A valid passport or EU National ID is required by all visitors to Norway for the duration of their stay. Nationals of the EU do not require a visa for any length of stay, US nationals require a visa for visits of longer then 3 months. EU citizens may work in Norway but need to obtain a permit from the Norwegian police on arrival. Any other immigration or visa related enquiries should be directed to your local Norwegian Embassy.


Any queries regarding visas or immigration should be addressed to the local Norwegian Embassy:

Royal Norwegian Embassy 
25 Belgrave Square 
Tel: (020) 7 591 5500 
Fax (020) 7 245 6993. 

Alternatively there are also Norwegian Consulates located in Edinburgh and Newcastle upon Tyne.

If you require British representation while you are in Norway you should contact the British Embassy:

British Embassy 
Thomas Heftyesgate 8 
0244 Oslo
Tel: + [47] 23 13 27 00 
Fax: + [47] 23 13 27 38 

Alternatively there are also British Consulates in Bergen, Harstad, Kristiansand, Kristiansund, Stavanger, Troms�, �lesund and Trondheim.

Tourist information can be provided by the Norwegian national tourist office:

Norwegian Tourist Board, 
Charles House, 
5 Lower Regent Street, 
Tel: (0171) 839 6255 
Fax: (0171) 839 6014