternatively, some people try freelance work and advertise as private tutors in the local media. Tutors can expect to receive upwards from 150 baht (approx. �2.27) per hour.


Most volunteer projects remain in the field of teaching but some organisations offer opportunities in social work and practical community programmes.

Project Trust

The main focus of the Project Trust’s programmes in Thailand is teaching English in schools. There are currently chances to work in Nabokhumwittayakom School, Sriyapai School, and Mae Sai Prasitthisak School, amongst others. Volunteers must be aged between 17 and 19 and a half years old and are expected to raise �3850 themselves to fund their project, this includes all expenses for living costs, travel, donations etc.


Volunteers work in groups with children and communities in a number of countries throughout the world. Projects last for up to three weeks, in the summer months. All volunteers are supplied with food and accommodation and are required to pay a fee of �75 to register with Concordia.


Crusoe is a Christian organisation arranging overseas four week placements for teams to visit and work in developing countries. Volunteers are expected to pay for their own travel etc. which can amount to more than �1000.

World Exchange, Scottish Churches

Volunteers with the organisation are sent on twelve month projects abroad, including Thailand, to work on projects set up by associate churches. You will receive free accommodation and be given pocket money, but are required to fund your own travel and insurance etc.

GAP Activity Projects Ltd

GAP arranges volunteer programmes specifically aimed at gap year students. In Thailand volunteers are usually sent to primary schools to assist in teaching English. Projects last about five months, and begin in either May or November. Currently there are opportunities to help teach English in schools in Chiang Mai, Nan, and Samut Songkhram. GAP provides accommodation and pocket money but volunteers are expected to pay an initial registration fee.

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