Residents of the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, as well as EU nationals are permitted to enter and reside in Norway for up to three months, only needing a passport. For a stay of three or more months you must apply to either the Norwegian Embassy or local police for a residence permit (oppholdstillatelse). The permit will enable you to stay in the country for up to five years, or one year for students and non EU nationals, who will also need a work permit. EU nationals are not required to wait until they have the permit before starting work. Alike Switzerland, you can usually expect high wages for work, but along with this goes the generally high cost of living.

The Atlantis ‘Working Guest Programme’

Atlantis is an organisation that arranges placements in various environments throughout Norway. Types of work include agricultural tasks on farms where you will also be provided with accommodation, food, and be paid about NOK 700 (approx. �60) for a 35 hour working week. Au pairing jobs can also be arranged, where pay is up to NOK 3000 (approx. �255) per month, excluding tax deductions. Atlantis charge registration fees, which vary depending on the job you apply for, but for au pair work it is as much as NOK 1000 (approx. �85). Programmes range from two to six month time periods.

Seasonal Work

Winter resorts in Gausdal, Voss, and Lillehammer, for example, may provide job opportunities in hotels, bars, and restaurants in a variety of roles. Similar jobs can also be found in beach resorts during summer months. Work in ski resorts can be anything from waitressing, au pairing, and even DJing. Pay for the most basic of jobs can start from about NOK 8000 (approx. �680) per month, and be as much as NOK 8500 (approx. �723) per month. Bear in mind that where employers provide accommodation and food, deductions of up to about NOK 1000 (approx. �85) for each month can be made. To secure a job in a tourist-based industry it is best to enquire in person at the earliest in the tourist season as these types of jobs are popular with travellers and students.

Au Pairing

Atlantis and Inter Au Pair can both arrange au pair placements in Norway. The main cities of Oslo, Stavanger, and Bergen probably accommodate the majority of families looking for au pairs. As an au pair you will be expected to look after the children, taking them to and picking them up from school for example, maybe giving them some language tuition, as well as general domestic duties such as cleaning. Most au pairs in Norway are given about NOK 2800 (approx. 238) for a month’s work as well as the provision of food and meals with their host family.

Agricultural Work

On-the-spot work can sometimes be found during the harvest seasons throughout Norway, particularly July to September. Try Lier for strawberry picking, Andebu for raspberries, and Loen for potatoes. Never expect wages to be desirably high, but what money you do earn can tide you over until you find better-paying work. Wages depend on your employer, the amount that you can collect, its worth at market, or how long it takes you. As with most seasonal work, jobs are best found by making personal enquiries at the beginning of the season, or by checking local notice boards and advertisements.


For work of up to one year, Camphill Communities offers placements to volunteers on their workcamps around the world. Work involves assisting in the running of community centres for adults with special needs, and further education centres. For a 6-day working week you can expect to receive pocket money of about �29, as well as free accommodation and food. The Camphill community Corona in Ranheim has jobs available throughout the year in sheltered workplaces and health food shops. See the Camphill website, below, for more details.

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