EU nationals can enter and reside in Finland for up to three months without needing a Visa and are allowed to work and live there for this time. After three months you will need a residence permit from the local police station, but do not require a work permit. Casual work can often be difficult to find but the Centre for International Mobility (CIMO) runs International Trainee Exchange Programmes for work placements.

International Trainee Exchange Programmes

The CIMO runs placements in different industries, including agriculture, horticulture, tourism, teaching, and forestry. The programmes vary in length and can be anything from one month to eighteen months. Applicants must be over 18 and have completed two years or more at university or other higher education. Work is paid at between FIM 3500 and FIM 6000 (approx. �406-696) per month, but accommodation, food, and travel etc. are not provided so workers are expected to fund these necessities themselves. The deadline for applications each year is February 15th.

Casual Work

Various jobs are available in the field of casual work in Finland but can often be difficult to come across. As with most other European countries it is worth writing to or visiting hotels and restaurants found in guide books to ask for vacancies in kitchen and waiting staff etc. Some openings are also found by placing advertisements in local newspapers and on notice boards. English tuition can be quite a lucrative business if you can find willing clients, it is acceptable to charge around FIM 100 (approx. �11.60) per hour of teaching, although some people will not be prepared to pay as much as this.

Au Pairing

Avalon Au-Pairs arranges placements in Finland as well as other European countries. Au pairs live with host families for about six months looking after the children and performing basic domestic duties such as cleaning. The average weekly pocket money for au pairs is �40, and food and accommodation is included. Au pairs recruited by Avalon for Finland need no knowledge of Finnish but should ideally have some childcare experience, be aged between 18 and 27, and are expected to pay all travel costs. Alternatively, you could find work as a home stay, similar to au pair work but focused a lot more on teaching English to your host family. The CIMO can arrange placements as home stays for up to eighteen months. Work includes typical au pair duties as well as English tuition and you will be expected to work for five hours each day. The average monthly wage for home stays in Finland is FIM 1000 to FIM 2000 (approx. �116 to �232).


The Young Farmers’ Clubs International Farm Experience Programme arranges placements for those who have at least two years in the agricultural industry and want to spend between three and twelve months abroad doing this type of work. Work is paid but varies depending on where you go, but you can usually anticipate covering the costs of travel etc. Applicants must be aged between 18 and 28.


A vast range of volunteer opportunities are available in Finland, from farming to social work. Below are just a few organisations that arrange different types of volunteer placements in the country.


WWOOF is a voluntary organisation placing volunteers on organic farms throughout the world. Workers are provided with board and accommodation and must pay an annual membership of �10 to WWOOF, see their website for more details.


Agriventure runs programmes around the world for people wanting to partake in voluntary work on farms. Volunteers sometimes live with host families on their farms and help with the daily running of the land but projects in Finland usually require you to live separately and travel to the farm each day.


Volunteers work in groups with children and communities in a number of countries throughout the world. Projects last for up to three weeks, in the summer months. All volunteers are supplied with food and accommodation and are required to pay a fee of �75 to register with Concordia.

Involvement Volunteers Association Inc. (IVI)

IVI runs various programmes in Finland. Two of their current placements are on farms near Helsinki assisting with general duties and living with the families, so food and accommodation is provided. Other placements are available at primary schools in rural areas where volunteers assist in the teaching of English, again accommodation is provided with local families.

Camphill Communities

Camphill Communities run volunteer placements throughout the world, including Finland. Volunteers work in communities with adults with special needs. You will be expected to work for 6 days a week and it is usually preferred that you stay for at least one year. The village community of Myllyl�hde yhteis� currently has places for volunteers. Accommodation is provided for the duration of your stay, but you will have to fund your own meals.

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