As Bolivia is one of the poorest countries in South America, working whilst travelling as a means to funding your trip isn’t really a viable option. Finding work can be difficult due to the country’s high unemployment rate, and any temporary job you find will be relatively poorly paid. Most of the opportunities available to you will be as a volunteer.

Education A large number of agencies offer placements of varying lengths within Bolivia, from a couple of weeks right through to a whole year and while these placements can cost a lot, accommodation as well as basic health insurance is often included. Each program will have a different amount of funding required, so it is best to explore all the options, as well as taking into account what elements of your trip are included when budgeting. Some placements also offer a TEFL qualification as an enhancement of the course or placement. Depending on whether you choose to teach English as part of a volunteer program or as part of an education abroad scheme, you may receive payment for your work in Bolivia – if this is the case you may need to arrange a work visa.


There are a large number of opportunities available in the field of conservation for any ecologically-minded volunteers. Placements can include working in one of the country’s zoos or botanical gardens helping increase visitor’s awareness of conservation issues, right through to more hands on positions involved in Bolivia’s forestry development or animal rescue programs.

Missionary Work

Bolivia is a predominantly Christian country and there are a large number of opportunities to undertake missionary work while travelling there. Several Christian-run agencies exist, with placements running from a few weeks in length right through to two years. Teams are sent to work in the community focusing on evangelism and discussion of faith as well as the more conventional types of voluntary work including conservation, construction and education. These projects are often entirely self funded and may not include accommodation costs – this is important to take into account when budgeting.

Useful Links

Bolivia Hotels Guide has a wide array of hotel/hostel listings in many of Bolivia’s major cities. A good place to start research.

The Bolivian Embassy website has lots of info on the country including visa requirements.

The British Embassy in Bolivia is a good place to visit for local news updates and safety advice.

TeachAbroad offer a large database of teaching opportunities around the globe.

TEFL are specialists in teaching English as a foreign language and offer courses as well as placements.

i-to-i offer TEFL courses as well as many different volunteer programs.

ELI offer a wide range of voluntary opportunities in Bolivia, including conservation work.

Latin Link is just one of many Christian faith based voluntary programs that offers opportunities in Bolivia.