It is very difficult to get entry to Korea, visitors are only accepted as part of officially organised tours. This also means that throughout your stay you will have the dubious pleasure of being accompanied by an official guide. All visitors require a passport, visa and a return ticket. Visas can be obtained from officially recognised travel agencies or from the local People’s Republic of Korea Embassy. A tourist visa usually costs about �30 but prices can vary according to nationality. Even if you are obtaining a visa from the Embassy you will probably need to have your application “sponsored” by a state recognised travel country.


There is no Embassy in the UK so visa/immigration related enquiries should be made to the General Delegation of the DPRK in France:

General Delegation of the DPRK 
47 Rue Chaveau 
Tel: (1) 47 47 53 85 
Fax: (1) 47 47 60 08

If you require UK representation whilst abroad you should contact the British Embassy:

British Embassy 
Munsu-dong Diplomatic Compound 
Korea (Dem Rep)
Tel: (2) 381 7980-4 
Fax: (2) 381 7985.