Newly arrived in Singapore, I quickly became more skeptical of the facade too and thought the genuine Singapore was not as described by so many people, perfect, clean, rich.... However, I even like more the contrast of some neighborhoods compared to the almost unreal perfectness and cleanness of some areas. But today, I don't know who to thank: I lost a wallet two weeks ago and was sure it was definitely gone. I naturally jumped on the occasion to say "see, with all my info inside, if people wanted to give it back, they could...". Well I jumped on conclusion too soon... Someone actually brought it back to the police, nothing in it missing, not even the cash... Maybe I am just lucky, maybe Singapore really is a safe place. For sure, the city won't let you indifferent!!

Posted by Lucas C., 20th January 2017

Beautiful, safe and sterile.

The Government is basically a benevolent dictatorship with the son now taking over as PM. Singapore was just clever enough to give people enough income not to worry about the loss of freedom of expression or opinion.

Scratch the surface and there is a lot of discontent amongst local Singaporeans.

Limited criticism allowed but if you vote for anyone other than the founding party, then you your area will only get second class services and forget about a train line.

Nice country but it is a facade.

Posted by Evelyn Waugh, 31st December 2011

Love the place :)

Posted by John Ax, 20th August 2011

I went to Singapore when I was young and it's a very beautiful place with good food... It's fantastic!!

Posted by malo, 05th October 2010

I am a Singaporean and just thought I should let you know that the main language spoken in Singapore is English, not Mandarin. Almost all Singaporeans are bilingual with English being the first language.

Posted by Jay Chandran, 15th July 2010

Singapore is really a safe place compared to other countries. Yes, there will be crimes like all the countries but the number of crimes is really low. You don't have to worry walking at 3am and got abducted by a group of masked men. And Sinagpore will be even better when the IR (Integrated Resort) and the casino are ready at the spring of 2010. I admit that Singapore is really a FINE city but this also ensures that everyone abides by the law and the impressive low crime rate. Before you discredit Singapore for all the bad things, think about how Singapore change from a dilapidated village to a vibrant and strong nation without any natural resources in less than 50 years. Hope you'll enjoy coming to Singapore!

Posted by Singapore, 29th December 2009

Newton is a no-go unless you want to be charged outrageous "tourist price". Look for suburb hawker centers like Bedok which offers great local food at low price. By the way, there are 4 official languages : Mandarin, English, Malay, Tamil

Posted by SG Travel, 28th July 2009

The first language of Singapore is English. When I went there, I found that many Singaporeans were capable of speaking good English. But also capable of speaking their mother tongue, like Mandarin and Malay or Tamil depending on their race. Singapore is a multi-cultural society and I simply love their diversity and food! The country is also extremely clean, even though chewing gum is not allowed, this did not affect me because there were so many other things to enjoy! Orchard Road was pretty awesome too - from high fashion to small bargain streets! Singaporeans are also very friendly so I highly recommend backpackers to visit the country. If you go at the right time you might be able to catch the F1 Grand Prix night race and the Youth Olympics is going to be held in 2010 as well. I can't wait to go there again :)

Posted by Stephanie C., 03rd June 2009

I just want to add that Mandarin is not the main language in Singapore as what is stated in the webpage. It is one of the official languages yes, but English is the main and most widely used language in the country. It is the language of road signs, brochures, posters, advertisements, TV shows, shops, fascias, restaurants, possibly it is like an English country. Of course you can't say that is it totally English due to the second languages and other 3 official languages stated: Mandarin, Malay and Tamil.

Posted by Ili, 13th March 2009

Singapore is a great place!! Absolutely fantastic and it's very safe!

Posted by Rolly, 22nd February 2009

I am a Singaporean and I have to say Singapore is great! It's safe, clean, lots of shopping and amazing food.

Posted by Lee, 24th November 2008

Singapore is pretty much a safe country.

With regards to transportation, trishaws WERE popular 20 years ago. Right now you can go anywhere in Singapore by train (MRT) or bus. Furthermore, if you take cabs/taxis, they charge a flat/non-negotiable rate since they are all metered. The downside is that they have a surcharge.

Posted by nurul, 14th November 2008

I was in Singapore only for 2 days and guess what... my money has been stolen... so Singapore safe? Think twice... or more.

Posted by Erick lae, 12th October 2007
Norman Hart

You mention in your Overview Section that the official language of Singapore is Mandarin but fail to mention that the other official language is English - this should prove a relief for English speaking tourists! Yes, the place is fabulous and I am currently applying for PRS (Permanent Residency Status).

Posted by Norman Hart, 20th September 2007
Markus M

I lived in Singapore for 5 years. A must do for local food is Newton Circus! Zouk is a great bar, Raffles Hotel is also a most see. High tea there is what I imagined it to be in the Colonial days.

Posted by Markus M, 20th May 2007

Fabulous, marvelous, if I can I want to live there , I love the greenery, the cleanlieness,friendliness of all ppl, and to be able to walk at night fearless, parks places of interest are magnificent, cant wait to return again and be a part of a beatuful place.

Posted by myra letitia wood, 10th November 2006
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