All visitors to Taiwan must have a valid passport for the duration of their stay as well as proof of a return ticket. Visas are not required by US and EU nationals except nationals of Denmark, Finland and Ireland who do require visas. Ellegible EU and US nationals may stay without a visa for up to 14 days, this period can not be extended so stays of a longer duration require a visa. Visas can be obtained from your local Taipei Representative Office and cost �25 for a single entry visa or �50 for a multiple entry visa.


There is no Embassy in the UK so all visa related enquiries should be directed to the Taipei Representative Office:

Taipei Representative Office 
50 Grosvenor Gardens 
Tel: (020) 7 396 9152 

The British government does not currently recognise Taiwan as a state and there are therefore no diplomatic relations with it. Visitors who need consular advice should contact the British Embassy in China. There are however unofficial British commercial and cultural offices which may be able to help with some enquiries:

British Trade and Cultural Office
26 Floor - President International Tower 
No. 9-11, Song Gao Road 
Xin Yi District
Taipei 11073 
Tel: 00 886 2 8758 2088 
Fax: 00 886 2 8758 2050 

Local tourist information is dispensed by the Taiwan Visitors Association:

Taiwan Visitors Association 
5th Floor 
9 Minchuan East Road 
Section 2 
Tel: (2) 594 3261. Fax: (2) 594 3265 

Many hotels in Taiwan belong to the International Tourist Hotel Association of Taipei:

International Tourist Hotel Association of Taipei 
Eighth Floor-1 
369 Fu Hsin N Road 
Tel: (2) 2717 2155 
Fax: (2) 2717 2453