For a stay of longer than three months, EU nationals must get a residence permit (uppeh�llstillst�nd). To obtain a permit you will first need to show proof of employment, a passport and photos, and a SIV 1040.U form. Non-EU nationals may experience endless problems with obtaining a permit because of the reluctance with which they are given out.

Seasonal Work

In large tourist areas such as Stockholm check hotels, bars, and restaurants for vacancies in kitchen staff, cleaning, waitressing etc. Most jobs are found by enquiring in person. If working in a city doesn’t appeal to you, try seaside resorts, particularly along the coast between Malm� and G�teborg. Wages for casual seasonal work are often low; many Swedish nationals are reluctant to take these jobs and so employers find many foreign travellers wanting to earn money, whatever the rate.

Au Pairing

Avalon Au-Pairs and Childcare International Ltd are two agencies that have links with au pair vacancies in Sweden. With both companies you can expect to earn about �40 per week, and to work 6 days each week. Most au pair positions require you to look after the children as well as performing general domestic duties. Childcare International Ltd can provide placements for up to three months in the summer, and six months or more throughout the rest of the year. As with most agencies, you will be expected to fund your own travel expenses and often a registration fee is charged, but given the nature of the job you will be provided with accommodation and food by your host family.

Agricultural Work

For casual seasonal work, Sk�ne in the south of Sweden is a good place to start looking for crop-picking jobs. As with most work of this kind you should not expect to earn a lot even though it is often difficult and intensive in its nature. The Young Farmers’ Clubs International Farm Experience Programme offers positions on farms in Sweden. Projects last between three and twelve months and you are paid for the work that you do, which will usually compensate you for funding your own travel. To join a programme you must be aged between 18 and 28 and have at least two years’ experience in the agricultural industry.


For work of up to one year, Camphill Communities offers placements to volunteers on their workcamps around the world. Work involves assisting in the running of community centres for adults with special needs, and further education centres. For a 6-day working week you can expect to receive pocket money of about �29, as well as free accommodation and food. Staffansg�rden, near Stockholm, is one of Sweden’s Camphill communities working with handicapped children. Placements here last between six and twelve months and work includes cooking, farmwork, and woodwork activities. As well as working you will be expected to participate in language classes.

The International Voluntary Service (IVS) offers a range of opportunities for volunteering abroad. Short-term ‘workcamps’ are set up to focus on a community issue, which may include work with those with special needs, the elderly, or environmental conservation projects. Most workcamps are organised for summer months and last only a few weeks, during which time you will be provided with food and accommodation. You must pay a membership fee of �15 to IVS.

Useful addresses

  • National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs
  • The International Farm Experience Programme
  • YFC Centre
  • National Agricultural Centre
  • Stoneleigh Park
  • Kenilworth
  • Warwickshire CV8 2LG

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