As a developing country Sri Lanka will be difficult to find work to fund your travels. There may be some opportunities for teaching English in schools, but most people who go with this purpose do so as volunteers and a vast number of volunteer organisations exist to place people on such projects. Below are listed just a few of these organisations, most placements are very similar in content, but different organisations arrange projects in different areas and for varying lengths of time.

Project Trust

The Project Trust sends volunteers to Sri Lanka to work not only on teaching projects but also in Islamic centres and on a temple project in Hangaramketha. Programmes usually last for twelve months. Volunteers must be aged between 17 and 19 and a half years old and are expected to raise �3850 themselves to fund their project, this includes all expenses for living costs, travel, donations etc.


Also offering something a bit different to teaching, i-to-i has placements in the local media in Sri Lanka. There are opportunities to work on one of two of Colombo’s daily newspapers as researchers, writers, and in editing. Accommodation in flats is provided and you will usually be given a budget for food. Nevertheless, i-to-i does also arrange teaching projects for those more interested in this type of work. Volunteers are expected to fund their own travel and insurance etc. Costs are usually around �1295 for projects lasting up to eight weeks, and �1395 for nine to twelve week placements.

Travellers Worldwide

Travellers Worldwide arranges volunteer placements for conservational work in Sri Lanka. Those wanting to take part in the conservation project will work in Colombo Zoo to help improve the living conditions for the animals there. Work here involves cleaning out animal cages, feeding primates, conducting behavioural observation, caring for sick animals, and maintaining the animal environments. Volunteers can also work at the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, or combine the two animal-care projects. Accommodation is provided alongside other volunteers in Travellers houses. Conservational placements can cost up to �1845 (based on the combined placement of one month at Colombo Zoo and one month at Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage), excluding travel.

Teaching and Projects Abroad

Teaching and Projects Abroad run one month or more long programmes where volunteers spend eighteen hours each week teaching English to schoolchildren, taking part in animal care, or even work in the local media. Accommodation is provided either with host families, or living with other teachers in local hostels.

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