We just got back from Ghana (Nov. 2010) and wanted to make some comments. The guesthouse in Accra is pretty dirty and there are some rather pesky characters hanging around. The food is fantastic and everyone is very nice. Everyone in all of Ghana is very nice. They genuinely want to know who you are and hang out with you, it is very rare that they expect something in return (a tip) for the most part, they are just glad for your friendship. We went to Nzulezo and it was very very disappointing. The Beyin Beach resort was beautiful and worth the trip, but you can skip the rip-off Nzulezo tour, the villagers are sullen and uninterested, making you feel like an intruder. It's pretty dirty too. Kakum was ridiculous, a total rip off. The taxi driver was in cahoots with our guide to steal the entrance money (they tried to get us to pay them directly) and that bummed us out. The nature hike was pretty lame. We loved Kumasi, stayed at the hotel, but another traveler there got his room broken into while he slept! They stole a lot of his stuff. Maybe not such a safe hotel after all. We went to Mole, which was lovely but barely saw any animals, I would not recommend going there until March or April which is when you can see more animals. We loved Tamale, stayed at Al Hassan, which was great, centrally located. Took a dance class with Idrassim and Osman, they are amazing. The lodging at the Abompe Arboretum is out of this world (bring your own food) it's cool and private and clean and romantic. The bead tour and bamboo bicycle tour were totally lame. The hike in the Bauxite Bead village would probably be a good thing to do, because the escarpment looks amazing, but the tour is not very good. That's my short report to help you out.

Posted by Erika Vohman, 22nd November 2010
Jessica Shelver

I have never in my life experienced such beauty, I was well taken care of and treated like a queen. The people are amazing and all just want to help! I spent an amazing 2 weeks in Ghana and was lucky enough to have local friends who took me to Ada to their beach house to jet ski and to White Sands Beach Resort where the beauty is never ending! The night life is incredible. One thing I didn't cope well with was the poverty, there is no middle class, you are either really rich or really poor, and its heartbreaking to see, yet I never saw a frown or a tear, these beautiful people have such a zest for life and it really touches you!!! I am going back in a few weeks and I cannot wait!!! I cried my eyes out at the airport when I left! If there is something everyone in the world has to do, it is to witness the beauty, the sunsets, the culture and the people of Ghana! It definately is the heart of Africa!

Posted by Jessica Shelver, 28th January 2008

It is true that some parts of the city are dirty like every other city in the world.

There is a system and those begging kids are generally not Ghanians, they are from Chad and Mali.

Posted by Samuel Aryee, 09th August 2007

I happened to visit the Saakpuli Slave trade site and believe me the road leading to the place is really bad.
Surprisingly you can miss the village and I had to turn back.
Once there I was escorted by two kind gentlemen one of them was the village chief's son!
The Boabob tree where the slaves were traded makes history come alive.
The highlight is the Slave Wells. There are over 12 of them and seem like manholes in the mud. Its said that they are interconnected and you can enter one well and pop out of the another!
A must see for anyone visiting Ghana.

Posted by Jatinder Singh Sodhi, 29th July 2007

I spent 4 months in Ghana in the summer of 2005 and loved every minute of it.

It is 100% true when they say the people are the friendliest in Africa!

I don't really know what to say, so here is an extract from an email I wrote while I was in Ghana!

"Accra is so strange, it is huge, boiling hot, really busy and pretty dirty!! But the atmosphere is wicked and really cool. I totally feel like a celebrity!! Where ever you go everyone will stare at you and come up and shake your hand, ask where you are from and what you are doing - Ghanians are so so friendly. However, they don't hassle you at all, it's all just friendly banter!!! And I love the Bartering!!

The streets are packed with Ghanians selling things, and shopping is even done while travelling, as people sell things throughout the tro-tros and taxis (a tro-tro is a run down rickety bus that crams millions of people in, they are everywhere and that is how we get around).

There is no system at all, but that doesn't mean that everything stops, if nothing has a system then it seems to work, and that goes for everything in Accra! As far as I can tell there are no rules of the road and as far as queuing goes, I don't think Ghanians would even understand the concept of the word! It makes for a very interesting society, spoken like a true Brit!!!

Its so, so, so, so flipping hot!!!!!!!

The journey to work everyday is quite a sad one, there is so much poverty its heartbreaking!! There is no aid, or help for disabled people, and if you can't sell things then you have no income whatsoever. A little kid was chasing me today and hugging my, it was so so sad!! I have to be really strong as I can't go giving money to absolutely everyone!! Very very hard!!

Oh just a tip - if anyone gets to the stage when they feel they might get left on the shelf, come to Ghana as there are plenty of eligible nice looking local men to pick from!!! The surgeon asked me if I would marry him, I had to decline though! It's all good.

Anyway apart from the heat and the fact that I look as if I have chicken pox on my legs because of the mossies (mind you the stupid little buggers don't seem to affect anyone else, I must have very juicy sweet blood), I'm having a wicked time"

Posted by rebecca, 10th April 2007
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