EU nationals need only a passport to enter and stay in Poland for up to 90 days. If you intend to work you will need to contact the Polish Embassy before leaving the UK to obtain a work visa. You will need proof of employment in Poland and will be issued a residence visa, which along with the work visa can get you a proper work permit once in Poland.

Teaching English

Poland is popular for those wanting to teach English as a foreign language. Jobs in major cities, as with other countries, may be particularly competitive and training for a TEFL qualification beforehand can gain you a lot of credit, and usually a greater chance of success.

English teachers are needed all over the country, not only in the major cities. Most work can be found in schools so it is worth asking around and checking local newspapers for vacancies. Alternatively, try organisations such as Berlitz who have language centres around the world and employ English instructors in various countries, including Poland. The Espero Language Centre in Poland offers placements to volunteers wanting to teach English in their centres. No money is given to workers, but accommodation and food is provided: volunteers live with a host family.

GAP Activity Projects Ltd.

GAP run projects across the world for placements of up to eleven months. Volunteers are expected to pay for insurance and registration fees, but are provided with accommodation, food, and pocket money. In Poland there are opportunities for working as English language teachers, and also in schools for children with special needs. The schools are mainly situated in Laski, Krakow, and Poznan. Placements in Poland start in either September or February; see the GAP website for more details.

Agricultural Work

The Young Farmers’ Clubs International Experience Programme recruits workers who have at least two years’ experience in the industry. Projects run all over the world, including in Poland. Workers must pay for their own travel and insurance but will be paid for the work that they do and so can usually expect to recoup their expenses.


The Wsp�lnota w W�jt�wce in Poland is a Camphill Community for adults with special needs. Camphill Communities run volunteer placements throughout the world. Volunteers work in communities with adults with special needs. You will be expected to work 6 days a week and it is usually preferred that you stay for at least one year. Accommodation is provided for the duration of your stay, but you will have to pay for your own meals.

Useful Addresses

National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs
The International Farm Experience Programme YFC Centre National Agricultural Centre Stoneleigh Park Kenilworth Warwickshire CV8 2LG

Useful Links

  • TEFL are one of the leading organisations for teaching English abroad
  • Berlitz are another worl renowned company which teaches English abroad
  • GAP are by far the most popular organisers of year abroad schemes
  • Callan Projects provides a database of links to various Camphill communities around the world