Citizens of most countries (including UK and US) do not need to apply for a visa to enter Ecuador if they are tourists and staying for less than 90 days. The tourist visa, which is effectively issued immediately upon entry to the country, is referred to as the 12-X. This visa does not permit you to work or benefit economically from your stay in the country.

Like most South American countries, other requirements of entry in Ecuador include holding a passport that is valid for at least six months, a return ticket (air, land or sea) and, possibly, proof that you have the economic means to support yourself during your stay.

If, on the other hand, your plan is to stay for more than 90 days, at the end of the first 90 days you must apply for a visa, depending on the nature of your stay. There are a number of visas available: student visa, professional or official government visa, volunteer, cultural exchange, business or tourism visas. Some do not carry a fee, others cost in the region of $50.

To obtain a visa extension, a number of documents are required:

  • Passport (valid for more than 6 months).
  • Police certificate with criminal record of your country of residence.
  • Medical certificate.
  • Return ticket (for air, land or sea).
  • Two photographs
  • Application form


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