To be able to work in Malaysia, it is necessary to apply for a working visa. Tourist visas do not permit legal work, but of course, volunteering is an option.

Teaching English Alternatively, if you plan to stay for a longer period and manage to get a working visa, a solid work option is teaching English. It is even better if you arrive with a TEFL qualification as you will be in a better position to demand decent working conditions. However, English teachers are in such high demand that even without the TEFL qualification, it shouldn’t be a problem to find work. Work is readily available in private language institutions, public schools and also within companies.

Volunteering Volunteering work is a definite option in Malaysia and a great thing to do if you really want to spend some time in the country and also want to access areas and situations that are off the beaten track. Big volunteering organisations include; the VSOFrontier or Gap activity projects.