It is relatively difficult to find well-paid jobs in South Korea and in fact teaching is the only profession that you are likely to find any opportunities for employment in. Many people travelling to South Korea on gap years do so having already saved enough finances, from work in the UK or Europe for example, and so volunteer work is popular in this part of the world.

Teaching English

Most opportunities for paid teaching jobs in South Korea can probably be found by asking in schools and institutes (hogwons) in Seoul, and also by checking for vacancies in daily newspapers such as the Korea Times. If you want to arrange work before you set off on your travels, try the English Program in Korea's website. University graduates can find placements with the English Program, teaching English as a foreign language, earning between 1,200,000 and 1,600,000 won (637 to 849) per month. It is sometimes advantageous to train for a TEFL qualification before leaving the UK, particularly if you intend to teach English in other foreign countries as well, see the TEFL website for more details.


Many volunteer organisations arrange placements in the Middle East. Most projects involve teaching English and helping with the development of communities.


Volunteers work in groups with children and communities in a number of countries throughout the world. Projects last for up to three weeks, in the summer months. All volunteers are supplied with food and accommodation and are required to pay a fee of 75 to register with Concordia.

Youth Action for Peace

Volunteers are sent on work camps to help with community projects, which can involve teaching English to children, or practical building and restoration programmes. Volunteers are also given language tuition, and provided with food and accommodation. Projects last between one and four weeks between June and September.


This organisation runs various projects throughout the Middle East, mainly focusing its attention on the teaching of English. Work with i-to-i in Korea is paid. Workers are employed in schools in Korea for thirty hours each week and can earn between 800 and 1000 per month, and are expected to work for twelve months. Applicants must be degree holders and pay their own insurance. Accommodation is provided by i-to-i, who also gives TEFL training.

Project Trust

More teaching opportunities are available in South Korea with the Project Trust. The focus of teaching is in Hyundai Middle School and Daewoo Middle School. Volunteers teach English as well as helping with extracurricular drama and sports activities. Accommodation is provided by the Trust. Volunteers must be aged between 17 and 19 and a half years old and are expected to raise 3850 themselves to fund their project, this includes all expenses for living costs, travel, donations etc.

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