Paid employment in Malta can be found with tour operators, hotels, bars and restaurants in the main tourist areas including Qwara, Silema and St Julians. There are specially trained EURES advisers in all EU/EEA countries. Their job is to support those seeking employment in another EU/EEA country. For more information on working in Malta check out their website.

There are opportunities to volunteer in Malta. The Malta Youth Hostels Association (MHYA) offers free, temporary accommodation to people needing social assistance. It also receives young travellers and camp volunteers to assist in the achievement of this aim. The MHYA operates work camps all year round. Volunteers are accommodated in return for a minimum of three hours per day unpaid work. Volunteers up to the age of 30, from all countries, may stay between two weeks and three months and reside in the youth hostels. Visit for more information.